December 23rd, 2001

  • immorak

dolls / jane jensen

An Analogy:
The Dolls have returned from Germany. Our Uber-Chicas have endured an intense retooling, restructuring and retraining - committing themselves to the perfectionism and rigors of German engineering and emerging as......
Come and see them prove it.
On Saturday, January 26th at midnight The Dolls will perform their new uber-rock at Tobacco Road
Proceeds from this event will support The Dolls documentary and video.
Come and speak your mind about the Dolls- taping will occur throughout the evening
now is your chance to be in The Dolls video or be interviewed for the documentary.
The doors open at 9pm
The fabulous "LavaBaby" goes on at 11pm
"The Dolls" go on at midnight

Cover is $10.00
$7 with this email invite (print it out)
Tobacco Road is:
355 West 41st Street
Hells Kitchen, NYC
(212) 244-Road