October 18th, 2001

  • immorak

Feel Deez Dreams...

It looks as though Korn bassist Fieldy's long awaited side project Fieldy's Dream will see a release late this year / early next year through Epic. The track "Are You Talkin' To Me" has been tapped as the first single from the outing and a November 06th radio add date has been set. Guest appearances from Eminem, The Pharcyde's Tre Hardson and RBX are all rumored to be included on the outing, though no official word has come down as of yet.
  • immorak

Durst Hits Where It Hursts

According to www.limpbizkitfan.com, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst allegedly threw a few barbs towards former band guitarist Wes Borland in a recent chat on the bands official website www.limpbizkit.com. Fred's alleged comments are as follows:
Fred: right now we are looking for a fresh new young guitarist who can really rip and blow wes out of the water
Fred: we will be touring next summer, now where is my fuckin new guitar player!!!
Fred: if anyone can tell wes he fuckt up, ill give you his email address right now
Fred: he left us hanging, cashed in & ran
Fred: yea he was unhappy, his unhappiness was with me making things happen for us & hes all about the money
  • immorak

New Spinal Heights

Spineshank are currently in the Los Angeles, CA area working on new material for their next album which they currently plan to release in summer 2002 through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam. According to band drummer Tommy Decker, the new material will be "heavier, more intense and more dynamic than Height Of Callousness". A writing diary for the effort, complete with monthly updates, is expected to be launched on the bands official website www.spineshank.com , in the near future.
  • immorak

Nice To View You

Incubus have lined up the track "Nice To Know You" as the second single off of their upcoming release "Morning View", the track is set to go for adds on November 13th and a video for it is said to be in the works. Meanwhile, the album itself will land in stores next week, on October 23rd through Immortal/Epic.
  • immorak

Anthrax Ponders Name Change

Rockers Anthrax have announced they would consider changing their name in the wake of the current threat of bio-terrorism if enough people die. Until now, the band had refused to ponder the possibility. Previously, frontman John Bush had explained that Anthrax was merely the band's name and therefore, he didn't see the point in changing it. In light of the recent anthrax scares in the U.S., however, the singer now admits that such circumstances could force the band to change their name. "I guess if, like, there was a large quantity of human beings that died in connection with this, you know?" says Bush, explaining what could prompt a name change for the band. The band begins their rescheduled tour with Judas Priest in January 2002.