June 20th, 2002


Love's Trial Delayed, Again
The legal problems for Courtney Love that contributed to the end of Hole continue. In the case of the million-dollar lawsuit Love brought against Geffen/Universal Music, things are still moving slowly. According to nme.com, lawyers from each side spent last week in mediation, before being told to prepare for a court date that was to take place yesterday. However, that date has again been postponed and is now expected to happen in late August. In the other Love case, involving the surviving members of Nirvana and the rights to the money and music of Kurt Cobain, the trial is expected to begin in September. Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has spoken out about the "pain and anguish" of the September court case, saying fighting over ownership is "absolutely everything the band stood against and has nothing to do with why the band was a band in the first place."

Marilyn Manson Pleads No Contest
Shock rocker Marilyn Manson pleaded no contest today to a charge of sexual misconduct in Clarkston, Michigan. Manson (a.k.a. Brian Warner) allegedly rubbed his crotch against a security guard Joshua Keasler’s head and neck at a concert last summer. The judge ordered 33-year-old Manson, who appeared in court in a black suit sans makeup or piercings, to pay fines and costs totaling $4000 (US). After the hearing, Manson was served with court papers filed by a New York man accusing him of similar behavior at an Aug. 9, 2001, concert in Long Island. Another security guard who has accused the rocker of naughty behaviour during an October 2000 concert in Minneapolis is also suing Manson.

Brandy Becomes A Mom
According to her record label, Atlantic Records, Brandy has become a mom. Reports say that the singer gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday June 16th, and that the singer has named her daughter Sy'rai. Brandy’s label has said that both mother and daughter are relaxing at home, happy and healthy.
What kind of a name is Sy'rai?
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TRUSTcompany news...

TRUSTcompany's debut album entitled "The Lonely Position Of Neutral" has been
pushed back to a July 23rd release date...Mark your calendars.

Alot of stuff is happening over at MTV as well:

First off, MTV is sponsoring a TRUSTCompany "Fly Away Contest." They will be
sending one lucky winner to Chicago and another to San Francisco to catch the
band live. Enter the sweepstakes now, and you could be hopping on a jet before
you know it. Click below for more info.

Lets also keep the heat on at the MTV.com TRL voting page
http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/votevideo.jhtml and continue to request "Downfall"
on our local radio stations.

Don't miss an MTV2 news piece featuring an introduction to TRUSTcompany today,
6/20 - 2:15am, 5:15am, 6:15am, 11:15pm & 6:15pm.

Check the tourdates section of the StreetWise webzine for a complete
TRUSTcompany, Warped Tour itinerary.

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