February 12th, 2002



The Cleavers, the Bradys, the Cosbys...and now the Osbournes.
It's the next generation of family-oriented sitcom, a reality-
based comedy in which cameras followed around the Prince of
Darkness and his royal family for six months. There's no
script, the situations are real, the family is normal...well,
sort of. Watch a video of the First Family of Rock and Roll
welcoming you to their world
(http://www.mtv.com/onair/osbournes/#), and don't miss the
series premiere March 5 at 10:30 p.m. ET. You wouldn't dare,
now would you?!


Ozzy's really asked for it this time. Touring Japan, Korea,
Alaska, Canada...in the middle of winter, no less! There's no
showman out there like Ozzy, and he's not daunted by the
elements. The Ozzman is currently in Japan, playing to sold-
out audiences during his first tour there in four years. The
climax will be a show at Budokan, where a live album and DVD
taping will take place for summer release. (Of course, the
package will be called "Live At Budokan", and the CD will also
feature unreleased B-sides from the DOWN TO EARTH sessions.)
Next, Ozzy will play his first shows ever in Korea, then
heading back to the U.S.A. for gigs in Anchorage and Fairbanks,
Alaska. A well-deserved week off and then two weeks in Canada.
Ozzfests over Europe to follow in late Spring, Ozzfest U.S.
from July through Labor Day, and then what? Season two of "The
Osbournes"?! The recording of the long-awaited Sabbath studio
album? Another Ozzy album? We shall see... (Sometime during
all this madness, though, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has
to squeeze in Ozzy's ceremony for his star on the Walk of Fame.)
Here's Ozzy's current itinerary:

Far East Tour 2002
Feb. 8 Osaka, Japan
Feb. 9 Osaka, Japan
Feb. 11 Nagoya, Japan
Feb. 13 Fukuoka, Japan ON SALE NOW
Feb. 15 Tokyo, Japan ON SALE NOW
Feb. 18 Yokohama, Japan ON SALE NOW
Feb. 21 Seoul, Korea ON SALE NOW

Feb. 24 Anchorage, Alaska ON SALE NOW
Feb. 25 Fairbanks, Alaska ON SALE NOW

March 3 Vancouver, British Columbia ON SALE NOW
March 5 Edmonton, Alberta ON SALE NOW
March 7 Winnipeg, Manitoba ON SALE NOW
March 10 Hamilton, Ontario ON SALE NOW
March 11 Montreal, Quebec ON SALE NOW
March 13 Ottawa, Ontario ON SALE NOW
March 14 Quebec City, Quebec ON SALE NOW


It's easiest for me to answer the most frequently asked
questions sent to OZZMINISTRATOR@aol.com in one fell swoop than
individually so here goes:

1. Which bands are confirmed for Ozzfest?
Ozzy and System of a Down.

2. When will tickets go on-sale? And will there be an Internet
We're looking to go on-sale next month, and yes, we're working
on an Internet pre-sale.

3. Is Ozzfest coming to Europe?
Yes, Castle Donington looks to be the place for Ozzfest U.K.
this time around, and other shows on the continent are being
looked into. The line-up will be different that the U.S., but
at this time there's no confirmed acts other than Ozzy and
System of a Down for the U.K. edition.

4. Where can I place bets for the Ozzfest bill?
Check out Wolvie's page at
http://www.angelfire.com/band2/wolvie/ozzfest.html. We're just
kidding about the wagering, kids, but that guy's placing odds,
still! He's also got an unofficial Ozzfest poll. Check it out.

5. Can I submit my favorites for the bill to Ozzfest management?
I'm still taking e-mails at OZZMINISTRATOR@aol.com but the
polling has ended. Between the polls that were taken at the
MERRY MAYHEM Tour in November/December and the on-line polling
over the last month we have gathered and tallied over 5000
entries. You have spoken!


They're in and they are very cool! Lots of vintage and never-
before-seen photos of the Madman from throughout his storied

Ozzy Osbourne Trading Cards Complete Set of 72
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Ozzy Osbourne Box of Trading Cards
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Queen of the Damned ONLINE PLAYER!

Hey Static-X fans...

Check out the Queen of the Damned online player � download Static-X�s �Cold,�
listen to the soundtrack, sign up for email updates, and share the player with
your friends. Click here http://www.buzztone.com/queenofthedamned .

The highly-anticipated soundtrack hits stores on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 and
features Static-X, Chester from Linkin Park, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Papa
Roach, Godhead, Jay Gordon from Orgy, Dry Cell, and Earshot! For more news and
information, visit the official soundtrack website at
http://www.wbr.com/queenofthedamned .

And don�t miss Static-X on tour:
02/12 Chicago � Riviera Theatre
02/14 Cleveland � Agore Theatre & Ballroom
02/15 Cincinnati � Bogart�s
02/16 Detroit � State Theatre
02/17 Columbus � Newport Music Hall
02/19 Providence � Lupo�s Heartbreak Hotel
02/20 Hartford � Webster Underground
02/21 New York � Roseland Ballroom
02/22 Worcester � The Palladium
02/23 Philadelphia � Electric Factory
02/24 Washington, DC � The Nation
02/27 Dallas � Bronco Bowl Theatre
02/28 San Antonio � Live Oak Civic Center


When One Mix Becomes 2 Zeros
Glassjaw recently completed tracking their forthcoming new album, "Worship And Tribute", with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) and are currently finishing up mixing the effort with Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica). The band plan to have it finished in time for their stint on the SnoCore Rock Tour, which kicks off this Friday, February 15th. A tentative June/July release date through I AM/Warner is being eyed for the outing.

Enter The Fly
Soulfly have set, "Soulfly III: Enterfaith", as the title to their forthcoming new album, which is set for a May 21st release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam. The effort is expected to be mixed shortly by an as of yet undetermined mixer.

Automated Power?
Powerman 5000 Spider One recently spoke with MTV regarding the bands upcoming new album, which they currently have 20 songs written for and are expecting to begin recording shortly. In the article, he goes onto state that he would like to work with producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura of Gorillaz fame on the effort and that only a few tracks from the previously unreleased and now aborted album, "Anyone For Doomsday?", will show up on the new effort; Those most likely being, "Danger Is Go!" and "Megatronic". He also went on to mention that the first name of the groups recently acquired new drummer is Adrian and that the only titled new track so far is dubbed, "Stereotype". For more information, check it out here.

Taking Up Residence
The track listing to the forthcoming "Resident Evil" Soundtrack has now been finalized and is as follows:
01 - "Red Queen"
02 - Slipknot - "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix)
03 - Marilyn Manson - "The Fight Song" (Slipknot Remix)
04 - Coal Chamber - "Something Told Me"
05 - The Crystal Method - "Name Of The Game" (Clean Name Mix)
06 - Adema - "Everyone"
07 - Fear Factory - "Invisible Wounds" (The Suture Mix)
08 - Static-X - "Anything But This"
09 - Rammstein - "Halleluja"
10 - Depeche Mode - "Dirt"
11 - Ill Ni�o - "What Comes Around" (Day Of The Dead Mix)
12 - Mudvayne - "Dig" (Everything And Nothing Remix)
13 - Method Man - "Release Yo' Delf" (Prodigy Mix)
14 - Saliva - "800"
15 - Five Pointe O - "The Infinity"
16 - "The Umbrella Corporation"
17 - Marilyn Manson - "Resident Evil Main Title Theme"
18 - Marilyn Manson - "Seizure Of Power"
19 - Marilyn Manson - "Reunion"
20 - Marilyn Manson - "Cleansing"
The effort is due in stores on March 12th through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam and will be preceded by the first single, Slipknot's "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix), which is set to impact at radio on February 26th.

Resident Composer
The forthcoming "Resident Evil" Soundtrack will feature four new tracks by Marilyn Manson, who composed the original score for the film. The songs titles include:
"Resident Evil Main Title Theme"
"Seizure Of Power"
The album will also feature a host of other tracks from various artists, including Slipknot, Static-X, Coal Chamber and more when it arrives in stores on March 12th through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam. In other news, Manson recently posted on the bands official website, www.marilynmanson.com, that he is currently tracking vocals for the bands forthcoming and as of yet untitled new album, which is expected out through nothing/Interscope later this year.

Live On The Farm
The track listing has been set for the forthcoming Farmclub.com compilation CD, "Live and Unreleased from Farmclub.com", it is as follows:
01 - N.W.A. - "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang"
02 - Eminem - "The Real Slim Shady"
03 - D12 - "Shit On You"
04 - Nelly - "Country Grammar"
05 - Staind - "Mudshovel"
06 - Eve - "Love Is Blind"
07 - DMX - "Party Up"
08 - Mystikal - "Shake Ya Ass"
09 - Mya - "Case Of The Ex"
10 - Ja Rule - "Between Me And You"
11 - Limp Bizkit (Feat. Method Man) - "N 2 Gether Now"
12 - Powerman 5000 - "Nobody's Real"
13 - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "Richter Scale Madness"
14 - SEV - "Same Old Song"
15 - Bionic Jive - "Pump (Whatcha Trippin' On)"
16 - Nickelback - "Leader Of Men"
The effort features live performances captured from the now defunct TV show of the same name and is set for a February 26th release through Interscope. SEV's track, "Same Old Song", is expected to be the lead off single from the effort.

the new music.



Hey, what's going on? We are here to talk about System of A Down. For what it's worth, their new album Toxicity was the best record I heard in 2001. It was heavy and a smart as hell. The S.O.A.D. boys had enough courage to drop a challenging record on an industry that isn't up to that challenge.

Serj isn't your typical metal frontman so it was exciting to speak to someone who wanted to talk about spiritual positivity and the limitless possibilities for people in the world. This is the record that metal needed. It's like if the lovechild of Faith No More and Metallica grew up wanting to change the world. We went to their base in L.A. to talk about their rise to the forefront of the genre.

Georgie U.S.A.