January 29th, 2002

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Hole Not So Whole
The message boards at Hole's official web site http://www.hole.com , are buzzing with rumours that guitarist Eric Erlandson has left the band, which would bring the number of people in Hole down to one? Eric formed Hole in 1989 with Courtney Love, who has since gone on to do just about everything, including fighting major labels for the rights of artists. Bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur left the band in 1999. According to the rumours, Eric's quitting because he's tired of being second fiddle to Courtney's legal battle.

Britney Dresses Down
Britney Spears is still battling with her "not just a girl, not yet a woman" persona. This time, she's going to swap the sexy woman image for a coy girl image when she appears in 90 second Pepsi ads during the Super Bowl next month. The ads are the most expensive slots on U.S. TV, costing more then $88 thousand U.S. per second. Nonetheless, Britney's not so innocent that she wouldn't refuse a large portion of the $8 million U.S. (that�s $13 million Canadian) cost of the commercials. In the ad itself, rather than showing her famous midriff, she'll be dressing in more period clothing, from the '50s to the present.
Poor Britney... Sells her body for free Pepsi... *lol*

Pearl Jam Pay Tribute
Pearl Jam is one of the bands that has always been very cool with their fans. The fanclub single is a big part of every fans year and this season�s release will be another cool one. Bassist Jeff Ament has recorded "I Just Want To Have Something To Do" in honour of the passing of Joey Ramone. Jeff is quoted as saying, �When Joey died this year, I sat down and played Ramones songs on my acoustic. For the first time, I really felt the sadness and loneliness in Joey�s lyrics.� He continues �This homemade recording is my love letter and thank you to Joey and the Ramones for giving me a push.�

Home Recording In Da House!
Making a record can be an expensive endeavor. In the 70's and 80's some records cost millions and millions of dollars to produce, but things are changing with advanced technology . Studio software can be found in many homes, sparking more and more wannabe artists and cutting cost for established artists at the same time. Trent Reznor is sceptical, " it can sound great but it does not mean it is a good song or good idea. It is another method to get those ideas out. I think that it's a real interesting thing today that is happening with music."

Melissa Auf De Maur's Latest Project
Since her departure from Hole and the demise of the Smashing Pumpkins, Melissa Auf De Maur has been very busy. Never mind the rumoured collaborations with ex-Pumpkin Jimmy Chamberlain and Blinker The Star's Jordan Zadorozny, she was also part of The Virgins with Ryan Adams, Evan Dando and James Iha. Now we are hearing there is a more solid project in the works called The Chelsea. Melissa will be joined by Paz from A Perfect Circle and former Hole and Motley Crue drummer, Samantha Maloney. The Chelsea will make their debut at the "Spaceland" club in LA on February 6th.


The Words Of Callousness

Spineshank drummer Tommy Decker recently commented on the status of the writing process for the bands forthcoming new album, which they hope to release late this year through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam. Here's what he had to say:
"We've been writing a lot of stuff and it's coming out awesome. I think it's the next logical step for the band. some of it is the heaviest stuff we've ever done. There's a new song that will definitely be a live show closer. It's really brutal! Sort of like the Height Of Callousness but even heavier. We've also been experimenting with some different kind of songs lately, really dark and dynamic. Of course there are the same Spineshank elements that have always been there, electronics, anger, good grooves, quiet parts that explode into chaos. We are gonna take our time - we want to make the best record we can and that takes time, so bear with us. It will be out this year though (barring any catastrophes)."

Fieldy's Talking To You
Korn bassist Fieldy recently commented to Launch regarding the groups forthcoming and as of yet untitled album, here's what he had to say:
"It's probably the most guitar-heavy album that we've put out to date, you know, cause a lot of our albums are, like, real bass-heavy, I'm the bass player, and I, I like it, actually. It's kinda cool. It's just heavy, man, like, it's, like, orchestrated. It's so big. It reminds me of a orchestra, like, played with all guitars. huge, heavy, crazy album."
At present the effort is eyeing a tentative May 14th release through Immortal/Epic. In other news, both Korn and Rob Zombie have dropped off the upcoming Concerts for Artist Rights wihch is set to take place on February 26th in Los Angeles, CA. Meanwhile, on a related note the video for Fieldy's side project, Fieldy's Dreams' first single, "Are You Talking To Me?", has been posted online. You can check it out here.
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East Coast Music Awards - BT Take Saint John by the 'horn'! -- Bucket Truck!


The ECMAs are happening this weekend in Saint John, New Brunswick and Bucket
Truck is going to be there.

We're up for two awards and playing four times throughout the weekend. Here's
the run-down for those of you who will be there.

Fri. Feb. 1, 2002
Bucket Truck's Official ECMA Showcase
11PM at the Trade Centre ($10 or Delegate Pass, IDs for 19 Required)

Sat. Feb 2, 2002
All AGES at Saint John High
8PM ($10) with Dead Red, Butterfly Effect and Kaleb Simmonds.

Sat. Feb 2, 2002
LOUD LOVE - a heavy music unofficial showcase
Show starts at 10PM sharp with Kary, then Iron Giant and Bucket Truck at
12:30... (IDs for 19 Required)

Sun. Feb 3, 2002
ECMA Awards Show, Post show event
This one's a private performance for those who are in attendance at the
televised awards show only (our performance will not be televised though).

So that's Bucket Truck in a nut-shell as far as the East Coast Music Awards go.

We've got a lot of Atlantic Canadian shows booked to keep us warm throughout the
winter. Another cross-Canada tour is in the works for the spring.

Check out our website for all the new dates. www.buckettruck.nfld.net

Stay warm and out of trouble and go check out our CD, Waiting to Talk for the
love of ....

Jud - bucket truck