April 18th, 2002

There are not really LOUD! but...

Our Lady Peace Do Canada Day In Halifax!
Halifax, NS will host a huge celebration when this massive line-up cruises into town to party with Canada Day weekend revelers - headliners Our Lady Peace and The Tragically Hip with guests Sarah Harmer and Buck 65. The show will mark OLP's first Citadel Hill appearance since their Summersault 2000 tour and the first ever outdoor East Coast performance for the Hip.

Tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. AT on Saturday, April 20. Reserve by phone at the Metro Centre Box Office (902) 451-1221.

TYPE O NEGATIVE: New Song Titles Revealed - Apr. 17, 2002

TYPE O NEGATIVE's forthcoming, as-yet-untitled effort will include the following cuts, among others:

01. Nettie
02. I Like Girls
03. Anesthesia
04. Above All Things

TYPE O NEGATIVE recently submitted a nine-song demo to Roadrunner Records and are continuing to write material for their next CD, which is tentatively due to be issued on October 29th. In the meantime, the group will appear on the NASCAR-sponsored Crank It Up compilation, due on May 21st through MCA Records, with a cover of DEEP PURPLE's "Highway Star".

If you find the above 4 tracks online anywhere please send me a message!

THE OSBOURNES: Second Season To Be Shot In Remote Brit Farmhouse?

The following article appeared in today's edition of the New York Post:

April 16, 2002 -- Some members of Ozzy Osbourne's family may be standing in the way of MTV's desire for a second season of its red-hot, reality-based sitcom, The Osbournes.

Negotiations for a second season have been underway virtually since the series premiered March 5 to huge ratings and rave reviews. But there are indications that some of the Osbourne clan - particularly teen sibs Kelly and Jack - are not eager to share their home with MTV camera crews for another five months.

MTV, though, is desperate to begin work on a second-season of the megahit series, even though the current season is only half over. Episode 7 of 13 airs tonight at 10:30.

But the show's runaway success has turned life upside down for the Osbourne family, as tourists crowd the normally quiet street in Beverly Hills where the family lives in a recently refurbished mansion.

Mom Sharon Osbourne, who has been married to heavy-metal superstar Ozzy for 20 years, has complained to Beverly Hills police that tourists are over-running the family's yard.

As a result of the tumult around their home, the Osbournes are dropping hints that a second season will be possible only if MTV agrees to allow the family to film the show at the family's secluded 100-year-old farmhouse in England.

MTV isn't commenting on that idea, even though it was reported in this week's wide-ranging cover story on the Osbournes in Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Nor will MTV say anything about the ongoing negotiations except to confirm that the network would like to see the series continue for a second season.

A spokeswoman would not comment on speculation that some members of the family are against continuing the show.

Indeed, it was just a few weeks ago that the entire family seemed dead set against a second season when they appeared together on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 29.

"Now, you think you'll do another season or two of the show? Could you live with the cameras in your house anymore?" asked Leno.

The four Osbournes all answered "No!"



Carson Daly and Coal Chamber? It's True. We are happy to announce that Coal Chamber will be making their FIRST ever national TV performance in the near future. Where? When?

The band will be on the new show Carson Daly's Last Call on Wednesday, May 15th. This show, which airs on NBC, will host a live performance of Coal Chamber playing "Fiend" off their upcoming Dark Days release.

Make sure to tune into your local NBC affiliate on 5/15 at 1:30am to see Coal Chamber perform, "FIEND."


The video for "Fiend" is out now and was just on MTV2 Rock!


The Eminem Rock Show
Earlier this week we told you the Backstreet Boys say their next record is going to rock. Now, in a just as unlikely scenario, Eminem claims his upcoming album �The Eminem Show,� is heavily influenced by 70s rockers like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. �We treated this record like it was a rock record in so far as how it�s produced. It�s, like, loud,� Eminem told The Face Magazine. But hip-hop purists shouldn�t fret. Slim says along with the guitars, there are strictly hip-hop tracks too. He also says the recent drama in his life over the past year has inspired him a lot. �Last year was a really rough year for me,� Eminem told The Face. You know, divorce and trying to raise my little girl. Obstacles are thrown at me - you�ve just got to fall or you don�t fall. And I can�t fall.�
Thats all we need.. is another Limp Bizkit rip off!

Pipi Osbourne Dog Napped!
The Osbourne�s have lost one of their most beloved family members. During a TV interview yesterday, the Osbourne family matriarch, Sharon Osbourne, revealed that Pipi, the black Pomeranian (which actually belongs to their eldest daughter) had been dognapped. �It�s been about a month now,� said Sharon. �We think someone�s taken her.� Pipi is one of several hounds that shares a Beverly Hills mansion with Ozzy and his quirky family where the reality-based program �The Osbournes� is shot. Sharon has said: �We�d give a reward-anything for Pipi.�
Ozzy is in the spotlight big time.. and it sucks for him!


No Rejection
Despite the recent changes in the lineup of The Rejects, Slipknot's Joey Jordison and Static-X's Tripp Eisen intend to continue on with the band together under a new name and a new lineup. Former band bassist Wednesday 13 will be taking over the vocal duties for the group while a bassist and drummer are expected to be announced shortly. An official statement was released on the matter by both Joey and Tripp and is as follows:
Joey Jordison:
"Listen...... I don't know where to start...... the reason I feel the need to finally come out of my shell is the reason for why I don't own a computer in the first place. This is the first statement ever on the internet to where I wasn't put up to it by mgt. the press, or the record label. This is all free will. Everyone is wondering what is going on with my other band, not a side band, of 8 years; the Rejects......... Don't believe the rumors. I am sick of hearing them and figure it's time to clear them up, so my fans & our fans know the truth once and for all.
This is how it's gone short and sweet: The Rejects, minus Dizzy, started to adapt a new sound that suited Wednesday's voice better. Dizzy was not necessarily fired and he did not necessarily quit, this was something that was unstoppable and we all saw it coming. Everyone in the Rejects supports our ex-vocalist and there are no hard feelings. There also will be a new name for the band to coincide with the changing vibe of the band. Our record is coming out later this year........you're going to love it. We have a new bass player and drummer that will be announced publicly very soon. What else can I tell you? I have worked on this record since '95. I have worked on this recording since the summer of 2000. And I can honestly say it's one of the most satisfying projects I ever laid ears upon......... and, oh yeah, there is no double-bass.
The Rejects did not really breakup; this is a stupid misconception; this is on the up and up. You're all gonna love Wednesday's vocals. Tripp's solos are absolutely completely on fire and add a great flavor and dimension to the songs. For an extra treat here are some song titles that will appear on the upcoming album:
"Love At First Fright"
"People Hate Me"
"Motherfucker I Don't Care"
I want to thank all the fans that have stuck by me and this project for the past couple years, and I promise not to disappoint....... and if you think I did, you might have to suck these nuts!
no apologies, Joey"
Tripp Eisen:
"There is a misconception about the true nature and fate of what was The Rejects. The band is basically continuing on and there was not one second lost in stride nor pace. We want the fans to know that we parted ways with Dizzy, but our new frontman is Wednesday 13 (formerly bassist of the Rejects). We have a new bassist & drummer and a new name for the band: all to be announced very soon. Hang tight. Our record deal, release and tour plans are still on schedule! We will move on like a juggernaut and keep our sites on destroying all in our path. No diversion. For all those familiar with mine and Joey�s work in the past, prepare for something twisted. The songs are already classics and Wednesday�s vocals are killer. For those privileged few who have witnessed one of the four shows we�ve done since Nov. 2000, you�ve only gotten a small taste of what this band is about. The new lineup will shred. It will be a rebirth & a spectacle. This is an entity of immense power & drive, a new incarnation of sex, death, glam, punk, metal, monsters, zombies, loud guitars & other scary things; all in one band................ready to take on the world and the feeble competition. Ready to take it all away. We cannot wait to present ourselves to fans of all ages, genres and mental states. Trash-sleaze-grinding, grave-robbing, foot-stomping, ass-kicking and head-crushing of god-like proportions is about to be unleashed on the world. Stand ready.
Hail & Kill, Tripp"

Tracking Madness
Mad At Gravity have announced the tracks tentatively set to show up on their upcoming ARTISTdirect debut, "Resonance", they are as follows:
"Walk Away"
"This Collision"
"Say It"
"Time And Time Again"
"Find the Words"
"Letter To Myself"
"In Vain"
"Run For Cover"
The effort is currently being mixed by Rick Will (Incubus, Lit) and is locked in for a July 23rd release.

Never A Dull Leno
Tommy Lee will be performing on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno on May 22nd. His new album "Never A Dull Moment" is slated for a May 21st release through MCA.

All These Dates
SEV have now set a June 04th release for their upcoming Geffen debut, "All These Dreams".

Puddle Of Dead Korn
Korn have now officially lined up Puddle Of Mudd and Deadsy to open their upcoming U.S. tour dates which are set to kick off on June 20th. Korn's upcoming new album "Untouchables" will precede the dates, landing in stores on June 11th through Immortal/Epic. In other news, band bassist Fieldy is already planning to begin work on his second solo Fieldy's Dreams outing sometime later this year.

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Mudvayne are currently holed up in a Minneapolis, MN studio working on material for their follow-up to "L.D. 50". Mudvayne is expected to start tracking soon. The album is due out in September on Epic Records.