February 7th, 2002

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Courtney Love Goes South
The South By South West Music Conference which takes place March 8-17 in Austin Texas, has just announced that Courtney Love will be taking part in the festivities. The actress-singer-recording artists will be participating in an interview on Saturday, March 16th at the Austin Convention Center. She'll be taking a break from her busy life of writing and recording her new album to attend the conference in Texas. Although Love won't be performing at the festival, those who will include The Dears, Starsailor, The Flashing Lights and The Mooney Suzuki to name a few.

Britney Invaded
While Britney Spears was being given props at a luncheon for being Cosmopolitan magazine's Fun Fearless Female, little did she know that a trespasser was on her Hollywood Hills property. Security guards say they caught the unidentified man yesterday while Britney was in New York receiving her award. L.A. police have said that the guards let the trespasser go and didn't file charges against him.

Thats better. But why do we need to know that there was a trespasser on her property? WHO CARES?
icon by colicab.

Brotherly Love In Oasis
It has been reported by NME.COM that Oasis have finally finished their upcoming album �Heathen Chemistry� due to come out this summer. In order to prepare Oasis played their first gig on Tuesday night in Watford. The band are also playing London�s Royal Albert Hall tonight in a benefit show for the Teenage Cancer Trust. And while preparing to play Noel sang the praises of his younger brother Liam, saying that the songs written by Liam were great. "You'll be amazed and anybody that hears [Liam's songs] will gasp," said Noel. "They're that good. Two of them are astonishing and one's really, really good. In five years time without a doubt he'll be the best songwriter in the country."

Ja Rule At Much
A brand new MuchOnDemand officially launches on February 20th with Hip-hop's Ja Rule joining Rick Campanelli and new Much personality Jenn Hollett. The new improved M.O.D. happens every Monday through Thursday from 5-6 PM ET beginning Feb 20th. M.O.D. gives the fans the chance to choose the videos they want to see, vote from home and see results on the vote-o-matic meter, participate in contests, and if that wasn�t enough you can come down and be part of the live audience. Watch Much for more details on how you can be part of the new MuchOnDemand.
Sounds a little bit like "MTV TRL" or "MTV SELECT" to me! But i think Much Music's ver. will be much better.

Puddle Of Mud & Andrew W.K. Rock T.O.
Limp Bizkit proteges Puddle of Mudd will be making their way to Toronto to perform at the Kool Haus, on March 26th, tickets for the Puddle of Mudd show are $20.50. No word on other Canadian dates. And Detroit's Andrew W.K. will party hard in Toronto's Lee's Palace on March 19th, and will cost a cool $10. And like Puddle of Mud, we have no other Canadian dates. Tickets for both shows go on sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster, Rotate This and Sonic Temple.
Andrew W.K. is confusing. One sec. his music is hard, then, pop, then rock, with a little bit of dance music in the mix... i just don't get it.. i can't say i hate it.. and i can't say i like it!

Anne Rice: We Can Learn From Rock Stars
What do David Bowie, Madonna & Britney Spears have in common? They've all got the respect of Vampire Chronicle author Anne Rice. In part 2 of George Stroumboulopoulos�s interview with Anne in New Orleans they talked about the 20th century phenomenon of the Rock Star. Anne Rice feels that we have a lot to learn from these musicians. "Rock stars, they're just full of lessons for us. We need them to just keep breaking the rules and keep doing things that we think are edgy and scary. We need that, we learn from that," said Rice.
Run Anne! You are too close to the slut Britney!
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Sup Team!!!???

Kittie's Live Show will air on MTV2 on the following dates/times:

Feb. 10th (after "120 Minutes") 1AM
Feb. 11th (after the "Rock Box") 3AM
Feb. 12th (after "The Rock Show") 4:30PM
Feb. 13th (after the "Urban Box") 1AM

Be sure to tune in to see Kittie KILL IT on MTV2!!!!

Peace and we're out,
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Creed, Limp Bizkit Battle On WWF LP...


After an extended rivalry and a couple of physical challenges, Creed's Scott Stapp and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst will finally get in the ring. No, they're not gonna come to blows on pay-per-view, but their songs will play over the PA while WWF superstars beat the testosterone out of one another.

Creed's "Young Grow Old," which was previously available only as a bonus track on the Australian and Japanese pressings of Human Clay, and a new remix of Limp Bizkit's "Rollin' " will coexist on the next WWF album, WWF Forced Entry, which comes out March 26.

A Kid Rock cover of ZZ Top's "Legs" (in tribute to Stacy Keibler) and Disturbed's reworking of Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme song will also appear on the LP, which looks to contain just as many brutal bumps as Wrestlemania X-8, which takes place at the Toronto SkyDome nine days before its release.

Thirteen other artists contribute theme songs for wrestlers on the record: Rob Zombie for Edge, Cypress Hill for Tazz, Sevendust for Chris Jericho, Drowning Pool for Triple H, Stereomud for Raven, Monster Magnet for Hardy Boyz, Dope for Vince McMahon, Saliva for Dudley Boyz, the Union Underground for Test, Our Lady Peace for Chris Benoit, Boy Hits Car for Lita, Finger Eleven for Kane, and Breaking Point for Rob Van Dam. The Breaking Point track, "One of a Kind," will also be included on the band's forthcoming debut.

The previously unreleased remix of Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" � the theme for the UPN series WWF SmackDown! � will also be included on the album. (MTV's parent company, Viacom, also owns UPN.)

Last September, DreamWorks released the compilation WWF Tough Enough, which contained mostly album tracks by Godsmack, Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach and others. WWF Aggression, released in February 2000, featured hip-hop luminaries including Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Redman, Ol' Dirty Bastard and Kool Keith.