September 14th, 2001

We Have Come To Record

Amen are currently in pre-production for their forthcoming new album with producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn) and are slated to enter the studio to begin recording it on September 20th. A release through I AM/Virgin early next year is being eyed.

Static-X Statement...

Statement from Static-X

September 13, 2001

Static-X would like to offer extreme condolences and express our heart-felt
support for all those affected by the disasters in New York City and Washington
DC on Tuesday. We were all horrified and appalled at these events and our lives
were turned upside-down.

We had a great time on our recent tour of Europe, May-June, with Slipknot. We
were all looking forward to seeing our friends and fans there, and were excited
about the prospect of touring with Pantera, Slayer, and Cradle of Filth. But we
made the decision to cancel our participation in the "Tattoo The Planet" tour,
scheduled to begin on Sept. 14.

The past four days have been spent making arrangements and accommodations to try
to do this tour. We were all waiting to fly to Europe. Due to safety, financial
and scheduling reasons culminating today, we made the decision to pull out of
the tour. We look forward to coming back to Europe in the near future in support

Wayne Static
Ken Jay
Tony Campos
Tripp Eisen

"I fly I fly, around the world. Through the night sky, I feel the end, the end
is near. Relations die. One mile, ten thousand miles. Makes no difference.
Changes more changes. Get to it. Get to the Gone."

Type O Negative Mailing list...

Sorry for such a short email, but felt it needed to be sent.

Our Thoughts Go out to the People and Families Touched the WTC Attack
In the wake of what has happened in our hometown on Tuesday, it's been very hard
to focus on anything but the news. When I checked my e-mail last night, I was
surprised to see how many messages there were in my mail box by concerned fans
about us & our families well being. Fortunately, we are all fine. We are in
shock like the rest of the country.
Sometime soon, things are going to start to get back to normal. Whatever normal
is going to be after this. For now though, our thoughts are with the families
that have been devastated by this tragic event. We thank everyone who has
written us to check on our well being.


From the staff:

::Some Places you can help
As we sit here in shock, the team staff are profoundly touched by
the events of 9/11 and after. Seeing New York and America pull together in this
time of trial is heartening. Here are some links we would suggest if you would
like to help out the relief effort:

American Redcross (
International Association of Fire Fighters (

Halloween Tour Dates:

Date City Venue

10/24/01 Worcester, MA Palladium
10/25/01 Providence Lupo's
10/26/01 Old Bridge, NJ Birchill
10/27/01 Poughkeepise, NY Chance
10/28/01 Brooklyn, NY L'Amour
10/30/01 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
10/31/01 Philly, PA Trocadero
11/1/01 Albany, NY Northern Lights
11/2/01 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
11/3/01 Pittsburgh, PA Metropol

No opening bands announced as of yet.

Street Team:

wow! almost 3000 people have signed up for the street team...damn - we
guess we got to find something for y'all to do. Stay Tuned for ST news in the
next week, it's still a bit eerie here in nyc and we're striving for a return to

::steve and staff


Playlist for Saturday, September 15:
System Of A Down: "Chop Suey"
Tool: "Sober"
Korn: "Clown"
Primus: "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"
Nine Inch Nails : "March Of The Pigs"
Kreator: "Betrayer"
Iron Maiden: "Man On The Edge"
Godflesh: "Christbait Rising"
Download: "Glassblower"
Fu Manchu : "Evil Eye"
Raised Fist: "Breaking Me Up"
Shutdown: "Few and Far Between"

* Playlist subject to change without notice

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