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Feb. 15th, 2002 | 06:22 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Matt Good Band Break-Up
It looks like the Matthew Good Band is finally over. MGB's label, Universal Music Canada, has confirmed that the group have called it quits, after many rumours circulated about their demise. The news comes after guitarist Dave Genn left the band in November. According to a source at Universal, Matt Good is working on new material for the label, although it remains to be seen whether Good will continue as a solo act or kickstart a new band under a new name. Rich Priske will continue recording and playing with Matt but Genn and Ian Browne are gone for good. Rumour is that Matt Good is in Maui and will not be commenting on the situation at this time. Last November Matt Good and Rich Priske told MuchNews about the hard times they had making the album �The Audio of Being�. �The whole band broke up actually, � said Good. �It was a painful process, the last year making the record. The band went though some very strong growing pains,� said bassist Priske.
Too bad.. the band was getting better as it went on!

Nick Carter's Early Recordings
Hip-O Records is releasing some pre-Backstreet Boys' recordings of Nick Carter. Called "Nick Carter: Before the Boys 1989-1993", the album will contain 14 songs recorded prior to Nick becoming a BSB member. The early recordings are due for release March 26th. The songs were produced by Carter's former producer and vocal teacher Mark Dye and includes performances from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers halftime show, Florida State Fairs as well as several patriotic songs. Christina Aguilera experienced a similar situation last year when Warlock/Platinum Recordings released an album of her early recordings called �Just Be Free�. Unlike Carter, though, Aguilera tried to legally stop the album from being released, but failed.
The first line is all you need to read.. and that was a waste of fucking time!

Britney's Acting Is Machine-Like
Britney Spears� feature film debut �Crossroads� releases nation wide today. But already critics are calling Britney�s acting �machine-like� and �awkward.� One of the toughest reviews comes from the New York Post which described it as �a movie so pathetically lame even her most ardent fans will give this stinker a big thumbs down.�
Its cool to hate!

JLO: Female Star Of The Year
Jennifer Lopez has been named the ShoWest 2002 Female Star of the Year. J. Lo snapped up the title from last year's holder, Sandra Bollock. She'll be honored with the title on stage in Las Vegas on March 7th, where she'll accept her award before more than 2,000 people.
Who comes up with this crap!? There is no real star of the year! It just makes peopel big headed.. or big assed.. (i mean look at Jennifer Lopez i mean J LO!)

Bono's 'Love Rocks'
U2's Bono was the man of the hour at the first annual Entertainment Industry Foundation "Love Rocks" concert in Hollywood last night. The Irish rocker was given the "Heart of Entertainment" award for his philanthropy work. The who�s who of Hollywood turned out to honour him.

'Love Rocks' Loves Bono
U2's Bono was the man of the hour at the first annual Entertainment Industry Foundation "Love Rocks" concert in Hollywood last night. The Irish rocker was given the "Heart of Entertainment" award for his philanthropy work. The who�s who of Hollywood turned out to honour him.
Two different headlines, same much music crap!
Good work Bono.. you try to change the world.. make it a better place.. you should get something..

Thats it..

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Feb. 15th, 2002 | 10:45 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Here To Touch
Korn have lined up the track, "Here To Stay", as the first single from their forthcoming new album, "Untouchables", due out through Immortal/Epic on May 14th. The track is tentatively expected to impact at radio on February 25th and a video for it is planned to be shot in the coming weeks with the Hughes brothers directing. In related news, the band have tapped Static-X to open their impending dates in Mexico and South America in March.

2 Blades
The track listing for the forthcoming "Blade 2" Soundtrack has been finalized and is as follows:
01 - Marco Beltrami and Danny Saber - "Blade 2 Theme"
02 - Eve and Fatboy Slim - "Cowboy"
03 - Mos Def and Massive Attack - "I Against I"
04 - Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold - "Right Here, Right Now"
05 - The Roots and BT - "Tao Of The Machine"
06 - Cypress Hill and Roni Size - "Child Of The West"
07 - Busta Rhymes, Silkk The Shocker, and Dub Pistols - "The One"
08 - Fabolous, Jadakiss, and Danny Saber - "We Be Like This"
09 - Redman and Gorillaz - "Gorillaz On My Mind"
10 - Trina, Rah Digga, and Groove Armada - "Gangsta Queens"
11 - Bubba Sparxxx and the Crystal Method - "PHDream"
12 - Volume 10 and Roni Size - "Raised In The Hood"
13 - Mystikal and Moby - "Gettin' Aggressive"
The album is due out through Immortal/Virgin on March 19th.

Soulfly's forthcoming new album, "Soulfly III: Enterfaith", has now been pushed back to an as of yet unannounced June release date through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

Brand New Creature
Deadsy are planning to debut their new bassist, Creature, at their upcoming show at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA on March 02nd. In the meantime, the bands forthcoming Elementree/Dreamworks debut, "Commencement", is due out on May 14th.

Unhappy Machines
In a recent interview with Famous, Machine Head guitarist Ahrue Luster stated that the band are looking to move up to a major label. When asked about the bands current situation with Roadrunner Records, he had the following to say:
"Well we're actually trying to get off of Roadrunner. I don't know if they are trying to turn it around or whatever, we're not happy with the way we've been treated on this record and they've lied to us and broke their word with us, and until this point we've had a good relationship with them, but we're unhappy now and we're trying to move on."

Static-X will be appearing on the upcoming Ramones tribute CD which is being headed up by Rob Zombie and The Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone. The band will be covering, "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", for the effort. Meanwhile, Zombie himself will be contributing a cover of, "Blitzkrieg Bop", while Metallica, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Eddie Vedder, Rancid and more are all rumored to be taking part in the album as well.

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