August 25th, 2002

SEPULTURA: Another New Live Mp3 Posted Online!

A full-length MP3 of the track "Roots Bloody Roots", taken from SEPULTURA's forthcoming Under A Pale Grey Sky live album, can be downloaded from this location.

As previously reported, Under A Pale Grey Sky is a recorded document of the last-ever performance of the classic SEPULTURA line-up of Max Cavalera (guitar/vocals), Igor Cavalera (drums), Andreas Kisser (guitar) and Paulo Pinto Jr. (bass), which took place at Brixton Academy in London on December 16th, 1996. It is due for release on September 17th through Roadrunner Records.
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SLIPKNOT vocalist Corey Taylor has denied that he ever planned on leaving his main band in order to concentrate on STONE SOUR, his much-touted other group which is releasing its debut album on Tuesday (August 27th).

"No, there was no truth to [the rumors of me leaving] at all, man," Taylor told Launch. "At the end of the Iowa tour. I was just really, again, really burned out with not only just the complete brutality of SLIPKNOT, but I just needed to do something new. It was weird. I needed to go back to go forward. I was never going to leave SLIPKNOT. It was just about me being able to do this so I could come back and do SLIPKNOT with the same kind of energy that I had on the first two albums, you know?"

Taylor added, "This project was already really in place, but when I got off the Iowa cycle that's when it really started getting serious. That's when a lot of our really good newer shit came out. Because we were like, 'You know what? No conditions, no walls, no holds barred. We're gonna write what we write, and if people like it, they like it.'"

MARILYN MANSON: New Album Is Stronger And Uglier Than Anyone Could Imagine

MARILYN MANSON has described his fifth album, the much-anticipated The Golden Age of Grotesque, as being "different and better and stronger and uglier and much more theatrical than anyone could ever imagine."

"It is the most concise record we've done, so it's not as lengthy as any of the previous ones," Manson told MTV. "That doesn't mean it has less content, I just think sometimes less is more. There's time to focus on how good things are if there's not as much to look at."

The Golden Age of Grotesque is the first MANSON album without bassist Twiggy Ramirez, who was unceremoniously booted from the group in May. The slot was subsequently filled by KMFDM's Tim Skold (ex-SHOTGUN MESSIAH), who is also co-producing the LP with Ben Grosse (i.e. FILTER).

"I unfortunately haven't spoken to him since, but what had to be done was done," Marilyn stated about his longtime cohort. "I was going in one direction, but he didn't have a direction because he hadn't really made his way into contributing. I think his personal life was leading him somewhere different than where we were going, and I don't know, so I can't speak for him, but it's unfortunate. Hopefully he'll land on his feet. I still consider him a friend and I miss him."

In addition to working with the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri on the side project HEADBAND, which also features AMEN's Casey Chaos and GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin, Ramirez is working on material for a demo that he hopes to use to secure a new label deal.
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Drowning Pool Fans Asked To Contribute To Memorial DVD

A DVD chronicling the life of the late Drowning Pool frontman Dave Williams is in the works, and it may also aid in the realization of one of his longtime ambitions.

The as-yet-untitled project was conceived on Saturday, according to the band's publicist, a day before a public funeral for Williams, who died Wednesday (August 14), was held in Plano, Texas.

Although it's still in the very formative stages, the video is expected to provide glimpses into Williams' life, from his early days spent gigging around the local Dallas rock scene to the dizzying career momentum that came with selling over a million copies of Drowning Pool's debut album, Sinner.

The first $250,000 derived from the sale of the DVD, which organizers hope to release by November, will be used to buy a retirement house for Williams' parents, Charlie and Jo Ann. This was one of the singer's dreams, his publicist said, and Wind-Up Records is planning to make it come true.

Wind-Up Records is asking fans to contribute to the DVD's content. If you have photographs, home videos, personal accounts, or any other items that may serve in Williams' memory, email

The label's chairman and owner, Alan Meltzer, announced the plans for the video homage at Sunday's memorial service, which drew more than 2,000 mourners, reported the Dallas Morning News. Among those in attendance were members of local metal bands Surgeon General, Project 232 and Low Gear, as well as the surviving members of Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Bento, drummer Mike Luce and guitarist C.J. Pierce. Pierce relayed his memories of Williams to the congregation.

"We got to spend the last couple years with him some of those times have been pretty amazing," Pierce said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "We got to go all the way around the Earth together. He was very passionate about music, and so knowledgeable. He could walk into any place and light it up. He was 100 miles per hour nonstop. That was the beautiful thing about him he was so full of life."

The services concluded the way many Drowning Pool shows did; with a standing ovation.