October 27th, 2001

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Manson, Weezer, The Olsen Twins and MORE!

Olsen Twins Cover Weezer
Your worst nightmare has just come true. None other than the most loved and equally hated "Full House" twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, have joined a new band called "Empty Trash" on a cover of the recent Weezer single, "Island In The Sun." The song is featured in the Olsens' latest movie, "Holiday In The Sun", which we're sure will be another winner. The cover will be available on the film's soundtrack, which is due out November 20th, according to the record's publicist. We can hardly wait.

Manson In The Movies
Marilyn Manson fans will get a heavy dose of the shock rocker when his name appears in numerous upcoming film credits. Among them, Manson's recorded a cover of Soft Cell's 1982 hit "Tainted Love" for the film "Not Another Teen Movie", due out next month. Also, Manson's remix of the track, "Nobodies," is in the Johnny Depp film, "From Hell", as well as on the film's soundtrack. The score music that Manson composed for the film was not used in the flick because an agreement couldn't be reached. Manson has also made a compelling statement about the September 11th terrorist attacks in the U.S., saying: "We all knew this day would come. The only thing we can do now is stick together. If it takes something this terrible to unite us, so be it."

Bad Ass Baby?
A spokesperson for Kid Rock has denied claims that he's expecting a child with girlfriend Pamela Anderson. The confusion occurred when reports in a U.S. tabloid indicated that the former Baywatch babe, who already has two boys with ex-hubby Tommy Lee, was due to give birth to Rock's child in May, prompting several New York radio stations to jump on the story. A rep from Anderson has told Los Angeles radio station KROQ that Anderson is not expecting. The couple has also recently denied rumors that they are engaged.
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You've begged, you've pleaded, you've literally sent thousands of emails requesting song and video information.
Guess what?
You got it!
Playlist for Saturday, October 27:

Umm... I went to the LOUD page and they have not posted the playlist yet.
keep checking out http://www.muchmusic.com/loud for the playlist.
If or when they put it up please post it on here so we know!
I hope LOUD is not cancelled this week!

* Playlist subject to change