June 22nd, 2002

Machine less Head?

"I can't really see us touring again until possibly early 2004 - The Head are going on hiatus for a while, not an indefinite hiatus, but a definite hiatus. Taking some time to regroup, decide where we want things to go, which at this point seems unclear to some.
We're really looking forward to seeing all you drunken Machine Head maniacs on tour, so come on out! Head Headz, The Head-o-philes ( Who came up with that, that's messed up ), The Frontliners, all of you lunatics. We're rolling out some hella old songs, stuff we haven't played in years, since the “Burn My Eyes tour”. It's fun, and it's definitely lit a fire under our asses, so get the hell out of the house. We also plan on doing a secret show at an undisclosed location, around the beginning of July, so keep your ear to the street Headerz.

The other day, someone asked me what I think of Kerry King from Slayer always trashing Machine Head and me? You want to know what I think? I think the guy's a jerk. I think the guy's a lard ass. I think the guy's eaten so many cheeseburgers lately his brain is starting to clog up, and he can't think straight anymore. And, I think it's really hard to get offended, when the guy who's talking trash about you, looks like "Right Said Fred" with a beard, and wears Ass-less Leather Chaps.
I mean C'mon!?, the guy wears Ass-less Leather Chaps!!!?
Where I live in San Francisco, that'd be Kerry Queen.
Make no mistake about it, I am a huge Slayer fan.
Not a Kerry fan.
But hell,.. the way I look at it, I take pleasure in knowing, that by doing absolutely nothing, we can be such a source of irritation to one man.

A - fuckin - men!

What's up with the Live Album? Don't really know. Ask the warm, lovely, and caring folks over at Roadrunner Records America, gosh they're just swell.

Got any new songs? Yep, 5 or 6 of em', no song titles yet.
What's the new stuff sound like? Heavy. Full on Molten Metal, with patented Machine Head Harmonics™ and Low String Bends™. Little more aggro than “Supercharger”. A different kind of heavy compared to “Burn My Eyes”. Melodically similar to “The Burning Red”, but alot more riff-y. And just...weird...in a good way, kind of unexpected, things I don't hear other bands doing, . No mellow songs yet, all fairly raging so far.
Someone recently told me that they thought Machine Head were limited because we couldn't ever make a record in the vein of Incubus, or Deftones...which I completely agreed with. I also pointed out that Deftones and Incubus are just as limited, because they couldn't ever make an album in the vein of Machine Head.
It's kind of dumb, if you think about it. We offer one thing to the world, they offer something else, Duh!? I firmly believe that no one can offer the world what Machine Head can, because there's only one Machine Head. Just as no one else can offer the world, what both of those incredible bands do.
The world of music is a better place, because of those limitations, not in spite of them."

- ROBERT FLYNN (Machine Head)

For the rest of it: machinehead1.com/news.html


Weezer is currently working on the video for 'Keep Fishin'.

"As a superstar, moi knew it was only a matter of time before I would be asked to star in my own music video. And how could I say no to Weezer, with the adorable Rivers, Scott, Brian and Patrick begging me to be their muse." ---Miss Piggy

"It was wonderful returning to the set of The Muppet Show to tape Weezer's new music video for "Keep Fishin". I know I speak for all the Muppets when I say it was great working with such a talented band. I just hope Pat has
recovered from Miss Piggy's extra attention--both the kissy kissys and the karate chops, sheesh." ---Kermit the Frog

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October's Welcome
Taproot have set an October 15th release date through Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic for their forthcoming new album "Welcome", which they are currently mixing in New York City, NY with Andy Wallace (Faith No More, System Of A Down). Info on a first single and such is expected in the coming weeks.

Lo Spank
Recent rumors suggest that Lo Pro has been chosen as the moniker for the new group featuring former Ultraspank vocalist/programmer Pete Murray and guitarist/programmer Neil Godfrey. The two are said to have been meeting with various interested record labels as of late and are continuing to work on new material.

Korn have been forced to postpone their Canadian dates on June 26th in Toronto, ON and June 27th in Montreal, QC in order to return to Los Angeles, CA to attend to a "personal matter". The tour will resume on Saturday June 29th in Pittsburgh, PA. The aforementioned two shows are expected to be rescheduled this fall.

Also, the LOUD site (muchmusic.com/loud) does not have this weeks playlist.
I assume that LOUD is cancelled this week.