February 4th, 2002

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The Beast World
Deadsy have parted ways with bassist, Craig "The Beast" Riker, a statement on the matter was issued by the bands management and is as follows:
"As of January 31, 2002, Deadsy and their Bass Player of three and a half years, Craig "The Beast" Riker, have formally parted ways. The split is due to musical differences and is of the highest amicable order with both parties wishing the utmost success to each other in the future."
Deadsy's forthcoming Elementree/Dreamworks debut, "Commencement", is currently set for a May 14th release.

Ill Ni�o will be shooting a video for their new single, "Unreal", this coming Friday in the Los Angeles, CA area. Director Marcos Siega (System of A Down, Papa Roach) is tentatively set to direct.
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Florida Frees Nick Carter
Just in time for his 22nd birthday, the youngest Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, managed to avoid doing time in the slammer by striking a deal with prosecutors in a case stemming from an altercation in a Florida bar last month. Carter was arrested on January 2nd for supposedly disobeying police orders to leave a Tampa nightclub after a fight broke out inside. On Friday, he agreed to enter a pretrial intervention program that, if he doesn't act up anymore, will keep him out of jail and have his record wiped clean, according to the St. Petersburg Times. "He is a first-time offender and we treated him just like anyone else," said Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi. The intervention program requires Carter to complete community service, pay a fine and keep out of trouble.
I bet Carter would of liked the slammer... "Hey guys, i dropped the soap!"

S Club Dad Gets Jail Time
S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole's father Gerald Cattermole was sentenced to close to three years in prison on Friday for sexual offences he committed against underage girls. The 50-year-old was sent to the slammer at St. Albans Crown Court for offences involving two 14-year-old girls with learning difficulties. He was found guilty of having sex with an underage girl twice and assaulting her teenage friend. The judge in the case said that although the girls had been willing partners, they were also "vulnerable." "I want to make it plain I do not sentence you today upon the basis that you traded in the fame of your son, or the fact that he may be an idol to these two girls and many others as a result of his success in the pop music world," said Judge Colston.
What a whore! But like what 'pop star' isn't? Britney? *LOL*

Nickelback Dispute
Nickelback is under the gun as a result of a contract between the band and Amar Managment. A written document was filed by the management firm stating that the chart-topping group had wrongfully severed the contract between the two parties and owed a whole lot of money to the company resulting from services rendered. Amar Management and Nickelback signed a deal in 1996 and worked together through the recording of two indie albums and the recording of "The State," the group's major label debut.

Cobain Song Surfaces
The Nirvana box set might be put on hold indefinitely, but in January a previously unreleased Kurt Cobain song, called "Divine and Bright," surfaced on an album by Seattle rock band, Earth. Cobain contributed lead vocals on the 1990 recording of the track, which is finally available as one of four bonus songs on a reissue of Earth's 1995 EP, �Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars.� The CD was released on indie Philly label, No Quarter Records. Out of respect for Cobain, label owner Mike Quinn says the EP won't contain a sticker announcing Cobain's involvement in the recording. "I don't want to exploit it," he says. "I think it would be disrespectful."
I miss Nirvana... they need a box set!