February 14th, 2002




Saturday February 23rd!!

MvM will be headlining at Firehouse #4 in Paramus, NJ ... along with The Downside and a whole bunch of other great bands. Spread the word and lets pack this place out like you guys did our last show on the 8th!!!
We'll also be selling a special issue OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL Me VS Machine LIVE cd at the show! A crazy motherf*ckin bootleg from our show on the 8th, packed with all your reactions, chants, screams, and the entire MVM set that night with you kids screaming along and taking over the mic! This will not be for sale anywhere else, not on the site, not in stores, etc... EXCEPT FOR AT THIS 23RD SHOW and possibly a few other upcoming appearances. So if ya need the MvM fix to hold you over until our cd releases months from now, you better be at the show and pick up your copy!

February 23th [saturday]

Paramus Firehouse #4 - 54 South, Farview Ave, Paramus, NJ - doors open 5:30pm - $8 at the door - all ages - (a froggy entertainment event)
Me vs Machine * The Downside * N.E.C. * The B-Side Theory * Shatterd Vision

Vote MvM for OzzFest!

It may be a long shot, but the power you guys hold is menacing, so you never know. Help MvM get on Ozzfest 2002 by emailing Ozzministrator@aol.com with the subject OZZFEST TOP FIVER. Put the top five local bands you'd like to see play the show in your email, and if you really love us, put us first! Email them everyday, go nuts, help us out and we'll buy you pudding! If anyone could do it, it's you guys, the crazy mvm fans. So lets give it our all and see what happens.


No Point In The Studio
Nonpoint completed tracking their upcoming new album, "Development", with producer Jason Bieler (SW1TCHED, Darwin's Waiting Room) yesterday. The group are expected to make a decision on who will mix it shortly, while a June 25th release through MCA has been set.


As expected, drummer Roy Mayorga has now confirmed that he will be leaving Medication and once again joining Soulfly full time. Medication have been holding auditions for a new drummer in recent times, a move which heavily suggested that such a departure was confirmed. At present, Soulfly's new album, "Soulfly III: Enterfaith", is set for a May 21st release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

Ozzy's Kingdom

The Ozzfest is tentatively set to hit Europe and the U.K. this year. The trek is planned to kick off in Europe for a few dates in mid-May, followed by a U.K. date in early June. System Of A Down and Ozzy Osbourne are the only confirmed acts for the outing so far. The tour is expected to begin its annual U.S. leg in mid-June.

Late Morning

Incubus are set to perform their latest single, "Nice To Know You", live on "The Late Show With David Letterman" tomorrow, February 14th. The group will also be appearing on MTV's TRL this coming Friday, February 15th. In the meantime, you can check out the video for the single on the groups official website, www.enjoyincubus.com.

Britney Makes Demands
Britney Spears might sing about not yet being a woman, but she exercised her grown up rights by demanding that journalists sign consent forms before interviewing her at a press conference held yesterday. Spears was in L.A. to promote her silver screen debut in "Crossroads" and all reporters partaking in the movie's media junket had to sign a release form in order to interview her. Stars like Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe don�t even get this much media protection. The consent form was created by Spears' publicist Lisa Kasteler and reads in part: "The journalist may show the completed article as an example of his work, but journalist agrees not to publish any quotes supplied by Britney Spears in any manner without obtaining Lisa Kasteler�s prior written consent."

The roadrunnerrecords site won't work.. stupid thing.....

Lots of Static-X News!

Lots of Static-X news!

Static-X will be performing official Meet & Greet sessions after their
soundcheck for the remainder of the tour. If you want the chance to meet the
band, please get to the venue no later than 3:30pm. Line up in the standard area
for entrance to your local venue. Signing will begin around 4:00-4:30pm. Due to
time constraints there will be time limits to the session each day and there is
no guarantee that the entire band will be present(but most of the time they
will). Please bring no more than 2 items for the band to sign. The band looks
forward to seeing you all out on the road! Go to this link to view a printable
flyer to help spread the word:

"Static-X Meet & Greets" will be at the following tour dates
(Static-X/Soulfly/Soil/Onesidezero tour):
02.14.2002 :: The Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH
02.15.2002 :: Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
02.16.2002 :: State Theater, Detroit, MI
02.17.2002 :: Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
02.19.2002 :: Lupo's, Providence, RI
02.20.2002 :: Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
02.21.2002 :: Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY
02.22.2002 :: The Palladium, Worcester, MA
02.23.2002 :: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
02.24.2002 :: Nation, Washington, DC
02.27.2002 :: Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX
02.28.2002 :: Live Oak Civic Center, San Antonio, TX

Call your local radio stations to request the new single "Cold"! Many new
stations are coming on board each week. The video for "Cold" has been completed
and set for release. Keep an eye out and start the requests for the video, too!

Static-X will be appearing on the upcoming Ramones tribute cd being produced by
Rob Zombie. The track will be "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"
(evil-industrial-punk-metal-disco anyone?).
The cd will also feature many other major artists in the pop, rock and metal
More details forthcoming.

Exclusive for all members of the Static-X email list! The Mephisto Odyssey Remix
of "Cold".