January 22nd, 2002

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Hi hosmos, after a bit of downtime last week we took some time to reflect and
rethink our strategy for the new year. Unfortunately though, aside from
pondering the implications of changing the name of the PRP staff to the PRP
Peoples Liberation Army and wearing old children's Casper The Friendly Ghost
Halloween costumes from the 80's while updating, nothing really came of it.
However it wasn't all a loss, we did figure out that new metal is the direct
byproduct of kids who only got cheap knock off gas station toys and that to
actually be cool, you have to score your scene points in the minus and not the
plus (Boy are we bunch of big silly tillys!). Plus we also learnt that
Neverending Storycore is coming and its going to kick your ass in the hole!

The Bees Knees

This week at PRP:
01. New Reviews of Divided, Jettared.
02. Recommended Listening
03. This Weeks Releases

Divided - False Sense Of Security
San Jose, CA heavyweights return with a new EP.
Read It At: http://www.theprp.com/reviews/divided1.shtml

Jettared - Nowhere
Flint, MI based newcomers try their hand with post hardcore influences on this,
their debut EP.
Read It At: http://www.theprp.com/reviews/jettared.shtml

A Jealousy Issue - "Doll Face"

Underwood - "The Flood of All Our Troubles"

Thrice - "Betrayal Is A Symptom"

RELEASES For The Week Of January 22nd:
Burnt By The Sun - Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution (Relapse)
Cave In - Lost In The Air (Hydrahead)
Fieldy's Dreams - Rock N Roll Gangster (Epic)
Incubus - Wish You Were Here (Single) (U.K. Only) (Immortal/Epic)
Mr. Downstairs - Preconception (Independent)
nine inch nails - And All That Could Have Been (nothing/Interscope)
nine inch nails - And All That Could Have Been (DVD/VHS) (nothing/Interscope)
Skycamefalling - To Forever Embrace The Sun (N/A)
Tinfed - Designated Rival (N/A)

Find more information on Release Dates at:


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'I'm Just Screaming My Balls Off The Whole Time' Dave Grohl On New Foo...


Fans of the Rock, take heed � the Foos are back in fighting mode.

On 1999's There Is Nothing Left to Lose, Foo Fighters turned down the noise and focused on hooks, creating a finely crafted pop album with plenty of heart but not a lot of edge. And while "The One," the band's new single for the "Orange County" soundtrack, is cut from the cloth of Cheap Trick power pop, singer/guitarist Dave Grohl swears the band's next record, due this summer, will be a return to the thunder and gristle of the group's first two discs.

"I'm just screaming my balls off the whole time. So there's no real melody [like there was on the last one]," Grohl told MTV News. "And for [drummer] Taylor [Hawkins] this album is just the new 2112 (a classic Rush album showcasing the skills of drummer Neil Peart). There's drums all over the place."

"We're gonna love this record artistically, for sure," added Hawkins. "We may have to sell our houses after this record, but we'll love the music."