September 11th, 2001

  • immorak

The PRP Newsletter... its from yesterday but its still good...

Greetings on this fine Monday and whatever the hell day it might be if you come
from a land downunder or equally as far away. If you're like us, you're already
getting cold weather, if you're not like us, you're getting hot weather. If you
have any smarts, you should realize the sentence you just read was utterly
pointless and goes nowhere. Be sure to check out the Phallucy interview this
week, as it is much like the War And Peace of interviews and features more info
than an overpacked bookmobile. In other news, although many have criticized
fashion trendsetters in the past, Dwayne Wayne with his ever so styling flip up
shades has gotten away relatively unscathed, we at the PRP believe this is
unfair and hope that he gets whats coming to him, as long as its not another
pair of flip up shades.

PRP Contest From September 10th - September 14th:

Last Man Winning - Biohazard Giveaway:
Win Autographed Biohazard Posters And Autographed Uncivilization CD's!

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PRP Staff's Mp3's For The Week:

Element 8 - "Noise"

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Saved By Grace - "What It Takes To Feel Normal Again"

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Still Life - "Full Circle"

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Releases For The Week Of September 11th:

Biohazard - Uncivilization (Sanctuary):
01 - "Sellout"
02 - "Population Control"
03 - "Wide Awake"
04 - "Getaway"
05 - "Unified" (Feat. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front)
06 - "Gone" (Feat. Igor Cavalera of Sepultura)
07 - "Letter Go"
08 - "Last Man Standing" (Feat. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, DJ Rizz)
09 - "H.F.F.K." (Feat. Phil Anselmo of Pantera)
10 - "Domination" (Feat. Slipknot, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)
11 - "Trap" (Feat. Derrick Green, Andreas Kisser of Sepultura)
12 - "Plastic"
13 - "Cross The Line" (Feat. Peter Steele of Type O Negative)

dredg - Leitmotif (Interscope):
01 - "Symbol Song"
02 - "Movement I: @ 45�N, 180�W"
03 - "Lechium"
04 - "Movement II: Crosswind Minuet"
05 - "Traversing Through The Arctic Cold We Search For The Spirit Of Yuta"
- Intermission -"
06 - "Movement III: Lyndon"
07 - "Penguins In The Desert"
08 - "Movement IV: RR"
09 - "Yatahaze"
10 - "Movement V: 90 Hour Sleep"

Lennon - 5:30 Saturday Morning (Arista):
01 - "Property Of Goatfucker"
02 - "Trying To Make Me"
03 - "Brake Of Your Car"
04 - "My Beautiful"
05 - "Those Days"
06 - "Asking You"
07 - "Morning"
08 - "I Hear"
09 - "Thank You"
10 - "Couldn't Breathe"
11 - "These Days"
12 - "5:30 Saturday Morning"

Nickelback - Silver Side Up (Roadrunner/Universal):
01 - "Never Again"
02 - "How You Remind Me"
03 - "Woke Up This Morning"
04 - "Too Bad"
05 - "Just For"
06 - "Hollywood"
07 - "Money Bought"
08 - "Where Do I Hide"
09 - "Hangnail"
10 - "Good Times Gone"

P.O.D. - Satellite (Atlantic):
01 - "Set It Off"
02 - "Alive"
03 - "Boom"
04 - "Youth Of The Nation"
05 - "Celestial"
06 - "Satellite"
07 - "Ridiculous"
08 - "The Messenjah"
09 - "Guitarras de Amor"
10 - "Anything Right" (Feat. Christian Lindskog of Blindside)
11 - "Ghetto"
12 - "Masterpiece Conspiracy"
13 - "Without Jah, Nothing" (Feat. H.R. of Bad Brains/Soul Brains)
14 - "Thinking About Forever"
15 - "Portrait"

Sevendust - Retrospect (DVD) (TVT Records):
01 - "Denial"
02 - "Waffle"
03 - "Licking Cream"
04 - "Angel's Son"
05 - "Angel's Son" "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
06 - "Waffle" "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
07 - "Angel's Son" (Live At The Worcester Centrum In 2000)
08 - "Black" (Live At The Palladium In 1998)
09 - "Rumblefish" (Live At Woodstock '99)
"Live And Loud" EPK

Slayer - God Hates Us All (American/Columbia):
01 - "Darkness Of Christ"
02 - "Disciple"
03 - "God Send Death"
04 - "New Faith"
05 - "Bloodline"
06 - "Threshold"
07 - "Exile"
08 - "Seven Faces"
09 - "Cast Down"
10 - "Warzone"
11 - "Here Comes The Pain"
12 - "Payback"

SOiL - S C A R S (J Records):
01 - "Breaking Me Down"
02 - "Halo"
03 - "Need to Feel"
04 - "Wide Open"
05 - "Understanding Me"
06 - "My Own"
07 - "Unreal"
08 - "Inside"
09 - "2 Skins"
10 - "The One"
11 - "New Faith"
12 - "Why"
13 - "Black 7"

Spike 1000 - Waste Of Skin (Portrait/Columbia):
01 - "Manwhore"
02 - "Make Me Suffer"
03 - "Sucking Spikes"
04 - "Measure Me"
05 - "Element"
06 - "Nowhere"
07 - "Take Me Over"
08 - "Spare Change"
09 - "Tore Up"
10 - "Prime"

Crash Rickshaw - Crash Rickshaw (EMD/Chordant/Tooth & Nail)
Electric Frankenstein - The Buzz Of A 1000 Volts (Victory)
Fear Disorder - In A Rage (Revoler)
Halfcocked - The Last Star (Megatronic/DreamWorks Records)
Long Beach Dub Allstars - Wonders Of The World (Dreamworks)
Mixmaster Mike - Spin Psycle (Moonshine)
Phallucy - Valium (Independent)
Spineshank - New Disease (Single) (U.K. Only) (Roadrunner)

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New PRP Interviews For The Week:

Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham revisits past haunts as we get the full lowdown
on the upcoming cd release and talk to the key members from this seminal

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New PRP Reviews For The Week:

Biohazard - Uncivilization:
Biohazard return with a new label and a little help from their friends.

Check it out at:

Ojo - Minutia:
Eccentric Texan band unleash stunning debut.

Check it out at:

Lennon - 5:30 Saturday Morning:
Female fronted act Lennon throw their hat into the heavy music scene.

Check it out at:

Implant - ...Looking For The Upset:
San Luis Obispo, CA's Implant return with a new EP.

Check it out at:

Dainami - The Process:
Dainami release their interesting full-length debut.

Check it out at:

P-R-P, Its in the game.

Jonathan Davis Says New Korn LP Will Be Cream Of The Crop

It's been almost two years since the music world last faced the wrath of Korn, and no one's more anxious for some fresh material to sprout up than the band's frontman, Jonathan Davis.

While the follow-up to 1999's Issues remains without an official release date or even a title, the music has all been recorded with Michael Beinhorn, a producer new to the Korn camp whom Davis described as "very, very incredible" to work with. The bagpipe-blowing singer is now in a Vancouver studio, where he'll remain for the next few weeks to record his vocals.

"It came out really good," Davis said of the instrumental framework of Korn's fifth album. "I know we always say this about [our] albums, but this is the heaviest and the best thing we've ever done. I'm really excited about it."

Davis isn't alone in his enthusiasm. Many fans of the new breed of metal that Korn helped usher in with their 1994 self-titled debut have been anticipating the band's next salvo. The years between albums haven't been squandered, but, to cite the name of their last album in an example of life imitating art, Korn had to face some issues before they could carry on. Drummer David Silveria's wrist injury, which forced him off Korn's tour in March 2000 and fostered rumors that he was leaving the band, was perhaps the weightiest quandary.

"It's taken us a long time. We've gone through so many different ups and downs waiting for David's arm to get better and hoping he could still be in the band, that was a scary ordeal," Davis said. "If the surgery didn't work, he couldn't play. The surgery was successful, and he's back in, so we had to give him time to recover and not play. So we had to sit on our hands.

"People have got to realize that this is the longest we've been off tour and not doing anything, so we've been going crazy. We want to hurry up and get out there as soon as possible and get back to doing what we know. All I can say is that [the new album] is going to blow people's minds."

If Davis' numerological theory on his band's albums holds, the odds are good that his fifth LP will indeed be ranked among Korn's finest crop.

"It seems like our odd-numbered records are the ones ... that are really good," he said. "Korn was the first one, and that was awesome that's the heavy one. It seems like [our third album,] Follow the Leader, has become the classic Korn album because it's got all the singles on it. And now this one. I'm not dissing any of the other albums 'cause I love them all but it seems like that's how it goes. We do an album, then we rush an album and we're pissed that we rushed it. And then we finally kick back and take our time and do another great one."