October 20th, 2001

Sevendust Shoot "Praise" Video, Ready "Animosity"

Sevendust recently shot the video for their current single "Praise" with director Glen Bennett. The video is expected begin airing shortly. Sevendust are preparing to release their third TVT release, "Animosity", on November 13th. The band will soon hit the road with Nonpoint and Fuel for a string of dates and current rumors point to a tour with Staind in January/February.

Orgy Working On New Material, Plan DVD

Orgy are currently in the studio working on new material for their forthcoming third album on Reprise/Warner Bros. A May release is expected for the effort. Orgy are expected to release a DVD in February/March. The release will feature live concert footage and behind-the-scenes action.

Playlist for Saturday, October 20 :

Rob Zombie: "Feel So Numb"
Soulfly: "Back to the Primitive"
Machine Head: "Chasing around you"
System of a Down: "Chop Suey"
Nevermore: "Believe in Nothing"
Sentenced: "Killing Me Killing You"
Carcass: "No Love Lost"
International Noise Conspiracy: "Capitalism stole my Virginity"
Snapcase: "Typecast Modulator"
Red Aunts: "Roller Derby Queen"
Saliva: "Your Disease"
Korn: "Clown"
Primus: "Over the Falls"

* Playlist subject to change

Anyone notice this error on the playlist? "Chasing around you" .. that should be "Crashing Around You"
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Here's the deal. It's either Ozzy or Enya at #1 next week in
the Billboard Album Charts. His Royal Highness, King Ozzy
That's what the pundits are predicting: either the Godfather of
Heavy Metal gets his first ever #1 U.S. chart position or it
goes to Enya. Everybody get out before the end of Sunday
(that's when the charts end their week) and patronize your
local record store. Let's give Ozzy the one milestone he's
yet to conquer: #1 Album! Put the ROCK on top of the charts!
If you're thinking of buying this record sometime in the near
future, buy it before Sunday night and help Ozzy lock down #1.

VH-1's top-rated Ozzy Behind the Music special just got a little
longer. An additional 30 minutes of footage was shot during and
after Ozzfest and will be added to the original 60 minute special
when the show premieres Oct. 28 at 8:30pm. It will be re-broadcast
the same night at 11pm. Also, VH-1's new show Fan Club will
premiere its Ozzy episode Oct. 29 at 10pm.

Notorious trend-setting L.A. radio station "World Famous KROQ"
added the Madman's "Gets Me Through" single this week, a
breakthrough for both Ozzy and the radio station. KROQ, born out
of the 1980's New Wave and college rock boom, ushered in the
"Alternative Rock" craze of the early-to-mid-90's, popularizing
such bands as Nirvana, Sublime, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and
has, till the last three years, shied away from playing "Hard
Rock" and "Heavy Metal". But Ozzfest changed all that and now
the station is pumping out the jams made popular as a result of
the success of the world's biggest traveling music festival.
Old school Flock of Seagulls fans are probably having seizures
right now driving down the 405 freeway as "Gets Me Through"
sears the airwaves, but f*ck 'em. It's about time we got our
Ozzy on KROQ! Request "Gets Me Through" on KROQ, call 1.800.520.1067.

Yup, yup, Vanilla, uber-fly retailer Hot Topic has got the contest
of the season goin' on: they're gonna fly you and four friends
(provided you win, natch) to Phoenix to see the final stop of
the Merry Mayhem tour New Year's Eve at the Desert Sky Amphitheater.
Hot Topic is also selling DOWN TO EARTH *really* cheap (like, $13.99
cheap) so stop on by your local Hot Topic store or visit www.hottopic.com
to shop and win!

True as the word to your mother, the Official Ozzy On-line Store
is once again open for business. Point your web browser to
www.ozzy.com to check out the offerings in the store, where you
can satisfy your cravings for everything from all-cotton Beefy
T's to Ozzy's hand-written lyric sheets. Coming soon:
merchandise from the Merry Mayhem tour!

With Special Guest Rob Zombie and also featuring Mudvayne
Also, Soil (Oct. 31 - Dec. 6) and onesidezero (Dec. 6 - Dec. 31)

Oct. 31 Tucson, Ariz. TCC ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 1 Albuquerque, N.M. Tingley Coliseum ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 3 El Paso, Tex. Don Haskins Event Center ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 5 Memphis, Tenn. Pyramid ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 7 New Orleans, La. Arena ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 9 Houston, Tex. Compaq Center ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 10 Bossier City, La. Century Tel Center ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 12 Knoxville, Tenn. Thompson-Boiling Arena ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 14 Nashville, Tenn. ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 15 Cleveland, Ohio Gund Arena ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 17 Cincinatti, Ohio Firstar Center ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 19 Birmingham, Ala. BJCC ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 21 West Palm Beach, Fla. Mars Music Amph. ON-SALE 10/20
Nov. 23 Greensboro, N.C. Coliseum ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 24 Atlanta, Ga. Philips Arena ON-SALE NOW
Nov. 29 Grand Forks, S.D. Alerus Center ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 1 Madison, Wis. Alliant Energy Center ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 2 Des Moines, Iowa Vets Memorial ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 4 Moline, Ill. The Mark ON-SALE NOW
Dec. 6 Chicago, Ill. Allstate Arena ON-SALE NOW
Dec. 8 Detroit, Mich. Cobo Arena ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 10 Louisville, Ky. Freedom Hall ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 11 Grand Rapids, Mich. Van Andel Arena ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 13 Hartford, Conn. Civic Center Coliseum ON-SALE NOW
Dec. 15 Worcester, Mass. Centrum ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 16 Buffalo, N.Y. HSBC Arena ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 18 Albany, N.Y. Pepsi Arena ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 20 Manchester, N.H. Verizon Wireless Arena ON-SALE 10/20
Dec. 21 Uniondale, N.Y. Nassau Coliseum ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 23 East Rutherford, N.J. Meadowlands ON-SALE 11/3
Dec. 28 Los Angeles, Calif. Sports Arena ON-SALE weekend of 10/27
Dec. 29 San Diego, Calif. Sports Arena ON-SALE 11/10
Dec. 31 Phoenix, Ariz. Desert Sky Amph. ON-SALE NOW

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Dark Salvation?

Coal Chamber have completed mixing 8 songs so far for their forthcoming new album, which they have reportedly now changed the name of from "Dark Days", to "Salvation". The group are working with the albums producer Ross Hogarth on the mixes, and have 6 songs left to complete with hopes to wrap up the process by October 24th. The album is slated for a February 26th release through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam and the band are expected to begin touring in support of it in January.
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Machines Silently Crash

In light of the recent events in America, Machine Head have scrapped plans to release the track "Crashing Around You" as the first single from their latest release "Supercharger". Instead, the band will be putting "Deafening Silence" out as the first single from the record. However, before the decision was made, a video was shot for the former first single and as such, it has now been posted online, complete with commentary from band frontman Robert Flynn as to why they have decided not to use the track. You can check it all out here. However, despite the decision stateside, the band will be issuing a CD Single for the track "Crashing Around You" in the U.K. on December 03rd through Roadrunner, it shapes up as follows:
01 - "Crashing Around You"
02 - "Silver" (Live)
03 - "Ten Ton Hammer" (Live)
The disc will also feature an enhanced portion containing the video for the title track, while the live songs featured were captured at a show which took place in Stockholm on December 02nd, 1999.
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Digital Vapors...

Orgy have updated their official website http://www.vaportransmission.com , with news on their current happenings. At present, the band are in the Los Angeles, CA area working on new material for their next album, which they plan to hit the studio to begin recording later this year, with a release through Reprise/Warner being eyed for early next year. In other news, the band plan to release a DVD in the next few months which will consist mainly of footage captured during the bands previous tour, specifically a show which took place in Chicago, IL at the House Of Blues. Along with the live footage, the DVD will also contain various recording / behind the scenes footage and will also include all of the bands videos, one of which "Eva", is exclusive to the release.
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LOUD! (as posted by witchmooon already today)


You've begged, you've pleaded, you've literally sent thousands of emails requesting song and video information.
Guess what?
You got it!
Playlist for Saturday, October 20:
Rob Zombie: "Feel So Numb"
Soulfly: "Back to the Primitive"
Machine Head: "Chasing around you"
System of a Down: "Chop Suey"
Nevermore: "Believe in Nothing"
Sentenced: "Killing Me Killing You"
Carcass: "No Love Lost"
International Noise Conspiracy: "Capitalism stole my Virginity"
Snapcase: "Typecast Modulator"
Red Aunts: "Roller Derby Queen"
Saliva: "Your Disease"
Korn: "Clown"
Primus: "Over the Falls"

* Playlist subject to change

Rob Zombie, Soulfly, Machine Head, System Of A Down, Sentenced, Carcass, Saliva, and Korn all in one hour?
This is a loud your not going to want to miss!

One small question..

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Down The Sun Ready Maggot Debut.

Down The Sun will release their self-titled Maggot/London-Sire debut in February/March. The album was produced by GGGarth Richardson (Mudvayne, Kittie). The band is the first signing to Slipknot's new Maggot label. The band has set the tracklisting for their self-titled effort:
01 - "Medicated"
02 - "We All Die"
03 - "Enslaved"
04 - "Lucas Toole"
05 - "Zero"
06 - "Pure American Filth"
07 - "Pitiful"
08 - "Scapegoat"
09 - "Listen"
10 - "Eye Confide"
11 - "Jars"
12 - "Revelations"
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Release dates!

23 October, 2001
Incubus - Morning View

06 November, 2001
Dope - Life

13 November, 2001
Sevendust - Animosity

13 November, 2001
Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge

13 November, 2001
Kittie - Oracle

There is a page on shoutweb.com has release dates from Oct. 23, 2001 to June 2002!
The dates are always changing but they keep them current.
Release dates page: http://shoutweb.com/releasedates/index.phtml
Go there and bookmark it.
Its well worth it!

keep it loud!