August 15th, 2002

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Edsel Lays Down The Straight Dope

Dope frontman Edsel Dope recently cleared the air on a number of topics concerning the bands current situation, including the recent departure of guitarist Acey Slade who has now joined the Murderdolls and the rumors of Simon Dope leaving the band. On the subject of Acey recently joining the Murderdolls, he had the following to say:
"It seems that another Ex Doper has gone on to be part of Joey Jordison's Murderdolls. As if one former Dope member in your band wasn't enough. It's obvious that Joey knows where to go to find what he's looking for and by the looks of his new band, minus the 12 pounds of make up, he's been eyeballing us for quite some time. I can only take this as the highest form of flattery.

Congratulations to Acey Slade. This is your 15 minutes. The time in which your name will be in print more then it ever has. The time in which you get to let everyone know why you chose to replace the same guitar player that you replaced in Dope a couple years back. I have no idea why you would want to fight your way out of the same shadow again. But I wish you the best, I have no doubts. I know you will do fine.

The truth is that I sat down with Joey Jordison and Acey Slade in Des Moines Iowa a few weeks back to discuss Acey filling in for some Murderdolls shows. I was never given the first hint from anyone that this was going to be anything more then Acey filling in temporarily. Acey said "Joey's priority is Slipknot and mine is Dope." Dope was on tour and had future shows booked and at the time we were in the process of booking more Dope shows. Acey brought this Murderdolls idea up to me on tour in Cleveland. Obviously I did not love the idea of anything taking the place of what we were and ARE doing, but Acey stressed to me that he would have the chance to go to Europe with the Murderdolls to open up for his 2 favorite bands: Guns and Roses and Hanoi Roxx. He said that this would mean the world to him. So acting as his friend, I put my band and my own personal agendas aside and stopped booking Dope dates. I even blew off a package tour that we were working on that would have paid us a good bit of money and taken us to several city's that we hadn't played in quite a while. I did this all for Acey. I did this as a friend.

We had it all a worked out so that it would be possible for Acey to finish up all the remaining Dope touring commitments AND still be able to do several US dates and all of the overseas dates with the Murderdolls. After a Dope concert in New Jersey Acey rolled out to LA to get in a few quick rehearsals with Joey and his band before he was scheduled to return home to finish his committed dates with Dope. I was holding off on booking future Dope dates while awaiting word of when Acey's last commitment with the Murderdolls would be. Again, all in the name of friendship. I thought I was doing both Acey and Joey a favor. Then with only 5 days left before Dope was scheduled to play in Michigan, I was informed that it was in Acey's best interest to remain in LA with the Murderdolls and that he was leaving Dope. I was stunned..... I have not heard from Acey since he left the band. I have left him a few messages and they have all gone unreturned. This is the way it went down. There were no fights, no yelling or name calling. He hasn't even had the class to call any of the other guys in the band as of yet."

Commenting on Epic Records' handling of their latest effort "Life", Edsel went on to say:
"I am not going to quit because some dip shit in a suit lost there ass spending to much money on Michael Jackson last year. Fuck that. That's the business and those are the breaks. I'll go write another Dope record, a better Dope record and I'll put it out on a new label, and Michael Jackson can kiss my ass."

He continued on to address former guitarist Tripp Eisen's departure from Dope and most recently the Murderdolls as well, while also addressing the situation with Simon Dope saying:
"Alot of people don't know that a large part of Tripp Eisens final dismissal from Dope was related to his side project with joey Jordison. We were in the process of writing and rehearsing our 2nd album and Tripp wanted to go to Iowa and play with joey in his "Rejects" project. I didn't think that the timing was right and felt like Tripp's priority's should have been solely Dope at such a crucial time in our career. Tripp insisted on going and upon his return he was let go from Dope. Obviously me and Tripp had other issues that ran much deeper. But for me, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. After being let go by Dope he was fortunate enough to land the gig with a very well known and kick ass band by the name of "Static X." I guess this time around he is not going to make the same mistake with Static that he made with Dope. He has decided to remain committed to Static X through the writing process of there next album instead of touring with Joey and the Murderdolls. I think this is the wise move for him and hopefully this will give him the opportunity to write and maybe even play guitar on the next Static X record. Go Tripp!! So because of Tripp's priority's Acey gets to step into another situation that is rolling along smooth. From what I hear, Tripp found the guys in the Murderdolls and has been doing the majority of the word of mouth buzzing about them to the Static-X fans. I'm curious to hear his take on being replaced permanently by his former band mate Acey Slade in The Murderdolls.

So ironically. One Dope guy is forced to drop out of the band. So what does Joey do? Go after another Dope guy. I just hope everyone can see the patern of irony in all of this.

Another tidbit for you all. I would like you to keep in mind that my drummer Racci "Sketchy" Shay was the original drummer of "The Rejects", The band that eventually transformed into the Murderdolls". When Racci joined Dope he didn't have much time to continue on with them and word has it that Tripp didn't want to play with Racci anymore because he didn't want to be associated with Dope.

I apologize but this creates a whole other thought for me. One that keeps getting pushed in my face. If you don't want to be associated with Dope then why not branch into your own identity a little more? I looked at a picture of the Murderdolls and I see that Tripp is wearing the same exact pair of overalls that I bought for him to wear in Dope 4 years ago, sporting the same dreaded hair that I dreaded up for him in Dope, wearing the same semi-see through long sleeves and tight T-shirts that I dressed him in and he's still calling himself Tripp, the name that I came up with for him to be in Dope. All of these things he initially resisted when I first presented them to him back in the day. I only bring this up because often on tour I hear all of the drama that continues to circle about how much Tripp hates me and how some of his fans hate me too. If anyone, including Tripp are going to hate me for mine and his differences. Then go back to being who you were before we met. Otherwise let it go and except the fact that I played a crucial roll in helping Tripp become the character that we all get to enjoy. Its funny that someone who claimed that I was so controlling and has so many bad things to say about me as a person has not changed anything about his image, my image, since he left my band.

I mean no disrespect in anything that I say. I think very highly of the characters that both Acey and Tripp have grown into. I never would have had them in my band if I weren't proud of them. I just know how much of what we see in them I am responsible for. I mean that in the best way possible. They are both great performers and I wish them both the best of luck in the future. I have never publicly made derogatory statements about either of them and I have no intention of doing so now or in the future. As far as Dope is concerned we have no current plans to replace Acey. Dope was founded as a one guitar player band in the past and I have no worry's that Virus is and will continue to make us a great one guitar player band in the future. This will also give me the opportunity to play some guitar live again. I haven't done that for a while. Also There have been rumors floating around that my brother Simon has left the band. This is not accurate. My brother will always be a part of Dope. We started this thing just the 2 of us. The truth is that Simon is now working with Activision game company helping with the design and production of their extreme sports video games such as Tony Hawks Pro Skater and various other titles. Simon has never really been a "musician" in the traditional sense of the word and has never been involved in the song writing or recording process for Dope. He has always acted as my bro who would listen to Dope stuff in its raw form and help influence it in whatever direction he was vibing on. His roll will not change. I am thrilled for him that he has found an outlet for his creativity. As for his touring plans, we will have to see as time goes on how he will juggle his new responsibilities. The thought as of now is that he's gonna be like a ninja, sometimes you'll see him at shows and and sometimes you won't. Me and my remaining dread heads are going to finish up the songs we have been working on in the studio and are considering putting out an EP before we put out our 3rd full length album in the months to come."

Just to let you people know..

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Dave Williams Update.

Although presently unconfirmed, sources close to the band believe that Williams may have died from complications resulting after the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol.

Williams was renowned for being a heavy sleeper, and it is believed that he died in his sleep, possibly choking on his own vomit.

An official cause of death has yet to be determined.

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some more stuff on Dave Williams

This is a statement from John Connolly of Sevendust regarding the passing of Dave Williams, frontman of Drowning Pool who was found dead yesterday. John was the closest in the band to Dave.

"This might be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do so please bear with me. As close as my wife Lori and I were to Dave it felt like we were the last two to find out. I just hadn't been checking my voicemails yesterday, but when I did I could tell by the sound in Mike's (Luce) voice it was bad. I don't really know much about what happened exactly, but I do know that the guy it happened to was one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm not sure if there has ever been a person who was loved by so many people. Heart is not even a good enough word to describe Dave. To say he will be missed is a tremendous understatement because he was like the brother I never had. All Dave really wanted to do in this life was to be in a platinum selling band and tour the world, but not because he wanted to be the rock star. He got to hang out with the people he considered his heroes and in turn became one of the best frontmen I've ever seen. Please say a prayer for his family and Mike, CJ and Stevie and anyone else who knew him like I did. Our hearts go out to all of you on the Ozzfest as well. Even though Dave would want the show to go on I'm sure for alot of you it's probably the last thing you want to do. Somewhere out there Dave is probably having a shot with Lynn and he's doing his best Sebastian Bach imitation and you know what..............Lynn's got a smile on his face."

Name Brand

Hey guys... this is Chris here. I was just wondering if you people could check my band.. we are called Name Brand. Let me know what you think by responding to this post! We've got a mix of punk (listen to Watch Me As I Fall), emo (Grey Skies and Goodbyes or Long Road to Nowhere), and your love-ballads (My Perfect Nightmare).

linkage: (4 mp3s available for d/l)
linkage x 2: (official site)

Well... thanx a lot for taking the time to read this and if you don't like us, so be it... their music isn't for all people... oh and we also did this punk cover of Konstantine by Something Corporate which can be downloaded at:

Take care,