March 23rd, 2002

Tip Your Glass To July
Glassjaw have set a July 09th release date through I AM/Warner for their upcoming new album, "Worship And Tribute". The album will now feature a total of 12 tracks and while a finalized sequence has not yet been decided for the effort, the following songs are slated to appear on it:
"Tip Your Bartender"
"Radio Cambodia"
"Stuck Pig"
"Cosmopolitan Bloodloss"
"Ape Dos Mil"
"Trailerpark Jesus"
"Two Tabs of Mescaline"
"Pink Roses"
"Mu Empire"
"The Gilette Cavalcade Of Sports"
"Must Have Run All Day"
In the meantime, the band have a wealth of touring plans lined up for the coming months, including dates with Hatebreed and Converge in late April; Poison The Well on the west coast in early May; Vex Red in May; The Juliana Theory and Piebald in June; Plus a string of dates in July on the Warped Tour and a stint on the second half of this years Ozzfest.

Apossible Chat
The Apex Theory will be shooting a video for their second single "Apossibly" in April. In the meantime, the group have posted a live version of their track "The Chat" for download on their official website,

No More Garden Of Rage?
Though no public confirmation has been released as of yet, sources close to the Rage Against The Machine/Chris Cornell project have now confirmed that Chris Cornell has sadly quit the group. The band were originally scheduled to release both a new album later this year as well as tour as a part of the U.S. Ozzfest bill this summer, though both opportunities now look to be scrapped. The reasons for the split remain unclear, though it is rumored that Cornell's heart wasn't fully into the project and as such he was taking extremely long to finalize his vocal parts for the bands material, a factor which reportedly caused tension within the band, not too mention the album's constant delays. It is unknown at present is the departure is past the point of a reconciliation or not, though official word is expected shortly.

Filtering Out The Summer
Filter have set a July 02nd release through Reprise/Warner for their upcoming new album, "The Amalgamut".

The Apartment Isn't Vacant
Apartment 26 have posted a statement outlining their current happenings and also denying any lingering rumors of the band breaking up anytime soon. You can check it out on their official website,

At The Dream-In
Sparta guitarist Jim Ward recently commented to MTV regarding the demise of his former group At The Drive-In, saying:
"It was just over, we had been together for six and a half years, and that's longer than most marriages. It just wasn't what it was supposed to be anymore. We didn't get along on that level anymore. It wasn't an intimate band."
He also went on to say:
"Maybe we could have carried on if we had more time between tours, but we were just burned out on each other. The bigger you get, the more intense it gets, and the more intense it gets, the more you have to realize that you're not really happy doing it anymore."
Sparta's debut EP "Austere" is due out through ReSTART/Dreamworks this coming Tuesday, March 26th.

Nerds To Stay
Korn will reportedly be enlisting the Neptunes to remix their latest single "Here To Stay". It is unknown as of yet if or where such a collaboration would surface however. Korn's new album "Untouchables" is currently locked in for a May 14th release through Immortal/Epic.

Get To The Dates
Static-X have announced a handful of new dates, some of which are expected to feature Adema and Sinisstar opening. The schedule is as follows:
March 30th San Bernardino, CA - Gotham
April 19th San Diego, CA - The Scene
April 20th Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
April 28th Orlando, FL - Lee Vista Center
April 30th Huntington, WV - Huntington Civic Arena
May 17th Burgettstown, PA - Post-Gazette Pavilion @Star Lake
June 02nd Cleveland, OH - Tower City Amphitheatre

Underground Spiders
The Union Underground will be releasing a live EP entitled "Live: One Nation Underground", on June 11th through Portrait/Columbia. The effort shapes up as follows:
01 - " education in rebellion" (Intro) (Live From Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001)
02 - "South Texas Deathride" (Live From Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001)
03 - "Turn Me On Mr. Deadman" (Live From Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001)
04 - "Killing The Fly" (Live From Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001)
05 - "Revolution Man" (Live From Sunken Gardens Arena, San Antonio, TX, April 2001)
At present, the band are currently working on their upcoming new album and will also have new tracks featured on both the "WWF Forceable Entry" album due out on March 26th through Smack Down!/Columbia, and the "Spider-Man" Soundtrack due out on April 30th release through Columbia Records.

Days Of The Tour
The Stone Temple Pilots have announced the following slew of new dates:
April 12th Austin, TX - Auditorium Shores
April 13th Miami, FL - Bicentennial Park Beyond 2002
April 16th Norfolk, VA - The Norva
April 18th Long Island, NY - TBA
April 19th Atlantic City, NJ - Trump Marina
April 20th Wallingford, CT - TBA
April 21st Ithaca, NY - Cornell University
April 23rd New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
April 24th Gainesville, FL - TBA
April 26th Jacskonville, FL - TBA
April 27th Charlotte, NC - Uptown Charlotte Cityfest br> April 28th Zephyrhills, FL - Livestock 12
April 30th Huntsville, AL - Von Braun Center Arena
May 01st Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre
May 03rd Birmingham, AL - TBA
May 04th Atlanta, GA - Midtown Atlanta Music
May 05th Memphis, TN - Tom Lee Park Beale Street Music Festival
The band have been recently working on new material for their next outing which they are expected to begin recording sometime this summer.

I Will Be Limited
Hatebreed's new album "Perseverance" will be released in a variety of flavors next week on March 26th. The first 15,000 copies of the album will feature an extra b-side entitled "Condemned Until Rebirth", and will only be available for purchase through Best Buy. Meanwhile, the aforementioned b-side will also be featured along with videos for the tracks, "I Will Be Heard" and "Proven", on a free DVD included with the first 7500 copies of the album sold at independent retail stores across the U.S.

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Buddyhead/Icarus Line Gets Banned From South By Southwest (And Gets On M2!)

Texas is pissed off.

This better than the Fred Durst jokes. The story goes like this:

The Icarus Line was playing at the Hard Rock Cafe. Their was a glass showcase type of thing that held Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar. You can see where this is going.

Aaron Icarus either used a mic stand (that's what is reporting) or a guitar (that's what I thought it was when I saw it on M2...they showed it real fast) to smash the showcase, get the guitar, and try to plug it in and play it. Security chased him out.

M2 did a short thing on SXSW today and showed the smashing of the glass but not Aaron trying to play the guitar.

He may be charged for destroying property. And their banned for SXSW. has news on it but their site is down for me right now. Buddyhead has the links to the news articles.

So classic.


Here is some Manson news I got from the Manson site I am unsure if this has been posted or not on here, but if it has, here it is again for those who missed it. I espicaly love the last paragraph of this it is so great. By the way you guys should check out the offical manson site it has been re done again and it is pretty damn cool but I sort of liked the old one.

We have entered �The Golden Age of Grotesque�
Marilyn Manson has returned to crash the ether with a wit-savage shape, painting us a depraved new world disorder on his fifth studio album titled, �The Golden Age Of Grotesque.� Manson is currently in the studio and is expecting a fall release on Interscope Records. Even at such an early stage, the focus of the music�s aggressive transformation is fashioned and fearless.

The nearly completed collection of songs is being orchestrated by the theatrical production team of Manson, Tim Skold and Ben Gross. The result is what Marilyn Manson describes as his �most genius deluge of hardcore guitar-drum violence and reckless electronic-punk vaudeville mixed with 30s cabaret decadence and Arch-dandy dada. These snot-nose stompalongs will convince the finger-waving, faithless bangsters one thing for sure. We can only become what we really are when we no longer believe what others have convinced us to be. We won�t follow religion, we are one. And the understanding of my art is only the sad product of journalism. Fuck art. I am art.�

On his influences, Manson had this to say, �My inspiration for this record came from historic parallels to my own present position in popular culture. Most notably, I found myself fascinated with the overwhelming imaginative, sexually-depraved artistic chaos that just bled from some of history�s greatest minds as Berlin reached its creative extreme peak. The unfortunate onset of rigid control and conformity that brought Berlin to its fiery end seemed to almost mirror today�s less violent, but equally ignorant censorship and fear of �dangerous� art.�

As a close to his speech, Manson added this: �So stand up dopplegangers, we are on a leave of Absinthe! Our lives are theatre, we are the art and the world will now become the beautifully grotesque stage it was always meant to be. Am I just an innocuous entertainer or am I the destructive force and the terrible reality you�ve suspected all along?

The simple answer is, I am Marilyn Manson.�

What a bunch of crap!

Britney On Fire
We can�t seem to keep track of Miss Britney Spears. She�s been trekking across Europe doing promo stuff, she�s been dealing with rumours on her love life, she cancelled gigs in Europe, flew home to be with Mom. Whew! Well now there�s a report that while on a four day trip (maybe on her time off from the promo stuff), that Britney Spears accidentally set fire to her New York apartment. Apparently the singer left a candle burning while she went out with a friend. When they returned the wall was on fire and the fire department had to be called to put it out. In an article with The Sun, Britney�s mother Lynne said that the singer has previously set fire to a bathroom in their family home. �Brit has really learned a lesson this time,� said her Mom.

This Britney Spears kid (maybe a women?) has done it this time!
The lies, the stress.. and now she is a pyro?

This girl needs to take time out... take a chill pill.. and never sing another song again.