February 11th, 2002


Durst Strikes Back

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has addressed the allegations of the bands intentions with the recent Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is, guitarist audition tour. You can check his statement on the groups official website, www.limpbizkit.com.
"F.ck you haters. Better yourself (a little advice). To everyone else, I can't wait to get back online and into the chat. Things are looking very positive for LIMP BIZKIT - you'll be proud and surprised at what's coming your way. Oh yeah... one more thing...f.ck you again haters.


Code Of Buckner

Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner recently posted an update on the bands current happenings here. In the update he goes on to say that they are currently in Atlanta, GA mixing their forthcoming new album, "Lovehatetragedy", and have also recently completed their forthcoming DVD release, which they plan to release in the spring through Dreamworks. The DVD effort will feature all of the bands music videos and making of's, their rare EPK, "Let The Madness Begin...", a variety of live footage, behind the scenes footage and more. At present, "Lovehatetragedy", is set for a June 25th release through Dreamworks.

STABBING WESTWARD Call It Quits: The Official Statement - Feb. 10, 2002

STABBING WESTWARD has soul-searched and decided as friends that it's time to part. They would like to thank all their fans that have stood by them and loved their music, all their music, very much. They decided a week ago it was time to part and they wanted to live with their decision for a bit before making it official but as some friend told a friend, they feel it's your right to find out from them. So, from Chris, Andy, Jim and Walter: "Thank you very much for the support and love. We are very sad and as well very excited about all our futures."
oh no sweetvein!!! don't read this!

Brian May Be A Foo Fighter

Queen guitarist Brian May will be featured on two songs on the new Foo Fighters' album. As it turns out, Foo frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins are both big Queen fans. May went into an L.A. studio with the Foos earlier this month to work on two new songs that are supposed to appear on the follow-up to 1999's "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" album. "Yes, I put a few brush strokes on two tracks for the forthcoming Foos album," writes May in a posting on Queen's fanclub web site. "I'm not sure if they want me to divulge the titles--but one track is aggressively rhythmic and I contributed some 'get Down Make Love'-type guitar as well as some soloing."

Britney & Justin Unveil T-shirts

New T-shirts benefiting charities founded by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were revealed at Planet Hollywood's Times Square location last Sunday. T-shirt sales will go towards each of their respective charities, the Britney Spears Foundation and the Justin Timberlake Foundation. Spears said her T-shirt designs were inspired by her feelings after the events of September 11th in the U.S. while Timberlake's design is based on the tattoo on his upper left arm of a gold cross. The t-shirts are available at Planet Hollywood locations in the U.S., London and Paris. "I am so thrilled to be able to raise funds for my Foundation with the sale of the shirts," said Spears."The designs came straight from my heart and I hope all my fans will support the Foundation and its many worthy programs by buying the shirt."

Bucket Truck added to MuchLoud and more!

Bucket Truck newsletter - Feb. 11, 2002

Bucket Truck's new video for NO OTHER WAY has been added to light rotation on
MuchLoud the station as well as the MuchLoud show on MuchMusic (saturday

We've been told that with enough requests we can get the rotation bumped up from
light to heavy - so we need your help.

Please send Much requests for NO OTHER WAY, and do it often (a big rush of
requests right after I send you this will do nothing, we need to keep the
requests coming in everyday for the next month or two). Forward this email to
your friends so we can all band together to show Much that Canadians can rock a
lot harder than Matt Good and NickelBack.

MuchLoud: loud@muchmusic.com

As well, GOING COASTAL is running a repeat of Sunday nights show this Tuesday at
9PM (Feb. 12) (Central time) on MuchMusic. It features an interview with Bucket
Truck at the ECMAs, some live footage and our new video!!!! There is also stuff
with Joel Plaskett, Sloan, buck65, Dionysis and more so check it out and tell
everyone you know.

OK, so to say that Bucket Truck rocked the East Coast Music Awards would be an
understatement. We played four shows in three days and had some of the most
intense crowds and performances we've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

We didn't win any awards - no surprise to anyone.

Highlights of the weekend would include:
1. Matt telling security where to go from stage when they started to harass our
2. Telling the organizers of our ECMA showcase (from the stage mid-way through
our show) to lock the doors and make them (all the old folks trying to leave)
3. Showing up at the Brickyard for soundcheck and seeing broken glass all over
the stage, we knew it was our kind of bar already.
4. Ripping up a packed house Saturday night with Flush, Dead Red and Iron Giant!
Nobody left the bar dry (enough beer and swet for everyone).
5. Getting our picture taken at the fiddle jam (we are Newfoundlanders
6. Watching Iron Giant streak the BMG party.

So that's it from the Bucket Truck camp for now. We've got lots of shows coming
up - next stop, Yarmouth on the 22nd and then back at The Attic in Halifax on
the 23rd.

Go request our damn video and check out Going Coastal Tuesday at 9PM! ;^)

Jud - bucket truck

thePRP.com > February 12th

Welcome to the only music site on the net named after a rare skin disease. Yes
that's right, PRP is an acronym for Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris. We hope this
dispels recent rumors circulating that PRP stands for Pseudo Random Permutation.
This is wholly untrue. Meanwhile, as we attempt to continue with our daily
routine, we bring you an enlightening Candiria interview from their recent U.K
jaunt. Enjoy and increase the peace.

This week at PRP:

01. Interview with Candiria
02. Reviews of Individual and Used
03. Recommended Listening
04. This Weeks Releases

Candiria frontman Carley Coma takes the time to talk about the bands present and
future, their new imprint label, their upcoming releases and a whole lot more.
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Individual - Demo
Los Angeles, CA area based band release a crushing new demo.
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Used - Demo
The 3 song demo from Utah's Used, who recently signed to Warner Bros., up on
Read It At: http://www.theprp.com/reviews/used.shtml

Confidence - "Low Men"

Gruvis Malt - "Filling In A City"

Superheist - "Ready To Burn" (Demo)

RELEASES For The Week Of February 12th:
Callenish Circle - Flesh Power Dominion (Metal Blade)
Reveille - bleed the sKY (Re-Release) (Elektra)
Shadows Fall - Fear Will Drag You Down (Century Media)

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