May 1st, 2002

Poison The Atlantic Pt.3
Poison The Well themselves contacted me this morning to personally clear the air on their actions and their current situation. The group are indeed in the process of finalizing a recording contract with Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic (Taproot, Pulse Ultra) and have all intentions of signing it. They were originally courted by a number of major labels and despite other labels offering more money and larger deals, they chose Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic due to the similar outlook they share with the label on the future of their career. The deal will allow the band to fully retain their integrity and also tour a bit more comfortably, giving them the freedom to continue pursuing their own musical vision without any outside influences trying to alter or taint their sound or the direction of their career. They also went on to state that they are appreciative of their time spent with Trustkill and are looking forward to taking this next step. At present, the current plans for the band are to continue touring in support of their latest album "Tear From The Red". In other news, band guitarist Derek Miller recently commented on the bands new material stating:
"Ryan and I have been kicking around some riffs, can't fucking wait to arrange this shit. Kinda has some of our heaviest stuff and our lightest stuff to date, but with a weird, darker twist. I'm already stoked."

A Fully Developed Point Pt.2
Nonpoint have completed all work on their upcoming new album "Development", the tentative track list for the effort is as follows:
01 - "Development"
02 - "In Circles"
03 - "Any Advice"
04 - "Hands"
05 - "Excessive Reaction"
06 - "Hide N Seek"
07 - "My Own Sake"
08 - "Get Inside"
09 - "Normal Days"
10 - "Mint"
11 - "Your Signs"
12 - "Mountains To Mole Hills"
The album is slated to be released through MCA on June 25th.

Soul Flames Of Hate
In Flames are the latest addition to what is expected to be this years edition of the Extreme Steel Tour. Slayer and Soulfly have already signed on for the trek which will take place in North America, while another band or two are expected to be added to the bill in the coming weeks. At present, the tour is expected to take place in August/September.

Coal's Keep Burning
After a much publicized blowout onstage in Lubbock, TX, Roadrunner Records have now cleared the air regarding the future of Coal Chamber. An official press release was issued today and is as follows:
"Los Angeles, CA - Coal Chamber have been tearing it up across the country on the Jagermeister Music tour for the past 6 weeks, proving to fans that the intensity of their live show is as intense as the music on their albums. �Get out of my rowboat!� a line from Coal Chamber's upcoming album Dark Days (in stores May 7th), took on new meaning for the members of the band last week in Lubbock, TX.
That night in Lubbock, TX on the Jagermeister Music Tour, a couple members of the band Coal Chamber had an on-stage scuffle that lead to the early departure of frontman Dez Fafara from the stage, forcing the remaining members to finish the rest of the set without a lead vocalist. The incident, which was fueled throughout the day due to several confrontations within the band, came to a head mid-way through Coal Chamber's set. �Dez and I are like brothers and sometimes we can get out of control, but in the end our love for the music and the band brings us back together,� comments Miguel.
Coal Chamber was forced to cancel the remaining three dates on the Jagermeister tour as well as a few headline dates. �This is just a minor set back for the band.� offers lead singer Dez. �We plan to pick things back up on May 7th at the Key Club by playing a show for our fans, then we are off to NY to appear on Carson Daly's show. We fight, we play�that's what we do.�
The band will continue on despite this incident. Several radio shows are scheduled for the month of May and a headline summer trek is in the planning. Be sure to tune your TV to Carson Daly's Last Call on May 15th to catch the band's first ever television appearance."
The group's new album "Dark Days" is set for a May 07th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.
Is she loud?

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Just some things to keep you updated: the "Parabola" video has been airing on many music video stations, including MuchMusic, M2, and apparently even showed on MTV's TRL. (Hopefully some folks out there got into Tool and out of their lame pop-star dreams.) So keep your VCRs on standby - you never know.

Reviews for the current tour are being posted like mad to the Tour section. I'm not going to spoil it for you if you don't want to know, but the setlists this time around can certainly be described as "awfully tasty."

A bunch of folks have found the listing on showing a Tool concert in Hartford, CT on Friday, December 31, 2038. Ahh, computer glitches. (But if you really think it's true, don't worry - it's only thirty-six years until showtime.) �

Lastly, it has been one week since we learned that Layne Staley died. What can one say? For all of us in the know, it most certainly did rain when we heard. �