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Linkin Park News....

Oct. 26th, 2001 | 12:36 am
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posted by: askani in loud

What�s up Linkin Park fans,

We wanted you to be the first to know about new U.S. tour dates that have just
been added. Be aware that the dates are subject to change, so be sure to check
back on the website http://www.linkinpark.com to confirm the dates.

Also, we are about to launch the new Linkin Park Website. We�ll let you know
when it�s up and running!

(Tue) Nov 27, 01 Kansas City, MO Hale Arena Xecutioners, (hed) pe, ZTrip

(Wed) Nov 28, 01 St. Louis, MO Family Arena Xecutioners, (hed) pe, Z-Trip

(Thu) Nov 29, 01 Grand Rapids, MI Deltaplex Xecutioners, (hed) pe, Z-Trip

(Fri) Nov 30, 01 Cedar Rapids, MI US Cellular Xecutioners, (hed) pe,Z-Trip

(Sat) Dec 01, 01 Lincoln, NE Pershing Aud. Xecutioners, (hed) pe, Z-Trip

(Mon) Dec 03, 01 Salt Lake City, UT E-Center Xecutioners, (hed) pe,

(Wed) Dec 05, 01 Spokane, WA Spokane Convention Center Xecutioners, (hed) pe,
DJ Z-Trip

(More dates to come, stay tuned for confirmation)!

Also, watch for Linkin Park on MTV2's "Rock Respects Hip Hop" - here are the
times to watch:

10/27 @ 4pm & 11pm
10/28 @ 2pm
10/30 @ 12 noon

Look out for info. on the Website http://www.linkinpark.com about the launch of
the official Linkin Park Fan Club!!!


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