October 15th, 2001

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All Rock. No Roll (www.roadrunnerrecords.com newsletter)

We're more than a little excited to announce a few tours you may or may not
already know about:

- Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino will be heading out with Kittie for a full US
tour. We'll have all the info for you soon, for the time being check out our
tour page for the latest.
- Chimaira have lined up the opening slot on the upcoming Slayer tour. Yes, the
gods of metal have opened their arms and welcomed our boys from Cleveland into
the fold. Prepared to be bruised.
- Nickelback (you know that band that has had a top 5 selling album since it
came out and is getting played by every station in the US) are headlining a US
tour with their friends Saliva. Much rock will be had.
All the details for the above are or will be at : http://www.roadrun.com/tour/

The Misfits have a new record on it's way. October 31st will see the birth of
'Cuts From The Crypt'. A collection of rarities, demos, B-sides, etc from one of
the best punk rock bands of all time. Check out 'Dead Kings Rise' on the RR site

In other music-you-can-get-for-free news the Roadrunner Road Rage sampler is
out. If you haven't grabbed one at a show yet we're giving away a stack of em on
our site in the Free Shit Section. Go sign up. It's got an amazing track listing
of upcoming RR stuff and some old metal favorites (Nailbomb baby). If you don't
want to wait for the sampler to hear the new stuff check out a cut from the
upcoming 36 CrazyFists album and a brand new Killswitch Engage song.

Ever wondered what the people at Roadrunner grew up listening to? Probably not.
We decided to tell you anyway. Our new wildcard gets into some of our favorite
records of all time and why. It's fun and you just might learn something.

A bunch of our bands have brand new T Shirt designs available online.
Nickelback, Ill Nino, Chimaira, Machine Head and Fear Factory all have brand new
designs up, if you can't get to a show pick em up online, plus they won't be all
sweaty when you get home. Check em out at www.bluegrape.com
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The Tongue Of Borland Pt.2

Former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has sent a statement regarding his recent departure from Limp Bizkit and his future plans to www.limpbizkitfan.com, it is as follows:
"All I'm going to say is this: If you liked what I did in Limp Bizkit and you think you can see where I wanted to go with the music, then I think you will be happy with my new band. Ross Robinson is on board for the record and it's going to be great. The new band is Me, my brother Scott Borland, Kyle Weeks, and Greg Isabelle. I didn't abandon you guys, I am making a record for myself and for you that is true, and feels good. It is not going to be like Big dumb Face. BDF was a joke, and a side project. Everyone took it too seriously. Well, we're about to give you a serious record, so look out for it, I hope we will have it out by the middle of next year, and we will be on tour for a long time after that, getting back into the small clubs, so that we can be close and hang out again. I hope that many of you will be able to open your hearts to something new.
Meanwhile, in a statement of Limp Bizkit's official website, www.limpbizkit.com, band frontman Fred Durst has addressed the parting of ways and the future of the band, saying:
"Allright, enough already. You know Wes has decided to leave Limp Bizkit and I know you're wondering whats gonna happen from here. Well, the first thing thats gonna happen is were going to comb the globe in search of the illist guitar player known to man. Then were gonna take this illist guitar player known to man and were gonna finish writing the sickest new undeniable Limp Bizkit record you could ever imagine.. Wes was a big part of the Limp Bizkit you're used to but his decision to leave has left us in a place where we know the best of Limp Bizkit is yet to come. Lethal, John, Sam and I are gonna take this as an opportunity to take our song writing to a whole new level. At the end of the day its all about the music and the music is all were about. Life is unpredictable and though were shocked, were not discouraged. As the world turns, so does Limp Bizkit. Thank you so much for sticking with us through thick and thin. Weve never let you down and were not gonna start now. Keep the faith and join us on this journey to the next level."
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Mushroomhead are said to have recently finished re-mixing their latest effort "XX" with Toby Wright (Korn, Alice In Chains), for its upcoming Universal re-release. A video for what is thought to be the first single "Solitaire/Unraveling", is said to have been shot this past weekend as well. In the meantime, a release date late this year / early next year is being eyed.
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Calling All Zombies...

An extra value disc entitled "Calling All Maniacs" will be specially packaged with a limited amount of Rob Zombie's upcoming new album "The Sinister Urge", which is due out November 13th through Geffen. The special disc shapes up as follows:
01 - Adema - "The Way You Like It"
02 - Static-X - "Black And White"
03 - Dope - "Stop"
04 - Soil - "Halo"
05 - Dry Kill Logic - "Rot "
06 - Mushroomhead - "Solitaire/Unraveling"
07 - OTEP - "T.R.I.C."
08 - Stereomud - "Steppin Away"
09 - Cypress Hill - "Trouble"
10 - Flaw - "Payback"
11 - Sinisstar - "White Noise"
12 - Impur - "Body Crumblez"
13 - Lostprophets - "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja"
14 - Slayer - "God Send Death"
15 - Mesh - "Maybe Tomorrow"
16 - Cinder - "Soul Creation" (Demo Version)

I want a copy with the extra value disc!
But with the way the cd store around here is...
i will be lucky if i can get the new Rob Zombie album at all!
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Staind's "Unplugged" performance which recently debuted on MTV2, will now premiere on MTV on October 21st. A DVD featuring the performance and more is currently set for a November 20th release through Flip/Elektra.
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The Way You Give In...

Adema have tentatively lined up the track "The Way You Like It" as the second single from their self-titled Arista debut. A radio add date is expected to be announced shortly and a video is said to be in the works.
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The LOUD Rage Page...

The following are the e-mails sent into the LOUD show that i found amusing...

First thing you guys need help bad, you need to get rid of the that camera man that shoots George. He can not stand still or keep the camera straight up and down. It is extremely FREAKING ANNOYING. Stand still and stand up straight, your mom should of teached you that when you where a kid. If the camera is to heavy for you put the damn thing on a tripod for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!
- Keith G, North Carolina

I noticed that. I thought it was kinda a cool effect or somethign but i guess this person doesn't like it. On MTV2 the camera is in one place the whole time and never moves. If they want to show the cover of an a bands new album they have to walk up to the camera. Its kinda odd and cool all at the same time.

I think Loud is great, there is a very good variety but I think there should be more of Loud than just every Saturday. Da Mix is on like everyday and so is Rap City so would you guys be able to even it out a bit with a little bit more Loud cause I am one of those people who are lookin forward to watchin some good videos on Loud like Slayer, Pantera and some System Of A Down.
Well my suggestion probably isn't gonna get read or probably won't even matter or get listened to but I thought what the hell give it a try.
- Brandon

I agree and i have had this conversation about rap having a show on every night with many people. (lj user=witchmooon>, pyro, and dramen just to name a few) But i don't think Loud will ever be weekly.. that woud just be too wicked!

You can read all of the 'rage page' e-mails at http://muchmusic.com/loud/ragepage/ and you can tell LOUD what you think of the show at loud@muchmusic.com.

Keep it loud!
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Poor Much Music!

I just watched "In the End" by Linkin Park on Much Music.
At the end of the video it said, "In the Park" by Linkin Park.
Is that sad or what? They don't even know what the names of the videos they show!