September 10th, 2001

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  • askani

Roadrunner records....

It's been a crazy week at Roadrunner. Here's a little taste of the insanity just for you:

MACHINE HEAD's SUPERCHARGE is coming. Their 4th album is an amazing creation
built by time and experience and intensity. We have a 3 part mini series that is nothing short of amazing (looks, sounds, content, etc) up now. Each Friday you'll see a new part of the series! Check it out at:

Ill Nino have a brand new video up for 'GOD SAVE US'. Shot on a fine day in late June in Southern CA, it's worth 5 minutes of your time to see what your new favorite band looks like tearing shit up! 'Revolution... Recolution' is out Sept 18th.

Our boys in NICKELBACK have been tearing up radio charts across the entire US, if you have a radio you've heard them, now get the full picture. They have relaunched their website and it's amazing. Constantly updated by the band themselves from the road, studio, or where ever they might be, it's current to the minute, stacked with audio and video from all their releases (including their amazing new video for 'How You Remind Me'). Check it out! By the way, we know you can't wait for it, it's almost here, 'Silver Side Up' is out Sept 11th. (next Tuesday kids)

CHIMAIRA are on their way to taking over the Hard Rock world. 'Pass Out Of Existence' is nothing short of brutality captured on a shiny silver disc. We can't wait for it to come out either so we figured, fuck it, we'll just let you hear the entire thing right now. Check out the PASS OUT OF EXISTENCE e-Player, pass it onto your friends, parents, whomever.

We have a ton of new contests up in our FREE SHIT section, more music and videos
than I care to write out. Just come check out the site. The shit's hot!