June 27th, 2002


Megadeth Wants You!
On April 3rd of this year Dave Mustaine of Megadeth officially called an end to the group. But now, some old and some newer Megadeth members have joined forces to form a new band and they may want you to be their singer. The band is set to include bassist Dave Ellefson, drummer Jimmy De Grasso, guitarist Al Pitrelli and longtime guitarist Marty Friedman who left the band in 2000. What’s left? A singer, and if you’re interested and want to audition contact: Entertainment Services Ltd. Main Street Plaza 1000, Suite 303, Voorhees, NJ, 08043. At this point the band still don’t have a name.

Kelly Osbourne Makes Daddy Proud
Ozzy offspring, Kelly Osbourne is getting a chance to release an album. With her song, 'Papa Don’t Preach', already on the charts, a full album didn’t seem far behind anyway. Kelly is set to begin recording her debut album next month, and is currently working with writer Rick Wake. Wake has worked in the past with Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, but Kelly says her music will be "nothing like" the other girls’. Kelly will also be helping to sell Candie soon, as she has just signed on as the next spokesperson for the shoe company, Candie’s.


Here's your all-request Loud!
Keep sending your e-mails, we always try to play some of your requests each show.
[e-mail loud@muchmusic.com to send in your request(s)]
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, June 29:
Superjoint Ritual: "F**k Your Enemy"
Pain: "Shut Your Mouth"
Hatebreed: "I Will Be Heard"
Breach Of Trust: "Who Am I"
Hatebreed: "Before Dishonor"
Sick Of It All: "Us Vs Them"
Chore: "The Hitchhiker"
Slayer: "Bloodline"
Napalm Death: "Suffer The Children"
Static-X: "I'm With Stupid"
Sepultura: "Territory"

* Playlist subject to change

This looks like a pretty good episode of LOUD!
If you watch any video on the tracklist you need to see "Shut Your Mouth" by Pain!
Anyone know if there is an official Pain site?

For more info on the LOUD show please visit muchmusic.com/loud.


Stone Sour Film Video, Unveil Live Show
Stone Sour filmed footage for the upcoming video for "Get Inside" at a special show on Wednesday at the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA. Playing one of their first shows outside of Iowa, Slipknot members Corey Taylor (vocals) and Jim Root (guitar) left their masks behind to rejoin their old band that includes Josh Rand (guitar), Shawn Economaki (bass) and Joel Ekman (drums).

Described best during the set by Corey Taylor as "old fashioned heavy rock", Stone Sour showcased their timeless brand of melodic hard rock. On the thunderous and enthralling opener "Get Inside", Taylor proved he is just as enigmatic and commanding without the mask, thrashing around and leading his followers with the chant "Get Inside, Get Inside Motherfucker".

Although a heavy and daunting outfit that disappointed few Slipknot fans in attendance, the bulk of Stone Sour’s material is a lot more stripped down and revealing, taking a step back to early 90s rock. With songs like "Take A Number", "Inside The Cynic" and "Monolith", Taylor opens up his vast vocal range and the band ran the gamut from heavily bluesy riffs reminiscent of early Metallica to seedy Seattle grunge that you would expect to find on an Alice In Chains record.

For the introspective ballad "Bother", Taylor’s band mates left the stage and Corey picked up a guitar for the first time during the set. In only his second ever live performance of the song, Taylor looked nervous and naked on stage, but played the ballad beautifully in front of fans who were supportive, though obviously a bit perplexed at what to think about the song. Though not a great guitarist by any means, and interrupted a few times by overzealous mallcore Slipknot fans, Taylor bared all with a very moving version of the song.

Other songs in the set included "Cold Reader", "Blotter", "Idle Hands", "Blue Study" and "Tumult". The debut album from Stone Sour is due out on September 17th through Roadrunner / Island Def Jam.

Nothingface Prep "Here Come The Butchers"
Nothingface is hard at work writing their next effort for TVT Records, tentatively titled "Here Come The Butchers". The band will begin tracking "Here Come The Butchers" in September, possibly in Vancouver, Canada, with a 2003 release expected. The working title of the album takes it's name from one of the more brutal tracks on the record which is sure to clean the jaded ears of listeners old and new. Other songs are tentatively titled "Incarnadine" and "The Principles of Gangsterism" and if what we've heard so far is any indication of the final product, fans can be assured of a solid follow-up to "Violence".

Everyone needs to go to shoutweb.com and join the message board.
Its a really messed up funny time...



It's Official! PAPA ROACH will be performing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
tonight (Thursday, June 27th)! Check your local listings for times and

In other news, last Tuesday saw the long-awaited release of "lovehatetragedy."
Did you pick your copy up? If you did, send us your review on the album and if
you didn't...what the HELL are you waiting for?

Check out www.paparoach.com for news and updates regarding the band as well as a
complete "Anger Management" tour itinerary.

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E-mail it to everyone in your address book, instant messenger it to all your
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show up EVERYWHERE!!!

Click here for the video:

SNOT - "Alive" - In Stores July 30th.

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