July 17th, 2002


Welcome Poem
Taproot have completed mixing their forthcoming new album "Welcome" with Andy Wallace (Faith No More, System Of A Down) and are currently working on getting it mastered. The effort is slated for an October 15th release date through Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic and will be preceded by the first single "Poem" (formerly known as "Poem To Self") in September. In the meantime, two dates have been announced for the bands impending headline tour with Deadsy and dredg in tow, they are as follows:
August 13th Las Vegas, NV - The Castle
August 14th Phoenix, AZ - Bash On Ash
More dates will be announced shortly.

Mindless Alienation
Mindless Self Indulgence have set "Alienating Our Audience" as the title to their forthcoming live CD which will feature 6 new songs and 4 old songs taken from a performance which occurred at CBGB's in New York City, NY on May 13th. The effort is expected out later this year through Uppity Cracker. In other news, the bands alter ego project The Left Rights are expecting to release their 40 track debut effort through Uppity Cracker later this year as well and it will come complete with a limited edition CD-ROM video of Mindless Self Indulgence performing their rare track "Pantyshot" live.

A Perfect Tapeworm
Despite the stiff words from Trent Reznor that emerged as a result of A Perfect Circle performing the incomplete Tapeworm track "Vacant" live, it appears as though all has been forgiven as Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan was recently in the studio recording vocals for the Tapeworm project. Pictures of Keenan in the studio tracking vocals for the project from a session which took place earlier month are currently available for viewing on www.tapeworm.net. A release date for the group's long anticipated debut offering has yet to be announced.

Believe In Prayer
Disturbed have set a September 17th release date through Reprise/Warner for their upcoming new album "Believe". The track "Prayer" has been tapped as the first single from it and is slated to impact at radio on August 08th, while an accompanying video for the song will also begin airing around the same time.

Less Pressure
Pressure 4-5 have now enlisted former Cheva drummer Andy Bogert to replace drummer Tom Schmidt who recently exited the group. No announcement has been made in regards to a new bassist for the band as of yet however.

Single Pt
Linkin Park will be releasing a single for their tracks "H! Vltg3" and "Pts.Of.Athrty" in the U.K. on July 22nd through Warner Bros. Both songs are taken from the groups forthcoming "Hybrid Theory" reinterpretation album "Reanimation", due out in stores stateside on July 30th.

No Pledges
Despite recent rumors, Pledge Of Allegiance will not be taking place this year and will instead be returning in 2003 with an as of yet unannounced lineup.

The New Music - Korn


Alright let's talk about Korn... well not really... I mean, let's talk about Jonathan Davis. (The frontman for Bakersfield California's most famous band).

Korn are successful, accomplished experienced, but those things alone don't separate a band from the current crop of mettalions who love hip hop. Jonathan's inner turmoil does separate them. Perhaps the fact that Bakersfield sits just west of Death Valley can explain what's going on inside Jonathan's head. You see, I'm the first one to dismiss faux drama in a rock n roller. Nothing is more irritating then watching a bunch of whining artists pretend they've got a dark side... it's Jonathan's legitimate darkness that makes the band interesting.

I have interviewed Korn several times throughout my career and it's always an adventure. Munky, Head, and David are good guys, they have a genuine decency that make them cool to talk to. Fieldy is a strong character and has his own thing going on. Having a chance to talk to Davis on his own led to some interesting revelations. I hope you get to see it.

Take care,

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Mudvayne Hiding In Secret Studio With Guitars, Calculators

Mudvayne are hoping for bigger and better with their next album, which they're recording near Minneapolis with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel). Ryknow said he and his bandmates are drawing on what they've learned about themselves over the past couple of years to write material for their new LP, due November 19, according to an Epic spokesperson.

"We've paid attention to things we enjoy about ourselves when listening to the songs we write and the interplay between each other. We've tried to expound on some of those ideas, [some of which] are melody-driven, and some are rhythmic and primal-oriented. So we've tried to expound on some of those things that we really enjoy about each other.

"It's not going to be light years away from where L.D. 50 was," he added. "We're not a changed band. We didn't go and get a band facelift, but at the same time there's some things that I think are pushing our envelope. And we'll always try to do that no matter what."

Despite the envelope pushing, one thing that'll remain constant is Mudvayne's commitment to math metal � their unique way of writing songs that focuses on the numerical patterns that arise from stringing a few simple riffs together. Consider Mudvayne the John Nash of n�-metal.

"It starts out being a riff, and you start trying to figure out what time signature is it going to go into and how are we going to split it up," Ryknow explained, or at least attempted to explain. "And then all of a sudden you have a 4/4 into a 5/4 into a 3/4 pattern. Well, OK, cool. We've got a 4/4, 5/4 and a 3/4 pattern. Well, how does that split up? Well, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Well, that's a 12/8 measure. So now you create a 12/8 measure in another portion of the song that complements that 3/4, 5/4, 4/4. It's just playing with some numbers."

OK, then.

Somehow, these guys find this rock-by-numbers method actually enjoyable. (They must have loved those SAT questions that asked for the successor in a series of seemingly random numbers.)

"We find writing to create themes fun, and it can bring a little bit of comedy in when you use something only once in a song because it was hinted at earlier on in the song by some other pattern. We find that funny," Ryknow said. "We might be the only ones who find that funny."

Other than the approximate location of the studio, Ryknow won't say much about the recording process � not how many, if any, songs are finished or what he and his bandmates are intending on titling the album. He did, however, explain their reasoning for fleeing their friends, wives and girlfriends for a sort of self-imposed exile in the shadow of the Twin Cities.

"If you look at art as pure energy � and what we're trying to create here is just pure energy � any time you bring someone else into that, there's energy involved. And there's a transfer of energy involved. I don't think any of us are hip to that. We'd like to keep it kind of clothed. So we try to go to the real far away places that would be a pain in the ass for somebody to get to. And I think that's what we've done out here, so it's great. We love it out here, and I think everybody else would not. So that's perfect for us."