January 24th, 2002

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i have a really delusional head cold. i feel like i'm tripping or something, so forgive me if this makes no sense. have you ever listened to a song right before you fall asleep? i did that with nine inch nails' new cd Still. i listen to eash song and my brain makes up these movies in my head. they are really cool, and really scary at the same time. that song had a really good movie to it. but i cant remember it. i'm sick.

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Korn's Fieldy Says His Solo Debut Is No Bum Rap...


You might assume the first solo album by Korn's bassist would brim with the low-end dirges and quaking rhythms that have come to be the n� metal band's signature. You'd assume wrong.

For Rock N Roll Gangster, Fieldy saved the eerie, minor-chord stuff for Korn's fifth album, which is expected to surface this summer, and instead lets the good times � or, more accurately, high times � roll. Much of the album, which was released Tuesday, expounds the stocky bassist's penchant for a certain herb that's rarely used in culinary creations. And despite the title, there's hardly any rock to be found here. Instead, Fieldy � who said that both he personally and Korn collectively have been influenced by hip-hop � has entered the solo scene with a straight-up rap record.

"I called it Rock N Roll Gangster because of [the role] I play in Korn," he said. "I wear the pendants and bandanas and cornrows in my hair � I don't know, I just like the style, the lifestyle. But I'm in a rock band, I'm not a gangster. I'm a rock-and-roll gangster, but [it's] a hip-hop album. If you think you're going to get a rock album, you're not going to get a rock album."


I just don't know what to say about this.. other than *cough* crap *cough*...
If his rap album is 'No Bum' why does he look like one in his pic?
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Linkin Park, Manson, Disturbed Members 'Damned' By Korn's Davis...


Call them the Jonathan Davis All-Stars.

Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Disturbed's David Draiman, Orgy's Jay Gordon and Static-X's Wayne Static were selected by the Korn frontman and Warner Bros./Reprise chairman Tom Whalley to sing Davis' songs for the upcoming "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack, according to a Warner Bros. spokesperson.

While Davis co-wrote and recorded the five tracks that will be heard in the vampire flick, his record label contract prohibits his voice from appearing on the soundtrack, which will be released just before the next Korn album.


This looks like a wicked soundtrack...
I will not call them the "Jonathan Davis All-Stars" because they are just a bunch of wicked bands together on a soundtrack!
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Creed e-news - Creed Quest info updated!

Hey Creed fans,

Sorry about the duplicate message, but we realized that a bug in our message this morning resulted in a bad link to Creed Quest! We wanted to make sure that all fans got the message, so here it is again:

Creed would like to announce the launch of Creed Quest, the ultimate Creed online experience.

Please visit http://www.creedquest.com for an experience like no other. While there, you�ll have the chance to play games, solve mysteries, download artwork, interact with others and win BIG! One lucky Creed Quest Grand Prize winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Universal Orlando in Florida for "Lunch with Creed." Additional prizes include: Creed 10x Platinum Commemorative Diamond Plaques and other autographed collectibles; a Fender Amp; activewear by Screamline, Anarchy/Angel and Freestyle; and Heelside Snowboards.

Seek and you shall find... be alert and you could win!

In other news, Creed takes over MTV2 this weekend when they host "Creed Faves"! You can check out four hours of Creed's favorite videos and artists at these times on MTV2 (all times EST):
1/26 12-4PM
1/26 12-4AM
1/27 7-11PM
1/28 1-5PM
1/30 1-5AM
Talk to you soon!
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Wallace Is Peachy?
Recent rumors suggest that Korn have tapped Andy Wallace (Slipknot, Faith No More) to mix their forthcoming and as of yet untitled new album, which is currently eyeing a May release through Immortal/Epic, no official word has been given as of yet however. In other rumored news, it looks as though the band will hit the road on a 12 week North American trek in June, most likely with Papa Roach in tow. More information is expected in the coming weeks.

The 04th Point
Nonpoint have set a tentative June 04th release through MCA for their forthcoming new album, "Development", which they are currently in the process of tracking. A first single from the record has yet to be chosen, though the band expect to begin touring within the next month or two.

Plaguing The Radio
Slipknot's forthcoming new single, "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix), is set to impact at radio on February 25th. The track will be the first single from the forthcoming, "Resident Evil" Soundtrack, which is set for a March 12th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam.

Dirty Patalan
The Dirty Americans, a group which features various former members of The Workhorse Movement, recently hit the studio to begin work on demoing a few songs for Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam with producer Tim Patalan (Sponge), more info is expected shortly. In the meantime, the band have announced two new shows, they are as follows:
January 26th Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick (Feat. Bantam Rooster, The Greenhorns)
February 15th Ferndale, MI - The Magic Bag (Feat. The Fags)

Nice To TRL You
Incubus' video for their new single, "Nice To Know You", will debut on MTV's TRL tomorrow, January 24th at 3:30pm EST.

SuperVILLAIN, a band that features former members of Downset, Flashpoint and Excel, are currently in the studio working on a new 6 song demo, and plan to start playing shows in early February. In other news, the group have posted a few more mp3's online, you can be download them at their mp3.com website.

Get Some More
The track listing has been set for the forthcoming Snot live album, "Snot Alive", which captures a show that took place in Hollywood, CA in May 1998, it is as follows:
01 - "Snot"
02 - "Joy Ride"
03 - "I Jus' Lie"
04 - "Stoopid"
05 - "The Box"
06 - "Snooze Button"
07 - "Absent"
08 - "Deadfall"
09 - "Get Some"
10 - "Tecato"
The effort is currently being mixed and is expected to be wrapped up shortly. At present a label has not yet been secured to release it, though one is hoped to be landed shortly with plans to have the album in stores later this year.

A Primitive Union
Soulfly bassist Marcello D. Rapp and drummer Roy Mayorga recently teamed up with Puya guitarist Ramon Ortiz and Punch frontman Ikaro to record material for a new band dubbed Ankla. However, due to their upcoming touring plans with Soulfly, Rapp and Mayorga will not be permanent members of the group and their only involvement with the project was laying down their respective instrumental duties in the studio for the bands recently recorded three song demo, which they are currently shopping to interested record labels.

Degrading Roads
Jerry Cantrell has confirmed the track listing to his forthcoming solo album, "Degradation Trip", which is due out through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam on May 14th. It is as follows:
01 - "Psychotic Break"
02 - "Bargain Basement Howard Hughes"
03 - "Anger Rising"
04 - "Angel Eyes"
05 - "Solitude"
06 - "Mother Spinning In Her Grave"
07 - "Hellbound"
08 - "Give It A Name"
09 - "Castaway"
10 - "She Was My Girl"
11 - "Chemical Tribe"
12 - "Spiderbite"
13 - "Locked On"
14 - "Gone"