July 18th, 2002

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Alright everyone here is the deal. Korn wants you to attend two upcoming
shows and help spread the word about Untouchables and their new video for
"Thoughtless." Korn knows MTV's TRL has been weak - it's time to force feed
them some rock! Break the mold from the inside - explode TRL with Korn!

Here's how to get your tickets...

Vote for Thoughtless on MTV's Total Request live at http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/votevideo.jhtml

On the vote confirmation page - write down the last word in the first paragraph.

The following information is needed.
1. Your name
2. Your age
3. The last word in the first paragraph on the MTV voting confirmation page
3. Greenville (Show date 7/18) or Omaha (Show date 7/23), which show will
you be attending?

The first 100 people to send an email with the above information will win
two tickets to this show. Send an email to kornsupport@firmentertainment.net

If you don't live in these cities - Korn has plenty of other prizing coming
your way for helping to spread the word about "Thoughtless." It's a very
powerful video that deserves to be seen - and it's not fair to let MTV bury
it. Wean TRL off of Pop music - show them that Korn represents! Stay tuned
for more prizes and promotions!
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