October 31st, 2001

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What's Up ZOMBIE Crew,

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about a few things going on
with ROB ZOMBIE. First off, there is a TON of cool new stuff on
www.robzombie.com such as...

* An exclusive, SICK "Dead Girl Superstar" flash video in the news section.

* A link to a scary story contest through www.Getmusic.com, where you can
submit your scary story for a chance to win a cool ZOMBIE prize pack.

* A real video clip for the "Feel So Numb" video.


* The first annual "A Night Of Merry Mayhem Tour" featuring ROB ZOMBIE, OZZY &
MUDVAYNE kicks off on Halloween in Arizona. Be sure to check the tourdates
section of the StreetWise webzine for a complete itinerary.

* If you are an AOL member, you can chat live with Rob Zombie tomorrow on
Don't miss your chance to participate in a live AOL chat with Rob Zombie himself
at 4:30(PT)/7:30(ET) on Halloween, 10/31! At the time of event, go to AOL
Keyword: LIVE.

* Vote for "Feel So Numb" on the MTV's TRL by calling 1-800-DIAL-MTV between
3:00 and 3:30 pm Eastern time each weekday or vote online at:

* ROB ZOMBIE'S - "The Sinister Urge" hits stores everywhere on Tuesday,
November 13th.

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2001
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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get dope -- on halloween and online!

dope fans,

the new album, life, hits stores next tuesday, 11/6,
and for all you fans up in the nor cal area, dope will be doing
a special halloween in-store TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, 10/31
at dimple records in sacto. here are the details:

dope in-store
october 31 (this wednesday--halloween!!!)
dimple records
2433 arden way
sacramento, ca

you can reserve your copy of life while you're there.
place your order and you'll receive a ltd. edition dope
t-shirt and the life cd booklet which you can get signed by the
band! come tuesday, november 6, you can pick up the new album,
that hits shelves that day! see dimple for complete details.

if you're looking for tickets to see dope later that night with
cold, then wear your best costume. a pair of tix will be
awarded to the person with the best one!

for all the rest of you dope fans, check out the site at
to enter to win some rad stuff, including the new life album
and a sony cyber shot digital camera from synthesis.net,
and a sony desktop stereo system from altpress.com!
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Powerman 5000 has lost two members but "there is NO WAY PM5K is breaking up !!!" -Spider from PM5K!

Drop The Bombshell
Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One has confirmed that both bassist Dorian Heartsong and drummer Al Pahanish have left the band, in a posting on the groups official website, http://www.powerman5000.com . The statement is as follows:
"I'm sorry to have to announce that the roumors are true, Al and Dorian have quit the band. This was 100% their decision, and in no way were asked to leave. I can't really say why they made the choice that they did, that is something only they can tell you. As you know I have been in this band for 10+ years with those guys and always thought they would be in it untill the end, they will be greatly missed. That said, I can tell you that there is NO WAY PM5K is breaking up !!! Mike and Adam are still here and work on the new album continues at a furious pace, the creativity is flowing like never before. I suspect that because of all this going down the new album will be even more different than I had planned. New art, new title and many, many new songs. I realize this is a bit of a surprise to all of you, the only thing I can say is; Powerman 5000 will never be the same... it will be BETTER!!!! I guarantee it.
as always thanx for being there,
your fearless leader SPIDER"

Alright... it's official.

Well, I just went to Nin.com, and the release date for Nine Inch Nails's "And All that Could Have Been" has been pushed back to January 22nd. According to the official site, the change "is due to production delays in the DVD mastering process".

Well, since I got that sad shit out of the way, here's the cover art for all of it...

DVD/VHS cover

CD cover

Bonus CD cover

Deluxe CD Cover (I'm guessing its both the regular CD and the bonus)