May 26th, 2002

Former Helmet frontman/guitarist Page Hamilton has tentatively been tapped to handle the guitar duties for Silverchair on their upcoming live dates due to a arthritic hand ailment being suffered by Daniel Johns. In related news, recent rumors have been circulating of a possible Helmet reunion with a few new members in the lineup, though no official word has come down on either subject as of yet.
ravenshadow and i were talking about this on my last post about silverchair and his idea was for them to get a guitarist to play live!

Black Zombies
Rob Zombie has been tapped to direct the video for the Black Label Society's new single "Demise Of Sanity". The shoot will take place in Los Angeles, CA on June 24th.

Medicated Runner
Downthesun have now officially signed a recording contract with Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam and are expecting to release their self-titled debut sometime later this year. The album was initially recorded for Slipknot's ill-fated Maggot Recordings imprint on London/Sire last year with producer GGGarth Richardson (Spineshank, Mudvayne).

The Subject Is Inside
SW1TCHED's video for their current single "Inside" has been completed and posted online, you can check it out here. The clip was shot in Los Angeles, CA with director Gregory Dark (Linkin Park, Drowning Pool) early last month.

Yahoo! News

Thirty Hurt at Rock Concert as Eminem Sings
Sun May 26, 8:09 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - About 30 people were injured on Saturday when the audience at a rock concert pressed forward as rap singer Eminem (news - web sites) took the stage, officials said.

Fire Department spokesman Alan Etter said most of the injuries at RFK Stadium two miles east of the Capitol were not life-threatening but one man had a heart attack and was revived on the scene.

Concert-goers interviewed on local television described being jostled, squeezed and crushed as fans in the standing-only "mosh pit" surged toward the stage.

"I was literally crushing someone," said one young man. Another said, "Everybody was on the floor" with other people being pushed forward and stepping on them.

The concert was suspended for 10 minutes.

There are a few things wrong with this article.
1. A rap show is not a 'Rock Concert'.
2. There are 'Mosh Pits' at rap concerts? I didn't know you could really mosh to that.
3. A heart attack can happen at anytime. I wouldn't blame an Eminem concert for that.. well, maybe i would...

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