May 17th, 2002

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Hey guy - it's Elementree's first release in forever. On May 14th Deadsy's
album Commencement is out in stores everywhere. If you haven't heard them
yet take a look at this page for audio clips and more info

It's a killer album - you've got to check it out.

If you live in the LA area Elementee Records Presents a Night of Mindless
Self Indulgence:

Elementree Records is pleased to host Mindless Self Indulgence

When: Wednesday 8 PM Sharp
Where: The Whiskey A GO-GO
How Much: Tickets are $10...

You can only buy tickets only at the Whiskey's box office so get there early.
If you are live around the Los Angeles area, you better not miss this night
of Mindlessness and other guests in attendance.

Go Back to Elementree School:

Elementree Records is reaching out to the extended family and inviting you
to go back to Elementree School with them. You can sign up now at
go tot he Elementree Page and apply to school now. The curriculum will be
hefty, but the payoff great. Students will be expected to spread the word
on Elementree artists on the street and over the internet, as well as keeping
a look out for groundbreaking, unsigned bands. Student rewards will include
KoRn and Elementree band merchandise, rare music, concert tickets, backstage
passes and students being sent up Elementree's own principal's office.....Jonathan

Don't forget - Deadsy's first album - Commencement is out now!

Sound Rages For The Civilians
13 songs from the ill-fated Rage Against The Machine/Chris Cornell project recently leaked online in mp3 format. According to sources close to the band, the leaked material stems from a copy of the album that was being worked on last September and as such the bulk of it is incomplete. No track titles were provided with the leak though plans are still being made to release a greatly re-worked version of the material sometime later this year through Epic.
If its leaked who has it? I would like to hear it!

Ahrue Heads Out
Machine Head have parted ways with guitarist Ahrue Luster. A statement regarding the split is available on the bands official website, statement:
After two albums and more than 3 years with the band, guitarist Ahrue Luster and Machine Head have decided to amicably part ways, citing creative differences as the main reason behind the split. For those concerned, the band will still be playing all of their scheduled Summer shows and festivals overseas, and will continue on track until a new guitarist is found. Stay tuned for more details.

U2 Fans Scammed!
Some European U2 fans who were hoping to take in a U2 show in Amsterdam have been scammed! According to, a number of U2 fans forked over a £199 fee to website for tickets, travel and accommodation to a U2 show in Amsterdam that didn’t exist. Since the scam has emerged, Total Entertainment Ltd., which is the firm that the website is part of has now decided to subtract £17.50 (that’s about $40 Cdn.) from each package sold for their "insurance fees." Word of the scam has reached U2’s camp and John Giddings, the band’s global manager says he feels, “severe action should be taken against those responsible.” Giddings told The Daily Mirror that a show had been considered at one point, but that was as far as it went. In other U2 news, a U2 performance that will take place at Slaine Castle in Dublin, Ireland will be broadcast across North America later this year in a primetime concert special on a U.S. network.

Fred Durst’s Skate G-G-Generation
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is rollin’ into the directors chair yet again. According to, Durst will be shooting a movie this summer about the origins of the skateboarding revolution called, ‘Lords of Dogtown.’ Filming will appropriately take place in Venice, California, after Durst finishes up work on his other movie called ‘Runts.’ The Limp-leader is not a rookie in the directing game, as he has already directed over 20 music videos for his own group, as well as others including Puddle of Mudd and Staind. Durst is also researching music for the film and is expected to be very involved in the score. The movie’s producer, David Fincher, said Durst was the only option for director. He said ‘Lords of Dogtown’ is “about youth and energy and anger and fulfillment. How could one not think of Fred Durst?”

Breach Of Trust Seek Bass Player
Zane Kryzanowsky, founding member of Canadian rock band Breach Of Trust, has amicably left the band to pursue other interests. As a result, Breach Of Trust is looking for a new bass player and according to a message from the band, they are “confident that a talented individual is out there, and will search exhaustively until we find him (or her).” A message also states Breach Of Trust are busy working on new material and are shopping for a US deal.