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Apr. 10th, 2002 | 12:55 pm
music: Prime STH- In My Head
posted by: rockitten in loud

im a new member of this community, just sayin hi :-)

<3 arianna

and if you need something to download... chevelle's point #1

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Apr. 10th, 2002 | 03:22 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

My Last Video
Killswitch Engage have lined up the track "My Last Serenade" as the first single from their upcoming Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut "Alive Or Just Breathing?". A video for the song will be shot shortly, while the album is due out in stores on May 21st.

Apossibly Shoot
The Apex Theory are said to have began shooting the video for their new single "Apossibly" today. The video is expected to begin airing late this month while the song will impact at radio on April 23rd.

Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam are currently finalizing plans to release Sepultura's last ever live performance with former frontman Max Cavalera this August. The disc will be comprised a show which took place at the Brixton Academy in London, ENG on December 16th, 1996 and is expected to be titled "Live At Brixton".

Back At The Farm
Alien Ant Farm are currently at home writing new material for their next effort. The band plan to embark on a European trek this summer and will return home to continue writing more new songs throughout August, with tentative plans to begin recording the new album in October. A release early next year through New Noize/Dreamworks is being mapped out.

Here To Queen
The score for the "Queen Of The Damned" film, composed by Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and Richard Gibbs of Oingo Boingo fame, will now see a release sometime this summer. For now, the soundtrack to the film is currently available in stores. In other news, Korn have posted a download of their latest single "Here To Stay" online, you can check it out here. The track is the lead off single from the bands upcoming new album "Untouchables", due out in stores on June 11th through Immortal/Epic.

A Mixed Point
Mixing of Nonpoint's upcoming new album "Development" began in Los Angeles, CA yesterday with Bob Clearmountain (The Rolling Stones, Bad Religion). Both band frontman Elias Soriano and guitarist Andy Goldman are on hand to oversee the process while tracks tentatively set to show up on the album include:
"In Circles"
"Your Signs"
"Normal Days"
"My Own Sake"
A June 25th release through MCA has been set for the effort.

What Ill Single
Ill Ni�o will be releasing a U.K. single for their track "What Comes Around" through Roadrunner on June 10th.

Stone Temple Hero
The Stone Temple Pilots have lined up Home Town Hero to open the bulk of their upcoming dates. Home Town Hero's forthcoming self-titled Maverick debut is due out on May 07th.

Downthesun are in the process of signing a recording contract with Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam and recently recruited the management services of Chuck Toler at Anger Management (Mudvayne). If all goes according to plan, the bands anticipated debut album will finally see a release through Roadrunner later this year. The effort was produced by GGGarth Richardson (Mudvayne, Rage Against The Machine) and was originally recorded for Slipknot's now ill-fated imprint label, Maggot Recordings.

My Abuse
Slipknot will be releasing a U.K. single for their track "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix) through Roadrunner on July 01st.

Ill One Pt.2
Ill Ni�o frontman Cristian Machado recently tracked vocals for a guest appearance on an upcoming new Soulfly track entitled "One". The song is slated to appear on the bands upcoming new effort "III", due out through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam on June 25th. In other news, Ill Ni�o have now been confirmed to appear on the Second Stage of this years Ozzfest for the entire duration of the tour.

Worship And Touring
Glassjaw have firmed up their upcoming touring schedule, the newest dates are as follows:
April 27th Des Moines, IA - Hairy Marys (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
April 28th St. Louis, MO - The Galaxy (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate, Beres Hammond)
April 29th Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theater (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
April 30th Louisville, KY - BRYCC House (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 01st Chicago, IL - Fireside Bowl (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 02nd Chicago, IL - Fireside Bowl (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 03rd Erie, PA - Forward Hall (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 04th Syracuse, NY - Armory High (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 05th Springfield, MA - Fat Kat (Feat. Converge, Reach The Sky, Stalemate)
May 09th Dallas, TX - Galaxy Club (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 10th Houston, TX - Engine Room (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 11th Austin, TX - Emo's (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 13th Phoenix, AZ - The Nile Basement (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 14th San Diego, CA - The Scene (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 15th Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 16th Pomona, CA - Glasshouse (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 17th Santa Barbara, CA - Living Room (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 18th Sacramento, CA - Boardwalk (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 19th San Francisco, CA - The Pound (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 20th Modesto, CA - State Theater (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 22nd Portland, OR - Meow Meow (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
May 23rd Seattle, WA - Graceland (Feat. Poison The Well, Vex Red, Recover)
June 05th State College, PA - Crow Bar (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 06th Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 07th Old Bridge, NJ - Birch Hill (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 10th Virginia Beach, VA - Peabody's (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 12th Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 13th Atlanta, GA - Cotton Club (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
June 14th Jacksonville, FL - The Marquee (Feat. Juliana Theory, Piebald)
July 27th Tinley Park, IL - The Tweeter Center (Warped Tour)
July 28th Minneapolis, MN - HHH Metrodome Parking Lot (Warped Tour)
July 30th Columbus, OH - Promo West Pavilion (Warped Tour)
July 31st Cincinnati, OH - Firstar Center (Warped Tour)
August 01st Atlanta, GA - The Hi Fi Buys Ampitheatheatre (Warped Tour)
August 02nd Orlando, FL - Central Florida Fairgrounds (Warped Tour)
August 03rd Pompano Beach, FL - Pompano Field (Warped Tour)
August 04th Tampa, FL - USF Soccer Field (Warped Tour)
August 05th Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Raceways (Warped Tour)
August 06th Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre Charlotte (Warped Tour)
August 07th Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Ampitheatre (Warped Tour)
August 10th Chicago, IL - Tweeter (Ozzfest)
August 11th E. Troy, WI - Alpine Valley (Ozzfest)
August 13th Cleveland, OH - Blossom (Ozzfest)
August 15th Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend (Ozzfest)
August 17th Minneapolis, MN - Floatrite (Ozzfest)
August 19th St. Louis, MO - Riverport (Ozzfest)
August 20th Kansas City, MO - Sandstone (Ozzfest)
August 22nd Denver, CO - Pepsi-City Lights (Ozzfest)
August 25th Sacramento, CA - Sacramento Valley Ampitheatre (Ozzfest)
August 27th Seattle, WA - The Gorge (Ozzfest)
August 29th Mountain View, CA - Shoreline (Ozzfest)
August 31st San Bernardino, CA - Glen Helen Pavilion (Ozzfest)
September 01st San Bernardino, CA - Glen Helen Pavilion (Ozzfest)
September 05th Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Pavilion (Ozzfest)
September 07th San Antonio, TX - Verizon Wireless (Ozzfest)
September 08th Dallas, TX - Smirnoff (Ozzfest)
Glassjaw's new album "Worship And Tribute" is due out in stores on July 09th through I AM/Warner. A first single from the effort is expected to be decided upon shortly, with a video for it also in the works.


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Apr. 10th, 2002 | 06:18 pm
mood: boredbored
music: Rob Zombie with Rammstein
posted by: bunny57 in loud

Guitar world magazine asked a few Elektra stars what songs they'd want to be remembered for and they 'fessed up in a hurry. Says Dimebag Darrell from Texas legends PANTERA. "'F****** Hostile" from Vulgar Display Of Power. Philip (Anselmo) got it right lyrically and we got it perfectly right musically. So I believe if somebody heard this song 500 million years from now, they'd go 'G***** these m***********s knew what they were talking about and sure had their jamming skills down. Plus I think people will always be hostile which is another reason I went with this one." Good point. Good point. Kirk Hammet from Metallica also weighed in: "Motorbreath" (from Kill 'Em All) because it has the breakneck tempo we were so fond of in our early days. And unlike the songs we wrote later, 'Motorbreath' is under four minutes long."

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Apr. 10th, 2002 | 06:26 pm
mood: hungryhungry
music: Mindless Self Indulgence
posted by: bunny57 in loud

Am I the only one who isn't from Canada????

just wonderin' :-)......byes!


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I am new...

Apr. 10th, 2002 | 08:31 pm
mood: goodgood
music: Fear Factory - Demanufacture
posted by: system_86 in loud

Hey people. I am new kinda... I'm System 86... I am in a band called ***No Assembly Required*** check my profile to find out more on me...

if you wanna hear my band...

yup... ok bye

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