April 17th, 2002

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System Of A Down will release "Aerials" as the third single from "Toxicity". The track will impact radio stations on May 21st. Plans for a video are said to be in the works. System Of A Down will be co-headlining Ozzfest this Summer.


No More Rejection
The Rejects, a group which featured Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen in its ranks, have now decided to amicably part ways. An official statement on the split was released by the band and is available for viewing here. Meanwhile, band frontman Dizzy Reject also offered up the following:
"I hate to say it, but it's true, the Rejects are fucking Dead. This DOES suck, mostly for the kids that will never have the chance to experience what we were in our most sincere, decadent and honest form. The good news is that by one band splitting, the world gets two fucking awesome new projects. I am carrying on with my new band BOMB POP MAFIA (bombpopmafia.cjb.net) and am planning on audio and visual/live assassination beginning this summer. Fans of the Rejects will need a hospital to deal with this new shit. Great songs, a killer image and ideas for a stage show that will make you question your very existence. I'm talking with some people that kids may know and love, and hopefully in the next 4 months I'll have the strongest, "fuck you world" lineup ever assembled. I'd like to thank everyone for all the help, cocaine, support and blowjobs over the last seven years, it really helped. Most of all I'd like to thank the fans, a good chunk of which I spent up till 7am talking to online, for their fanaticism, it really means the world. thanks so much for everything."

Kittie Lives In Pain
Kittie have posted a video of a live performance of their track "Pain" on their official website, http://www.kittie.net

The Glassjaw Cavalcade
A video preview of Glassjaw's upcoming new album "Worship And Tribute" has been posted online, you can check it out here. The album itself is due out in stores on July 09th through I AM/Warner.

Tommy's Tigers
The Flying Tigers have been selected to open all dates of the upcoming Tommy Lee headlining tour which kicks off on May 24th in Denver, CO and continues through till late July.

Aerial System
System Of A Down have tapped "Aerials" as the third single from their latest effort "Toxicity". The track is slated to impact at radio on May 21st and a video for it is also planned.


Type O Negative Continue Demoing New Material

Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly has posted the following update on the band's activities via the group's official web site:

�[We are] STILL doing demos. We have a few more songs to demo. We did send Roadrunner [Records] the songs that were completed. From what I understand, they liked them. The release date that some of you have heard about from the Roadrunner site [October 29th] may be the truth, for all I know. Realistically speaking, that's only six months away. I, like the rest of you, would very much like to have the CD released before then, but I would be lying if I gave a date at this time.

�About the cover of [Deep Purple's] 'Highway Star' [we recorded] for [the] NASCAR [-sponsored Crank It Up compilation], yes we did do a version of it for a compilation they are going to be releasing [through MCA Records on May 21st]. As it stands now, our song will be on the CD. I have hesitated making posting any kind of statement about this because of the fiasco that was the track for the WWF CD that were supposed to be on. So far, the feedback about the track has been very positive so I think the song will definitely be on it unless NASCAR pulls the plug on the entire project. Stranger things have happened.�

Source: Blabbermouth.net and typeonegative.


Blink Drummer Transplanted
The busiest drummer around, Blink-182�s Travis Barker, is onto yet another new project. This time he�s teaming up with Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong to help lead the new group, The Transplants. This will be Travis� third band and second Blink side project, as he and fellow Blink member Tom DeLonge have already been working on releasing an album from a side-band they formed called Box Car Racer. Compared to Blink-182, Box Car Racer is said to be heavier while the newest band The Transplants has been hinted to involve the Blink drummer�s �hip hop influences.� The newest group will begin recording new material once Travis finishes with his current commitments. Blink-182 are currently on their �Pop Disaster Tour� with Green Day. The only Canadian date for the tour is in Toronto on June 7th.

Tommy Lee Announces Tour
Tommy Lee, ex-husband to Pamela Anderson and ex-Motley Crue drummer is heading out on the road in support of his album, �Never A Dull Moment.� The new album which follows 1999�s self-titled debut by Lee�s group Methods of Mayhem will be released in May. The two month tour is set to kick off in Denver, Colorado on May 24th and will wind down July 20th in Anaheim, California and will hit 36 cities. Unfortunately for all you Tommy Lee fans out there, so far there is only one Canadian date. The rocker will play in Vancouver at The Rage on June 24th.


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Playlist for Saturday, April 20:
Tool: 'Parabola'
Machine Head: 'Crashing Around You'
Iron Maiden: 'Run To The Hills' (live version)
Iron Maiden: 'Aces High'
Candiria: 'Without Water'
Mushroomhead: 'Solitaire Unraveling'
Tchort: 'Handsome Gruesome'
Korn: 'Here To Stay'
No Means No: 'Radio Transmission'
Black Sabbath: 'Paranoid'

* Playlist subject to change

means its a new video to Loud!

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A Perfect Circle have been busy demoing new material in a Los Angeles, CA based studio as of late. The group expect to continue writing new songs for the immediate future, while it is as of yet unknown when they will officially begin tracking the new effort as band frontman Maynard James Keenan has live commitments with Tool this summer.

Help Save Dope!

As all of you have probably heard by now, Dope has parted ways with their label, Epic Records. THE BAND DID NOT BREAK UP. I repeat, THEY DID NOT break up. They are currently writing new material, as well as trying to get back on tour... They're currently trying to plan/book everything THEMSELVES. They want back out on the road so badly.. and trying their damndest; Trying everything they can possibly think of FOR US, THE FANS.

For more on this: http://katastrofik.cjb.net/


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