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Mar. 2nd, 2002 | 12:01 am
posted by: immorak in loud

Britney Bug
Britney Spears has inspired a potentially destructive e-mail bug, called "VBS/Britney-A" and "VBS_BRITNEYPIC.A," that infects various computers in Europe. The virus is considered low-risk, but because the worm says it contains an photo of Spears as an attachment, security officials have been alerted. Spears is the latest female celeb to be used by virus writers to try and screw up computer users. Computer experts say that the Britney bug spreads through Microsoft Outlook e-mail as well as Internet Relay Chat rooms and has the potential to overload computer servers and slow Internet traffic.
I told you to keep away from her!

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Mar. 2nd, 2002 | 10:04 am
posted by: immorak in loud


This is the line up for this week, boys and girls. Rock on.
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, March 2:
Slayer: "Bloodline"
Anthrax: "I'm The Man"
Tiamat: "Cold Seed"
Obituary: "Don't Care"
Voivod : "Eiffing Headaches"
Ratt: "You're in Love"
Bucket Truck: "No Other Way"
Fear Factory: "Replica"
Spinekshank: "New Disease"
Gesundheit: "Ionorancia"
Ill Nino: "God Save Us"
Vision of Disorder: "Southbound"

* Playlist subject to change

I am going to tape this mad beast of a loud show!
We have the new video from Bucket Truck titled "No Other Way" which is also in high rotation on MuchLoud if you get that station. Bucket Truck -- great cd, great live show at Snow Jam 2001!
We have Ill Nino, "God Save Us" which i have not seen yet! Show kick some mother f**king ass!
The new Slayer, "Bloodline" which i just download the other day.. LOTS of blood in that one!

Clip from "Bloodline" by Slayer:

Vision of Disorder is going "Southbound" on tonights loud. The video is kinda strange.. cool effect to it.. the song.. BLOWS ME AWAY! (non sexually)
Then we have Fear Factory, Spinekshank, and all the other wicked bands lined up for loud tonight!

Has anyone been watching loud over the past month or so?
I have noticed that its getting like an ad for MuchLoud the channel.
They still play the videos which is KILLER but they talk about specials on MuchLoud..
Oh well!

This Week in DoWnLoAdS:
Download: Vex Red - "Can't Smile" (Download Problems? click here)
Download: Slipknot - "My Plague (New Abuse Mix)" (Download Problems? click here)
Download: Glassjaw - "Bartender" (Download Problems? click here)


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New here.

Mar. 2nd, 2002 | 10:36 am
mood: goodgood
music: Nickelback - Never Again
posted by: girlesque in loud

I guess the first thing to do is write down just what bands I listen to.
Here goes:

01. Beck
02. Stone Temple Pilots
03. Fugazi
04. Fu Manchu
05. Pink Floyd
06. 3 Doors Down
07. Five for Fighting
08. Third Eye Blind
09. Pressure 4-5
10. Nirvana
11. Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor
12. Spinal Tap
13. American Hi-Fi
14. Bob Marley
15. AC/DC
16. No Doubt
17. Disturbed
18. Spineshank
19. Pure Rubbish
20. Goo Goo Dolls
21. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
22. Type O Negative
23. Marylin Manson
24. Skinny Puppy
25. Tenfold
26. Carcass
28. Brutal Truth
29. American Head Charge
30. Nickelback
31. Crowbar
32. Godflesh
33. Mudhoney
34. Everclear
35. Judas Preist
36. Bad Religion
37. Guns & Roses
38. Sex Pistols
39. Rob Zombie
40. Black Sabbath
41. Ozzy Osbourne
42. R.E.M.
43. Gorillaz
44. Therapy?
45. Linkin Park
46. Godsmack
47. Slayer
48. Primus
49. Soul Asylum
50. Beautiful Creatures
51. White Zombie
52. Helmet
54. Mindless Self Indulgence
55. The Ramones
56. Misfits
57. Fear Factory
58. Brassy
59. Custom
60. Radiohead
61. Sevendust
62. Offspring
63. Union Underground
64. P.O.D.
65. Prong
66. Primer 55
67. Puddle Of Mudd
68. Le Tigre
69. Drowning Pool
70. Incubus
71. Jimmy Eat World
72. Boomtown Rats
73. Mother Earth
74. Hedder
75. Whiplash
76. Static-X
77. Black Sun
78. Rehab
79. DMX
80. Dead Kennedeys
81. Rollins Band
82. Sublime
83. Witchery
84. Loreena McKennit
85. Everlast
86. Enya
87. Arsenist
88. Crazytown
89. Pearl Jam
90. Tool
91. Jimi Hendrix
92. Blind Melon
93. George Clinton
94. Led Zepplin
95. Soundgarden
96. System of a Down
97. Taproot
98. Twisted Sister - Dee Snyder
99. Opeth
101.Alien Ant Farm
106.Billy Idol
107.Rage Against The Machine
113.Harvey Danger
114.Smashing Pumpkins
117.No Assembly Required
122.Lavish Green
126.Orange 9mm
127.Jack Off Jill
128.Zakk Welde's Black Label Society
129.Papa Roach
131.Burning The Process
132.Green Day

There ya go.

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Mar. 2nd, 2002 | 10:50 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


Friday March 22nd at the Lunenburg Community Center
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
$20 per band
that $ is the prize (first and second)
$4 at the door for everyone else
There will be a canteen

Talk to raevyn if you need more information.
It is her project.

The End.

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