September 27th, 2001

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Roadrunner Newsletter -- Roadrunner is Raging

Yes, it's true Nickelback have begun their conquest of the Rock world. We're
proud to announce that 'Silver Side Up', their 2nd Roadrunner release featuring
the single 'How You Remind Me', hit the streets running... at full speed - The
#2 record in the country! If you have a radio station in your area they are
playing 'How You Remind Me'. Nickelback and Roadrunner would like to
collectively thank all the fans and supporters out there that have already
picked up the record, picked up their phone and requested the song or come the
see the band live.
Haven't heard Nickelback yet? weird. Check em out at

Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira and Ill Nino are in the midst of the ROAD
RAGE Tour, tearing shit up across the US. Our friends at shoutweb have created a
tour page with all the info you'll need about all the bands, the dates, music
and videos from the bands, and a shot at getting you and your crew some tickets.
Check it out at

To go along with this sick tour we've got a stack of records on the way:

MACHINE HEAD's SUPERCHARGER streets 10.02 (that's next Tuesday). Check out the 3
part mini-series about the creation of this amazing album.

CHIMAIRA's PASS OUT OF EXISTENCE streets 10.02 as well (it's going to be a good
day). Check out what you're in for here -

And some other records have just touched down:

DEICIDE's IN TORMENT IN HELL is out NOW - the latest release in from the fathers
of Death Metal.

SPINESHANK's THE HEIGHT OF CALLOUSNESS Digipak - their amazing sophomore release
repackaged with 4 bonus tracks - out now!
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Breach of Trust hook up with George to co-host LOUD.

Playlist for Saturday, September 29:
Breach of Trust: "Disease"
Rage against the Machine: "People of the Sun"
Breach of Trust: "Family"
Quicksand: "Omission"
Pantera: "Mouth for War"
Living Colour: "Cult of Personality"
Anthrax: "Anti Social"
Breach of Trust:"Who am I"

* Playlist subject to change

If you like Breach of Trust this is the loud for you!
Other then that i give this loud a 4 out of 10.
What would you rate this Loud?

Keep it loud!
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Remix Park...

Linkin Park are currently preparing a remix album of tracks from their current effort "Hybrid Theory", with a tentative January release through Warner Bros. being eyed. Those said to be lined up to remix tracks so far include: Orgy frontman Jay Gordon, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Prince Paul of Handsome Boy Modeling School, DJ Z-Trip, Crystal Method, The Alchemist, Kutmasta Kurt, the Girl Scouts and the Humble Brothers. While it is unknown exactly who will be doing what as of yet, Jay Gordon is tentatively tapped to remix "Points Of Authority", while Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn will remix "With You" and band frontman Mike Shinoda will remix "Crawling". In other news, the group are planning to embark on a two month trek opening for Korn beginning in January, while Joseph Hahn will also be directing a video for the X-Ecutioners track "It's Going Down", a song which members of Linkin Park collaborated on, early next year as well. Aside from that, the band then plan to enter the studio in March to begin work on their anticipated sophomore outing for Warner Bros., with a summer release being eyed.
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Mudvayne have pushed back the upcoming No Name/Epic re-release of their out of print independent debut "Kill I Oughta", to a tentative November 20th release date. In related news, it also seems likely that the bands upcoming full-length DVD "Live In Peoria", will see a slight delay due to a few clearance issues which still need to be sorted out involving some of the footage used.