October 11th, 2001

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Incubus: "Korn ruined rock!"

Incubus: "Korn ruined rock!"
Nu-metallers point the finger at Jonathan Davis and co.

Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger has explained how friends and fellow Californians Korn have ruined rock music.

"It's so funny how horribly Korn have messed up the whole world of rock music," Einziger told Kerrang! this week. "They know it, too. And they just laugh about it. Ever since they became popular, every band has been tuning waaaay down and you have all these bands on the radio that are like these horribly, hybrid imitations of them. It's hilarious."
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Later In Life...

Dope have pushed back the release date of their upcoming new album "Life" to November 06th. The outing will be released through Flip/Epic, and a video for the first single "Now Or Never" is planned to begin airing shortly.
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Down To Request...

Ozzy Osbourne will be appearing on MTV's TRL next Thursday, October 18th to promote his forthcoming new album "Down To Earth", which will land in stores this coming Tuesday, October 16th through Epic.
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Rob Zombie Info. (StreetWise Newsletter!)


We just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that ROB ZOMBIE swag is
on it's way (you should have it in a week to 10 days)...BE PREPARED AND BE ON
THE LOOKOUT!!! To hold you over until the swag gets there, we have a link to an
EXCLUSIVE new ROB ZOMBIE song entitled "Dead Girl Superstar." Feel free to take
this link and post it on message boards, chat rooms and various websites.

Click here for the ROCK (song):


"Feel So Numb" (the first single off of MR. ZOMBIE'S new album) has hit the
radio airwaves. We need EVERYONE to begin calling their local radio stations
and start requesting the HELL out of it!!!

ROB ZOMBIE'S "The Sinister Urge" in-stores on Tuesday, November 13th.

Be sure to catch ROB ZOMBIE on the "A Night Of Merry Mayhem" tour along side
OZZY OSBOURNE, MUDVAYNE, SOIL & ONESIDEZERO (rotating) starting on Halloween in
Tucson, AZ.

Last (but certainly not least), we want to hear your thoughts about ROB ZOMBIE.
Give us your opinion on the song we posted ("Dead Girl Superstar"), your opinion
on "Feel So Numb" (if you've heard it) and anything else you may want MR. ZOMBIE

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2001
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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Mudvayne Make Statement, Continue With Merry Mayhem...

Mudvayne have made a statement regarding their recent cancellation of the Pledge Of Allegiance tour. The band is currently still lined-up for the A Night Of Merry Mayhem tour with Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie. Mudvayne have come under fire lately for dropping off the Pledge Of Allegiance for widely-speculated "personal reasons".

Here is the statement:

Dear Mudvayne Fans,

After 18 consecutive months on the road Mudvayne has decided to cancel all remaining dates of the Pledge of Allegiance tour. We want to sincerely apologize to our fans for this disappointment, but due to business circumstances that Mudvayne had with the tour, a quick decision had to be made. The next 3 weeks will allow the band to re-group and prepare for our most exciting tour yet, Merry Mayhem with Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie starting Halloween night in Tucson, Arizona. Our apologies for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Gurrg, Kud, Ryknow & sPaG
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Linkin Park And P.O.D. Hold Down Top 10...

Linkin Park held steady at #7 this week on the album sales chart. The band sold over 93,000 copies of "Hybrid Theory" last week, taking the band's total over 3.4 million sold. P.O.D. dropped three spots to #9, scanning over 83k of "Satellite". The week's notable debuts included Machine Head's "Supercharger" (#115)and Pressure 4-5's "Burning The Process" (#177). Here's how Shoutweb artists did this week on the charts:

07 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
09 P.O.D. - Satellite
10 Staind - Break The Cycle
12 System Of A Down - Toxicity
30 Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean
45 Disturbed - The Sickness
52 Slipknot - Iowa
66 Drowning Pool - Sinner
76 Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish
85 Adema - Adema
93 Tool - Lateralus
115 Machine Head - Supercharger
122 Slayer - God Hates Us All
123 Incubus - Make Yourself
153 Godsmack - Awake
177 Pressure 4-5 - Burning The Process
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Hey all you LOUD fans. Lots of new stuff on this episode. Try 'em on, see if they fit. If not return them.

Playlist for Saturday, October 13:
Static-x: "Black and White"
Unloco: "Face Down"
Halford: "Made in Hell"
Dokken: "Just Got Lucky"
Slipknot: "Left Behind"
Bioharzard: "Sell Out"
Suicidal Tendencies: "Trip at the Brain"
Skinlab: "Know Your Enemies"
Brutal Truth: "Godplayer"
White Zombie: "Welcome to the Planet M.F."
Babes in Toyland: "Won't Tell"
Lunachicks: "Edgar"

* Playlist subject to change

I have one thing to say about this weeks loud...
That is all.

Keep it loud!
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Fred Durst: Give Peace A Chance.


There was a time when Fred Durst encouraged fans to "Break Stuff." That time is over. In the wake of the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, Limp Bizkit's often-agitated leader is making a positive change.

"It is time to come together and realize that life is so precious, every single day, every night, everything we take for granted," Durst said.

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Anyone else find that a little bit lame?
Or maybe a big load of Durst crap?