March 7th, 2002

A Filtered List
Filter have announced a firmed up list of tracks set to show up on their upcoming new album, "The Amalgamut", due for release in July through Reprise/Warner. It is as follows:
"You Walk Away"
"The American Clich�"
"My Long Walk To Jail"
"Where Do We Go From Here"
"So I Quit"
"The Only Way is The Wrong Way"
"The Missing"
"It Can Never Be The Same"
"God Damn Me"
"The Fourth"
In other news, the band plan to post an mp3 of the track, "So I Quit", on their official website,, shortly. In the meantime an update with more info on the bands new touring guitarist Al Bailey has been added to the site.

No More Fear?
Heavy rumors circulating as of late suggest that Fear Factory have decided to part ways. No official word has come down as of yet, though it is said that band frontman Burton C. Bell was the first to depart from the group.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think i am going to have to break something! *smash*

�nloco are set to begin pre-production on their forthcoming new album for Maverick with producer Mudrock (Godsmack, Chimaira) on March 11th in Austin, TX. They plan to follow it up by officially beginning tracking the effort in Los Angeles, CA on March 25th. A fall release is being eyed.

Ozzfest Pt.2
This years U.S. Ozzfest bill is beginning to take shape, so far firm candidates for the tour include:
Ozzy Osbourne
System Of A Down
Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society
Drowning Pool
Darwin's Waiting Room
The Apex Theory

Meanwhile, rumored artists for the trek include:
Cradle Of Filth
Mindless Self Indulgence
Jerry Cantrell
Rob Zombie (Headlining Second Stage)

At present, the only two artists officially confirmed by the tours organizers itself are Ozzy Osbourne and System Of A Down. More information is expected in the coming weeks.

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This is a sad day.


"FEAR FACTORY have split up following frontman Burton C. Bell's decision to leave the band, a source within the group has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

According to reports, Bell had become increasingly unhappy with FEAR FACTORY's musical direction and no longer felt angry enough to sing in one of the world's most high-profile extreme metal bands. It is also believed that personal differences between guitarist/mainman Dino Cazares and Bell, brought on in part by the increasing pressure caused by the disappointing sales performance of the band's last effort, 2001's Digimortal, had contributed to the break-up, which became final sometime last week.

Despite the group's decision to disband, FEAR FACTORY will go ahead with the plans to record two brand new tracks for an upcoming Terminator game, which is tentatively due in August. These recordings will take place on Tuesday, March 12th at American Studios in Hollywood with producer Rick Will (i.e. INCUBUS, SKINDRED, NO DOUBT) and will mark FEAR FACTORY's final recordings as a group.

At this point in time, none of the individual bandmembers have made any firm plans to form new projects, although it is believed that bassist Christian Olde Wolbers will continue to be involved with CYPRESS HILL and KUSH, his long-running band with FEAR FACTORY drummer Raymond Herrera, DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter and CYPRESS HILL frontman B-Real. Meanwhile, Herrera is expected to make several death metal-style recordings for Relapse Records (following the drummer's successful appearance on PHOBIA's Return To Desolation CD last year), some of which may or may not feature Cazares, who is said to have expressed interest in contributing to the projects in the songwriting/performing capacity.

Although Dino is expected to continue his involvement with BRUJERIA and the offshoot ASESINO project, the guitarist has no plans to throw himself into a full-time band situation in the immediate future and will likely take his time finding the right musicians for his next group, which will follow a heavy and aggressive direction yet sound substantially different from FEAR FACTORY. Burton, on the other hand, recently spent time in West Virginia jamming with KARMA TO BURN on material for the group's next studio effort, which will tentatively feature guest appearances by a number of high-profile vocalists, including those by Bell, C.O.C.'s Pepper Keenan, SPEEDEALER's Jeff Hirshberg and CLUTCH's Neil Fallon.

While FEAR FACTORY's split has effectively put an end to an impressive four-album stint that peaked with the gold-selling 1998 effort Obsolete, plans exist for Roadrunner Records to unearth the group's previously-unreleased 1991 Ross Robinson-produced album, entitled Concrete, and issue it as the band's first posthumous release sometime in late 2002 or early 2003.

Containing 16 tracks, including eight that were never made available anywhere else in their original or re-recorded form, Concrete was initially meant to be released through Ross' own label but was eventually shelved following a contractual dispute between Robinson and the band. Easily the rawest and most stripped-down recording of the group's career, the album remains an important piece of FEAR FACTORY's history, and will likely serve as a fitting epitaph to what has been a truly remarkable 11-year run."
you swim like lions through the crest

Fear Factory Mourning + Pride Day.

As a way of mourning Fear Factory's split, let's make an impact.


If any of you [you being the fans] have a Fear Factory shirt, wear it.

I don't care if you wore it today, quit yer bitchin.

Wear it. Please.

We have lost a great band, and for the pride that'll always burn inside us, let's show we still care.

Own no FF shirt? You can always find a crappy old shirt and draw a logo with marker .. then cut that out and safety pin it to another shirt. Ta-da. Or you could just wear it that way.

They were my favorite band, and I'm sure many others. Judging by the shows I went to, even last night at mindless self indulgence I saw Fear Factory jackets and shirts .. they have a large fan base, and we need to keep it ALIVE.

Idea credit to: immorak and starmeat [me]
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you swim like lions through the crest

Fear Factory Spilt Part II

read it here.

UPDATE: The Official Roadrunner Records Statement On FEAR FACTORY Split!! - Mar. 7, 2002

Roadrunner Records has issued the following statement via the label's official web site regarding FEAR FACTORY's recent break-up:

It is with heavy heart that we write this, but recent rumors you may have heard or read elsewhere regarding FEAR FACTORY are true. If you do not know what we are talking about, the bottom line is that FEAR FACTORY is no longer together as a band.

This past Saturday (03/02), vocalist Burton Bell sat the band down in their rehearsal studio to announce his intentions of leaving the band. For whatever reasons, Burton no longer has the want to carry on in FEAR FACTORY. And the rest of the band - guitarist Dino Cazares, bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, drummer Raymond Herrera - do not have the want to carry on with FEAR FACTORY without Burton. After 12 years, FEAR FACTORY call it quits.

FEAR FACTORY, whom had actually been writing new material - recently sending in a demo of five new tracks (just guitar and bass tracks) - will still be recording at least one last song together for the time being. To take place at some point in coming weeks, they will be recording a new, as of yet untitled track for the upcoming Terminator video game.

Plans after that are not yet fully known. However, we will surely be keeping tabs, and keeping you updated on all future band member endeavors.

You have yet to hear the last from FEAR FACTORY, as plans are forming to release their never heard debut album, Concrete, containing 16 tracks - half of which were re-recorded for their Roadrunner debut, Soul Of A New Machine. The album was recorded in 1991 and was produced by a then unknown Ross Robinson. It was this album that made its way to Roadrunner's A&R dept and earned the band a record deal.

Speaking of Roadrunner's A&R dept, head of A&R Monte Conner, who signed FEAR FACTORY, had this to say:

"It's hard to be sad when you consider that FEAR FACTORY had a solid and successful 10 year run and for that, I am incredibly thankful. How many artists today even make it to a second album? All good things come to an end and in this case, it is a very natural thing to happen. It's nice to know that they went out on a high after making an awesome record - Digimortal. As a consolation to the most diehard fans, we've got a few interesting things in the vaults that we will be releasing in the future. I want to thank Dino, Burton, Christian and Raymond for making some incredible records for Roadrunner and helping put this label on the map. I will forever be proud of these records and thrilled that I was a part of them. I wish all four of them the best in their future musical endeavors, and hope Roadrunner can be a part of some of them. FF - R.I.P."

A toast to FEAR FACTORY, their 12 year career, their 10 year relationship with us at Roadrunner, and all releases and feats accomplished - all impressive. All our best.
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