October 24th, 2001

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Down, Fear Factory, and Rob Zombie!

Down With Steel
Down, a group which features Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown, along with members of Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar and Eyehategod, are currently slated to hit the studio next month to begin work on recording their long awaited sophomore outing. The recording process is expected to last around a month and a March release through Elektra has been set. For now, an official website has been launched for the group at www.down-nola.com. In related news, Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell have been busy in the studio mixing tracks they recorded with David Allen Coe. It is undecided as of yet when the aforementioned outing will see a release.

Connecting With Fear
The audio track listing has been announced for Fear Factory's upcoming DVD release, "Digital Connectivity", it is as follows:
01 - "Frequency"
02 - "Machine Debaser"
03 - "Demolition Racer"
04 - "Cyberdyne"
05 - "Refueled"
06 - "Transgenic"
07 - "Edgecrusher" (Urban Assault Mix)
08 - "Descent" (Falling Deeper Mix)
The outing is currently set for a December 18th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam, and will also feature a variety of video footage, the full rundown of which is expected to be released shortly.

The Sinister DVD
A Rob Zombie DVD is in the works and is tentatively planned to be released sometime next year through Geffen. The outing is expected to feature various footage, including all of his music videos. At present, Rob Zombie's new album "The Sinister Urge" is due out on November 13th.

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Limp Sell-Out?

Following Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland's decision to quit the Bizkit, British weekly pop rag, NME, is reporting--with excerpts from an interview with the band's former producer, Ross Robinson--that Wes left the band because he no longer wanted to "sell out." When asked what prompted Borland's decision, Ross replied, "What do you think? He's following his heart. He's a person of integrity. He doesn't sell out for money any more."
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All Ozzy Can Be Is Ozzy

George spent a good part of last week with the godfather of heavy metal� Ozzy Osbourne. George joined Ozzy in Philadelphia for his instore tour to promote the new album �Down To Earth�. The two then continued on to Chicago. How did they travel? In Ozzy�s private jet of course. Somewhere over the American mid-west Ozzy spoke about his relevance in today�s music: �Slipknot compared to Black Sabbath or Deep Purple or early Zeppelin; it�s nothing like it, no comparison�I think, �where do I fit in into that musical genre� and people say, �all you can be is Ozzy�.�
- http://www.muchmusic.com/

I think this might mean Ozzy will be on LOUD this week!
we will see.
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Tours, Videos, Free Tix, and of course, Rock.

Want to go to shows? We got a few ideas of how to spend a day or evening, get
all the details and a bunch more info for the following tours by hitting the
links to their tour pages or tour cards (we're talking mp3's, streaming songs,
videos, tour dates, pictures, words, the works)

Need a night of top notch rock? Nickelback and Saliva -

Rather one of the best metal shows of your life? We give you the blessed event
that is Chimaira and Slayer - www.roadrunnerrecords.com/godhatestheworld

More metal and rock all rolled into one stellar evening? Dry Kill Logic, Ill
Nino and Kittie - www.roadrun.com/kittie/

Or perhaps you are more of a traditionalist? Both Type O Negative and the
Misfits are heading out for their annual Halloween tours. For dates check out

Want to get into these shows for free? http://www.roadrun.com/freeshit/ Give it
a shot.

In other news we've got something really special for you. Machine Head's newest
video that you almost didn't get to see - Crashing Around You. Complete with
words from Rob breaking down his feelings on the track, its relationship to the
9/11 tragedy (or lack thereof) and more.

Now it's time for dessert - SLIPKNOT will be hosting THE ROCK SHOW on MTV2 all
this week. Turn on M2. the shit's impressive.

Keep on Keepin' on.

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New Kittie E-Card


Here's a nifty new e-card for you to download and send out to all your friends.
We also need for you to post this e-card up on all your favorite chat rooms,
message boards, and websites. We need your help in FLOODING THE INTERNET and
getting the word out about Kittie's new album..."Oracle!"

Raw flash file:

In other Kittie news...check out www.kittie.net for tour dates, and information
on in store appearances coming to your area.


Streetwise 2001

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No Assembly Required....

Angry, LOUD, Heavy, Insane catcy Music.
Check us out, we are called

***No Assembly Required***

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