April 4th, 2002


Booming Satellite
P.O.D.'s new single "Boom" is now set to impact at radio on April 09th. The track will serve as the third single from the bands latest offering, "Satellite".

American Bazooka
This years Locobazooka Tour is continuing to take shape, bands rumored to appear on the bill so far include:
Powerman 5000
Fu Manchu
Gravity Kills
36 Crazyfists
A full listing of dates and venues is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

A Single Tragedy
Papa Roach have decided what tracks will be used as both the first and second singles from their impending new album, "Lovehatetragedy". The first is "She Loves Me Not", which is set to impact at radio on May 07th. It will be followed later on by the track "Time And Time Again". "Lovehatetragedy" is due in stores through Dreamworks on June 18th and is expected to feature the following songs:
"She Loves Me Not"
"M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)"
"Life As A Bullet"
"Time And Time Again"
"Walking Through Barbed Wire"
"Decompression Period"
"Born With Nothing, Die With Everything"
"Singular Indestructible Droid"
"Black Clouds"
"Code Of Energy"
Does anyone know of a site with the above Papa Roach mp3's?

Deadsy recently shot a video in Van Nuys, CA for their new single "The Key To Gramercy Park" with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst directing. The song features a guest appearance from Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and comes from the groups long delayed Elementree/Dreamworks debut "Commencement", which is due out on May 14th. The video is expected to begin airing late this month/early next month.

Flavor of the month Andrew W.K. has been offered a Main Stage slot on this years Ozzfest. A confirmation is expected in the coming days. Andrew W.K. is expected to fill the slot recently vacated by the ill fated Rage Against The Machine/Chris Cornell project, though a much lower billing than that which was set for the latter is expected.

Break The Bizkit
Staind have tapped Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst to direct the video for their upcoming single "Epiphany". The shoot is expected to take place shortly, with the video beginning airing late this month/early next month.

Party Superstar
Marilyn Manson has signed on to appear as a character named "Christina" in the upcoming film, "Party Monster". A rundown of the film is available on Manson's official website, http://www.marilynmanson.com

Todays pic...

(no subject)

I was just going to do this as a reply to the last news post, but then I figured that no one would muster up enough motivation to click the comment link, so I'm just posting here.

First, is Seattle the only place who's been hearing Boom for the last couple of weeks? I mean, I know we often get airplay on songs before the rest of the country, but unless it's something special, like the "choose the first Weezer single" thing, I don't think we get it that far in advance. Do you hear it, and where are you if you do?
(as I'm about to hit update, it occurs to me that this may just be a Canadian radio release? Yes? No? Maybe?)

Secondly, am I the only one frustrated with Papa Roach? I thought these were supposed to be all new songs. They were my favorite band... a year and a half ago? two years ago? Whenever the Anger Management tour was happening. And I have Walking Through Barbed Wire, AND She Loves Me Not on mp3, downloaded around that time- studio quality. Infest also had a few repeats from their earlier stuff, which is kind of annoying, but +shrug+ that's in the past.
Well, go look for all these on your d/l client of choice, I'm sure you'll find some on there. If not, at the very least, you can come find me on AIM when I'm on, and I'll send those two over to ya. I can even give you all their horrible early stuff, lol ^_^

Stay Loud
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A rock feels no pain

Anyone from detroit?


Hello everyone. This is the first mass Email from
Headstatic.All of us in Headstatic would like to ask
all of you for your support.We are just breaking
through the local scene here in Findlay and we are
playing at Harpos in Detroit this Friday april,5th.We
were recently given the opprotunity to open for the
national act, Kittie at Harpos on May 11th. We have to
sell 140 tickets to play that show.We need your
support on this because Detroit is one hell of a
drive.The tickets to the show are 15$. That's not too
bad of a price to see Kittie as well as a few other
bands.We are asking for your support by telling
everyone you know about this show and buy tickets from
us, even if you can't go to the show. If you have
heard Headstatic perform live, you know that we will
catch some attention if we have the opprotunity.Feel
free to Email us back and get in contact with us. The
tickets will soon be available online at our website
in the shows section.All the support is very much

Brandon (Headstatic)
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For anyone in Nova Scotia, Canada!

STOLEN - Newsletter for April 3, 2002

To find out more about Stolen, please visit us on the web!
We have MP3s, pictures, biographies, awesome links and more!

Or you can use this link if the above is not responding...

Hey people,

Well we have had a very successful week! We performed at the Molson Rocks Battle of the Bands at NSCC Burridge last week. There were 13 bands in all, and everyone put on a great show! In the end Stolen ended up tying for 4th place. Congrats to the Demons for taking the 1st prize!

The show got us a lot of much-needed publicity. We have been in contact with a lot of different bands, and hopefully will collaborate with them for shows during the summer. Keep in touch you guys!

Our next confirmed show is on May 17 at the Lunenburg Community Centre. This will be a benifit concert for the Lunenburg Anglican Church. The church was burned last Hallowe'en, and is in dire need of repair. Currently, the lineup also includes the bands "By Envy Driven", "Fuchsia Sea" and "Forerunner". This is all for a good cause, so come out and show your support!

That's all for now,

Ryan "Skip" Keizer - Bass Guitar
Trevor "Phatty" Creaser - Lead Guitar
Matthew "Kidson" Kidson - Drums
Aaron "T-Bone" Taylor - Rhythm Guitar
James "Stewey" Stewart - Lead Vocals

Is this True?

I just heard from a friend that Pantera is breaking up....or is thinking about it. Phil wants to move on...not be an old Grandpa (like Ozzy)....and just isn't feelin' the songs anymore. Supposedly this news has been out for about 2 months (give or take) Is this really true?!?!?! If so I'm gonna cry! I can't take the lost of the 2 best bands around in the same year. (Fear Factory and Pantera) Grrrrrrr!!!

Sorry if anyone has mentioned this, but I haven't had that much time recently. If this is true, I'm really upset. Somebody fill me in!! haha Byes!!!
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David Usher News

Tune in Thursday, April 4th at 11pm EST to watch David Usher live from the Open Mike Studios. The Open Mike Concert Series, in conjunction with the 2002 Juno Awards presents David Usher live on www.junos.sympatico.ca

If you miss the live show, you can catch the webcast archive for the next 2 weeks!

Go to www.junos.sympatico.ca to watch it live!
Thursday, April 4th
11pm EST

David Usher is nominated for a 2002 Juno Award in the "Best Pop Album" category.





Rob Zombie has taken the nod to fill the slot vacated by the
Chris Cornell/Rage Against the Machine band on the Ozzfest main
stage this summer. Zombie maintains, though, that he will
still put on a stripped down show that he has been wanting to
do for a while now. He recently commented in the Los Angeles
Times about the his decision: "As much as I love the big show
and all the production, it becomes this huge thing of its own.
Sometimes the show is so huge everything else gets lost...I
haven't done anything like [this] in 12 years or something."
Taking Zombie's place in the headlining position on the second
stage will be Down, the New Orleans-based supergroup fronted by
Pantera's Philip Anselmo and also featuring members of
Corrosion of Conformity, EYEHATEGOD, and Crowbar. The band
released their their highly anticipated second album,
"Down II", last week. Hatebreed has also been tapped for the
second stage in the slot preceding Down. Their second
album, "Perseverance", was issued last week as well. And for
the first half of Ozzfest 2002 party rocker Andrew W.K. will
party on the second stage; Switched has been added to the
second half of the tour.
Along with these additions to the bill there are some date
changes as well. The July 10 Jones Beach show has been moved
to Scranton, Pa., and the Indianapolis and Cleveland dates have
flip-flopped: Cleveland is now Aug. 4 and Indianapolis
is Aug. 13.


July 6 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion ON SALE APRIL 13
July 7 Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette Pavilion ON SALE APRIL 12
July 10 Scranton, Pa. Montage Mtn. ON SALE APRIL 13
July 12 Camden, NJ Tweeter Center ON SALE APRIL 13
July 13 Hartford, CT Cdnow.com Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
July 16 Boston, MA Tweeter Center ON SALE APRIL 13
July 19 Holmdel, NJ PNC Center ON SALE APRIL 13
July 24 Raleigh, NC Alltel Pavilion ON SALE APRIL 13
July 26 West Palm Beach, FL Mars Music Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
July 28 Atlanta, GA Hi-Fi Buys Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 3 Columbus, OH Polaris Amph. ON SALE APRIL 27
Aug. 4 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music CenterN SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 7 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Center ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 10 Chicago, IL Tweeter Center ON SALE APRIL13
Aug. 11 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 13 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 15 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Amph. ON SALE APRIL 27
Aug. 17 Somerset, WI Float-Rite Park ON SALE MAY 31
Aug. 19 St. Louis, MO Riverport Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 20 Kansas City, MO Sandstone Amph. ON SALE JUNE 22
Aug. 22 Denver, CO Pepsi/City Lights ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 25 Sacramento, CA Sacramento Valley Amph. ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 27 George, WA The Gorge ON SALE APRIL 13
Aug. 29 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amph. ON SALE APRIL 14
Aug. 31 San Bernardino, CA Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion ON SALE APRIL 13
Sept. 5 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion ON SALE APRIL 13
Sept. 7 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amph. ON SALE MAY 18
Sept. 8 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Amph. ON SALE APRIL 26

Main Stage
System of a Down
Rob Zombie
Drowning Pool
Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society

Second Stage
Down (headliner)
Hatebreed (second headliner)
Apex Theory
Pulse Ultra

Third Stage (first half)
3rd Stage
Ill Nino
Andrew W.K.

Third Stage (second half)
The Used

***Set times for each show will be posted on Ozzfest.com as
soon as they are finalized.



Next Friday, April 12, Ozzy will receive his star on
Hollywood's Walk of Fame in front of the Ripley's Believe It or
Not Museum, 6780 Hollywood Boulevard at the corner of Hollywood
Blvd. and Highland Av. The ceremony will take place at 11:30am
and Ozzy extends the invitation to all his fans to come down
and share in the moment. Ozzy, the family, and other
luminaries will be there to drink in the occasion, so if
you're in SoCal you can't dare miss this!




Canadians Rock On Soundtrack
Hot Canadian rockstars of today are honouring their predecessors on a new soundtrack for the indie film �Fubar.� Rumour has it; the guys in Sum 41 were so taken with the largely improvised feature length tribute to heavy metal that they convinced the creators to make a soundtrack. They of course also offered to be on it. The Ajax rockers will cover Helix�s classic anthem �Rock You,� according to JAM! Music. Treble Charger will likely take on April Wine�s �Roller,� The New Pornographers will tackle Toronto�s �Your Daddy Don�t Know,� and Gob will cover Kick Axe�s �Heavy Metal Shuffle.� The soundtrack for �Fubar� is due out in May. �Fubar� was shot in Calgary last year and shown at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Director Michael Dowse recently put his characters in The New Pornographer�s video for �Slow Decent Into Alcoholism.�

Ozzy Updates
Last week we told you that due to the demise of the Chris Cornell/Rage Against The Machine project, an opening spot popped up on the Ozzfest 2002 Tour line-up. Fans were even encouraged to vote online for potential replacements. Well, it looks like we may have a winner. According to his record label, Andrew W.K. has been offered the gig and is seriously considering the job. Speaking of Ozzy, another offer has been put on the table. According to reports, Ozzy Osbourne has been invited to dinner with President Bush. Apparently Dubya is a fan of the new TV show, 'The Osbournes.' In other Ozzy news, daughter Kelly Osbourne is rumoured to be working with members of Incubus on a cover of Madonna�s �Papa Don�t Preach.� Brother Jack Osbourne will produce the track.


This weeks Loud comes from New Orleans, Louisiana!
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, April 05:
Please note that this Saturday is April 06.
A.F.I.: 'Totalimmortal'
Hatebreed: 'Before Dishonor'
Alice Cooper: 'Welcome To My Nightmare'
Kiss: 'I Love It Loud'
Nine Inch Nails: 'March Of The Pigs'
Nine Inch Nails: 'Head Like A Hole'
Nine Inch Nails: 'Starsucker'
Marilyn Manson: 'I Don't Like The Drugs'
Smothered: Hope 'Skinny Puppy'

Please note that i put all of the :'s into the playlist.
* Playlist subject to change

This is the LOUD for Nine Inch Nails fans.
There might be an nin interview or something special since they are showing three nin videos in a row. I hope they do.
The video 'I Don't Like The Drugs' by Marilyn Manson.. i really don't like that video so much.. or maybe its the song i don't like? They should show 'The Fight Song' now that's a video and song that is enjoyable!
Have any LOUD opinions?