December 6th, 2001

Marilyn Manson: The Anti-Crotch

Once again, the c-word, as in controversy, is surrounding shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. For the second time in four months Manson has come under fire for causing emotional distress. The latest victim is David Diaz, a security guard at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre, who claims Manson grabbed his head and gyrated his crotch directly against his face at a show in October. As a result Diaz has filed a civil suit to the tune of $75,000 against the shock-rocker. Manson was charged with criminal sexual conduct and assult-and-battery for his previous alleged crotch-rubbing incident in July of this year. Meanwhile, Manson's Michigan court date on charges of criminal sexual conduct and assault-and-battery, first scheduled for November 9th and then rescheduled for tomorrow, has now been moved to December 28th at his lawyer's request.
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    P.O.D. - Youth Of A Nation (MTV2 Premier, on every hour!) News!

Boom Boom Satellite
P.O.D. have lined up the track "Boom" as the next single from their latest release, "Satellite". It is expected to impact sometime early next year. In other news, the band are currently putting together a DVD release and plan to release it sometime next year as well. The effort is expected to chronicle their decade long career.

Morning Metal
Incubus' latest outing "Morning View" has now been certified platinum in the U.S. for sales in excess of 1 million.

God Hates DVD
Slayer are said to be filming footage on their recent tours for an upcoming DVD/VHS outing, a release sometime next year is expected.


George hooks up with Slayer for this edition of LOUD.
Playlist for Saturday, December 8:
Slayer: "Seasons in the Abyss"
Slayer: "Dittohead"
Entombed: "Wolverine Blues"
Slayer: "War Ensemble"
Slipknot: "Wait and Bleed"
Slayer: "Raining Blood/Black Magic"
Sepultura: "Choke"
Sick Of It All: "District"
Slayer: "I Hate You"
Biohazard: "How It Is"

* Playlist subject to change

They are still playing "Wait And Bleed" by Slipknot on Loud! Slipknot filmed a new video for a reason! I remember when they played "Wait And Bleed" every week.
Its old and over played. Its time to move on.