December 10th, 2001

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This week at PRP:

01. Contests - Speak No Evil
02. Interviews - Will Haven
02. New Reviews of Earth.ling, soundofspeed and Vespin.
03. Recommended Listening
04. This Weeks Releases

Win An ESP Guitar Autographed By Speak No Evil And Speak No Evil Sampler CD's!
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Will Haven
We catch up with Sacramento's Will Haven and discuss latest album "Carpe Diem",
life after Revelation, and Jeff opening his mouth.
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Earth.ling - Soul Weapon Dehumanizer
Featuring former members of dayinthelife... and Nympho, Earth.ling ambitiously
mix up various genres on their debut outing.
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soundofspeed - Demo
Featuring former members of dayinthelife..., Glassjaw and Blankface,
soundofspeed deliver an impressive demo produced by Scrap 60 Productions.
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Vespin - Demo
WA based newcomers Vespin show much promise with their latest offering.
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Gifted - "American Written"

Couch - "Doch Endlich"

The Kinison - "The Kinison's Area 53"

RELEASES For The Week Of December 10th:
311 - Enlarged To Show Detail (DVD) (Volcano/Jive)
311 - Enlarged To Show Detail 2 (DVD/VHS) (Volcano/Jive)
Evergreen Terrace/One-Fifth (Split) (Indianola Records)
Incubus - When Incubus Attacks, Vol. 2 (DVD/VHS) (Immortal/Epic)
Mudvayne - L(ive) D(osage) 50 - Live In Peoria (DVD) (No Name/Epic)
Various Artists - Metal Edge Presents (Spitfire)
Various Artists - Metal Maniacs Presents (Spitfire)

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