August 20th, 2002

OZZFEST NEWSLETTER - August 19, 2002

OZZFEST NEWSLETTER - August 19, 2002

DAVE WILLIAMS Drowning Pool 1972 - 2002
Last week the Ozzfest family lost one of its shining stars,
Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams. You've all heard the news
about his passing so we'd like to remember him now as best we
can. Last Monday, Dave and the band stopped into our office
in L.A. to approve the band's rendition of the Metallica
classic "Creeping Death" for the OZZFEST 2002 LIVE album.
He walked in and was drawn to the wax statue of Ozzy that has
toured with the past two Ozzfests. Then he started to look
around and noticed all of the artifacts Ozzy and Sharon have
collected throughout the years. "Man, I could spend the day
just lookin' around here," he said. The other guys in the
band agreed and when they were each handed a copy of the new
Sabbath live collection Dave was bowled over, reading the liner
notes, inspecting the art, reveling in this newfound delight.
"Man, this is why we're all here", he remarked to no one in
particular. As "Creeping Death" began to play the band's
manager corralled the guys to give the track a listen.
When someone pointed out a minor flub on the recording Dave
stood up and nonchalantly said "It's a goddamn live record,
let it be." That was the last I remember of
Dave "Stage" Williams, one of the coolest guys to grace
the stage at Ozzfest. Rest In Peace.

Beginning in Denver Tommy Lee joins Ozzfest for the remainder
of the tour.

bucket truck Newsletter!

New Bass Player - New Video - New Album - New Tour - New Gallery - Finally back home

Hey, all it is the brown here saying hello and asking you all to check out our
latest video that we did. I produced this puppy myself and all the work was done
by friends of ours from the east coast. So check it out and tell us what you
think:) For god sakes will you bastards request it... I am sick and tired of
eating Kraft dinner out of the box because I can’t afford to run the water at my
house.... That was a joke for our less mentally inclined fan base (98.9% of
you:^0)... Ok enough of that.

We got a new photo gallery up with pics from the last tour. Thanks so much to
all of you who came out to see the shows! This tour was a blast we met some
really cool people and played with some amazing bands along the way.

Whooo!!! Dave Mullett aka Squid Mullet from Plan 13 fame. Dave used to play in a
punk band back in St. John's called Plan 13. He is showing us old bastards how
the young folk get their groove on. So welcome Dave!!!

We started working on a new Album. That’s right, soon enough we will be yelling
at you with a whole different CD jacket:) stay tuned folks.

We are coming home to play the marvellous Peace A Chord ( A festival with focus
on world issues ). A great free outdoor concert back home, (St. John's
Newfoundland). It will be the first time Squid hits the stage with us in our
home province. So make sure you give him the welcome he deserves. Oh yeah we are
also playing the last rock show ever at Calio's August 30, so make sure to come

In October it’s coming! Yup another freaking ROAD TRIP!!! So stay tuned for the dates!