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Dec. 17th, 2001 | 01:07 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


Hello Dark Souls!

Once again the Dimmu Borgir Newsmail is out, and this time there is loads of
good news. This time round we also need your help to make Dimmu Borgir win the
norwegin alarm award for best metal album 2001 (Puritanical Euphoric
Misanthropia), read on for the details .

The newsmail is a bit shorter this time, but you will find a couple of essensial
news bits, and as always you can visit www.dimmu-borgi.com for the latest news
and all kinds of other Dimmu Borgir stuff.

And now to the news:

----- News posted: Nov 21 2001 -----
alarmweb.org in Norway have nominated Dimmu Borgir and the album Puritanical
Euphoric Misanthropia for best metal album 2001. And as we all know by now this
album is a awesome kick in the arse, and Dimmu Borgir need your help to get to
the top, so enter this site and vothe for them!!
Vote here: http://www.alarmweb.org/nyheter/index-metal.html

Alarm 2002 is Norway's new music price where you can be a part of deciding who
released the best Norwegian albums in 2001. The nominees are the result of the
votes from 89 music journalists, but now it's your vote that counts. The music
journalists will vote one more time at the end on the nominees, and these votes
count 50% of the result. The last 50%, is the votes that you do on the alarm

The winners will be announced at a show at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo on
Saturday, February the 2nd. Spread the word around, and vote for Dimmu Borgir!

When you enter the alarm website, on the left side of the Alarm page you will
see a list of 5 bands, Dimmu Borgir is the one you should concentrate on :).
Choose Dimmu Borgir and then press the STEM! button below.

----- News posted: Nov 21 2001 -----
Kunstnett (Art Net Norway) www.kunst.no in norway nominated www.dimmu-borgir.com
for Art Website of the year 2001 in the category for "bands", there was 10
websites nominated in the category and the winner was decided by a jury on
December 7. 2001. And the winner is........... www.dimmu-borgir.com.... Yep, we
won the prize for best Art Website of the year in the band category.
Website: http://www.kunst.no

----- News posted: Nov 21 2001 -----
Dimmu Borgir hav release a live limited shaped CD titled "Alive in Torment", it
was released on Monday 26 November 2001. The CD contains 5 live songs recorded
in Stuttgart on the Puritanical tour. The tracks are: Tormentor of Christian
Souls, The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance, The Insight and the Catharsis,
Puritania and The Maelstrom Mephisto. The recording was mixed by Peter T�gtgren
in Abyss studio, The CD is available at mailorder from Nuclear Blast

----- News posted: Nov 21 2001 -----
TOUR NEWS!! Dimmu Borgir will tour USA and Canada from February 20 to march 25,
fans from and fans from Florida to Colorado and Texas to Canada will have the
chance to get their arses kicked!! :) Support bands are not confirmed yet, but
Silenoz told me that Napalm Death, Kreator, Krisiun and Diabolic are bands that
may come along. And it also looks like the Icelandic people may experience Dimmu
Borgir live either before or after they do the US tour. Dimmu Borgir may also
play another gig in Oslo before that, be shure to check the website
(www.dimmu-borgir.com) for more info and dates as soon as its confirmed.

Thats it for now!



Also visit some of the other websites that i have made.



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(no subject)

Dec. 17th, 2001 | 04:25 pm
posted by: witchmooon in loud

Label Park
Recent rumors heavily suggest that members of Linkin Park have now received their own imprint label and will be signing an act to it shortly.

The Means To Tour
Strife are tentatively planning to hit the road early next year in support of their forthcoming new album,"Angermeans", which is due out through Victory this Tuesday, December 18th. No dates and venues have been announced as of yet.

Papa Roach have officially confirmed their plans to work with producer Brendan O'Brien (Korn, Stone Temple Pilots) on their upcoming new album and are currently at Royal Tone Studios in West Hollywood, CA working on the effort with him. So far, the band have completed the drum tracks for the album and are expected to break for the holidays soon, after which they will then return to the studio to continue recording until late January. A June release through Dreamworks being eyed.

The Death Of Death
Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner passed away this past Thursday as a result of a malignant brain tumor. Various artists including Slipknot, Crazy Town, Staind, Papa Roach, Nonpoint, (hed)p.e., Chimaira, Spineshank, Fear Factory and more offered their support in trying to raise money to help Chuck recieve a potential life saving surgery, but in the end it was not enough.

Vex Red have 3 tracks recorded which are expected to show up as b-sides on upcoming releases, they are "Fast Cars", "Tired" and "Considered". The bands forthcoming I AM/Virgin debut, "Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire", is expected out in April.

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno is tentatively set to make a guest appearance on Taproot's forthcoming new album, which presently carries the working title of "Welcome". Currently, Taproot are hard at work on pre-production for the album with producer Toby Wright (Korn, Alice In Chains) and are expected to begin tracking early next year, with a spring/summer release through Velvet Hammer/Atlantic being planned. In related news, Chino's side project Team Sleep has been playing various new tracks from their forthcoming Maverick debut, and according to a set list from a recent performance, previously unknown new tentative track titles include:
"Solid Gold"
"Blvd. Nights"
"Natalie Portman"
The band are being assisted live by members of Tinfed, Phallucy and Hella/Legs On Earth.

Shavo's Directing System
System Of A Down are set to shoot the video for their new single, "Toxicity", in Manhattan Beach, CA this coming Wednesday, December 19th. Band bassist Shavo Odadjian is set to direct, with the clip slated to begin airing around mid January.

Recent rumors suggest that Stabbing Westward have parted ways with their label Koch Records.

Proven To Hate
Hatebreed recently mastered two new tracks at Sterling Sound in New York City, NY for a promo CD which will begin being distributed in mid-January. The tracks mastered were "Proven" and "I Will Be Heard", both of which are set to show up on the bands forthcoming new album, "Perseverance", which is slated for a March 26th release date through Stillborn/Republic/Universal. In other news, the band have officially confirmed that they will in fact be playing on the second leg of Slayer's God Hates The World Tour.

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