June 13th, 2002


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What I have been listening to the most this week:

1. American Head Charge- The War of Art: I cant seem to get enough of this album since I saw them 3 times in May
2. Marilyn Manson- Holywood: This album is actually really good. I like the theme. I didnt like for the longest time. But, there are many memorable songs on it.
3. Weezer- Maladroit: This cd is always with me 24/7 since i got it 2 weeks ago, this may be the best weezer album yet
4. Skinlab- Revoltingroom: I like this cd. IT doesnt sound completely original. But, it's good enough.
5. Staind- Break the Cycle: Say what you will. This album has a lot of good songs. I actually like the lyrics, the most.

The Korn album, I cant make a judgement on it. It's better than Issues, I Will give it that this far..
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