November 24th, 2001

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silverchair Confirm Album Title...

silverchair's new album title will be called "Diorama". The title was leaked yesterday by a leading UK rock magazine and the band have today confirmed that magazine's report.

A Diorama is a self contained 'world within a world'. It usually portrays a fantasy version of something that's inspired by the real world.

silverchair frontman and songwriter Daniel Johns exclusively told chairpage that the title was meant to reflect the nature of the music on the album.

"We considered literally hundreds of titles over the last few months but as soon as this one came along I just knew it was a perfect fit for the music", he said.

The band had intended to unveil the album title in the next edition of their fanclub newsletter which will be sent out in early December. An Australian correspondent for the UK magazine had been told the album title on the strict provision that they did not publish it until mid-December at the earliest. However, for some reason the publication jumped the gun yesterday.

silverchair have confirmed that contrary to reports published elsewhere "Diorama" looks likely to hit stores some time between March and June 2002 but no exact dates have yet been finalized for any country. Release dates and full tracklistings will be released in January or February exclusively via a revamped version of this website.

In the meantime keep an eye out for some exclusive video footage from the recording of "Diorama". These "Plays Of The Week" will be posted regularly on this site starting a week from now.
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Crazy Conspiracy
Former Refused and current (International) Noise Conspiracy frontman Dennis Lyxz�n recently expressed his disdain for Crazy Town's cover of Refused's classic, "New Noise", which the band performed numerous times during their recent trek on the Ozzfest. Here's what he had to say:
"It's horrible; they should be shot, seriously I hate that band. Did you ever listen to them? I don't like to talk shit about bands, there are more constructive ways to work, but sometimes you just have to say, 'Stop...please stop this.' If someone listened to The Shape... and really understood what we were thinking about they wouldn't be in Crazy Town and they wouldn't think the shape of punk to come was to add a DJ to a metal band. If they really loved Refused, they missed everything that was important about that band."
For more from Lyxz�n, check here.

Writing Slaves
Slaves On Dope have completed writing 21 songs so far for their upcoming new album, tentative titles include:
"Drain Me"
"High Again"
"No Way Out"
"Blow You Away"
"Suffocate Me"
"No Remorse"
"Poster Boy"
"Satisfied With You"
"Waiting Game"
"On My Own"
"Mission Impossible"
"Better Than You"
"Crazy" (Seal Cover)
It is unknown when the band will hit the studio as of yet however, as it has been heavily rumored that the group have parted ways with Divine Recordings and are currently in the process of securing a new deal. In the meantime, they have posted various new video footage, including that of new songs performed live, on their official website

BigDumbFace Newsletter

Big dumb Fans,
Scott Shoemaker over at needs your help on deciding what
BigdumbFace character they will put into production next. Do us all a favor,
head over to and vote using the poll.OTHER NEWS:
If you live under a rock in Stanstanistan, then you probably havn't heard about
Wes' new band. Eat the Day has been set as the official moniker of the new
Borland act. Nothing like BigdumbFace kids, sorry. The boys of the Face are
doing a serious one this time. Check it out in 2002, followed by a long, long,
long tour. Website coming to an internet near you very soon, keep checking in
with for news on Eat the Day and BigdumbFace.
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