September 4th, 2001

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P.O.D. News.. very odd.. i got this in my e-mail.. oh well.. enjoy!

RE: P.O.D. Live! @ BATTERY PARK � 09/05


We�ve been talking about P.O.D.�s upcoming surprise concert in New York
for weeks and you�ve heard it teased all over MTV and KROCK-NYC.

We�ve just been given the go ahead from the City of New York to
announce WHERE and WHEN this MASSIVE, televised concert will be!!



Concert Begins: 3:30 PM EST

Cost: FREE!! (Just show up and get
ready for an unbelievable show!)

Address: Battery Park Place
Enter park at State Street/Pearl Street

(Take Subways N,R - to White Hall
4, 5 - to Bowling Green
1,9 - to South Ferry)

MTV and TRL will be broadcasting LIVE from this event.
Get your Warrior face up in the camera!

You will also have a chance to hang out with P.O.D. and
PRE-ORDER their NEW Cd before ANYONE else.

Stay tuned to MTV, KROCK, and these emails for more details.


Who keeps you informed, huh?
You know the name......

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Slipknot Debut #1 In UK, Set Dates...

Slipknot debut at #1 on the UK album charts with over 52,000 copies sold of "Iowa" in its first week of release. The band has finalized November dates in the UK that run as follows:
November 2nd Cardiff, UK - International Arena
November 4th Brighton, UK - Brighton Centre
November 6th Glasgow, UK - S.E.C.C.
November 8th Manchester, UK -Manchester Evening News Arena
November 9th Birmingham, UK - National Exhibition Centre
November 10th London, UK - London Arena
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System Of A Down Show Incites Riot, In-Store Cancelled... ('s version)

System Of A Down were forced to cancel a scheduled free show in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, September 3rd. The cancellation incited a riot with fans rushing barricades, looting and destroying all of the band's equipment, and attacking security guards. Hundreds of fans rushed the stage after the band's banner was taken down, signifying that the band was not going to perform. Fans proceeded to push over giant stacks of speakers and ripped apart and took every piece of the band's equipment available. LAPD riot police broke up the looting, shooting rubber bullets and hitting fans with batons. Several fans on the side of the stage were hit in the head by glass bottles thrown from the crowd.

System Of A Down have cancelled their in-store performance on Tuesday, September 4th, at the Tower Records in Los Angeles, CA.

(editor note: Shoutweb contributors were assaulted by police officers while attempting to flee the premises. The tense situation was fueled by lack of security, over promotion of the event and an inappropriate setting for the concert (a giant parking lot). The overcrowding of the parking lot and surrounding areas, which included fans scaling fences directly behind the stage, lead to a situation where the band could not feasibly play. No official announcement was made about the band canceling the performance, only the banner was taken down and the small amount of security attempted to disband the crowd. Many of the people who rushed the stage, who stole the band's equipment, were wearing System Of A Down shirts. One has to ask if these are really fans.)
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System Of A Downer... ('s version)

System of a Down fans rampaged through the streets of Hollywood last night in response to the band's free show being cancelled. City officials pulled the plug on the outdoor gig even before it began causing the band's hometown fans to riot. The result was the destruction of thousands of dollars worth of band equipment, as well as broken store and car windows over a seven-block radius. Six fans were arrested, although no injuries were reported. According to a publicist for the band, System of a Down fought for the show to go on and tried to strike a deal with officials, wherein they would play a shortened, 20-minute set, but were still turned down.
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System Of A Down Fans Rampage After Free Show Nixed... ('s version)

LOS ANGELES � What System of a Down had planned as a "thank you" to their hometown fans ended in violence and mayhem Monday night when city officials called off the band's free outdoor show before it even began.

Angry concertgoers wreaked havoc on the streets of Hollywood, destroying thousands of dollars worth of band equipment, breaking store and car windows, and generally trashing a seven-block area. Six fans were arrested, according to Sgt. John Martinez of the Los Angeles Police Department. Several officers and fans were treated for minor injuries.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Brian Humphrey said the fire department and police made a joint decision, with concert organizers' cooperation, to nix the Labor Day show after deciding the crowd of an estimated 7,000 fans was too large and unruly.

System of a Down's publicist, Heidi Robinson, said the band, whose second album, Toxicity hits stores Tuesday, fought to let the show go on and tried to compromise with officials by proposing to play a clipped, 20-minute set, but was turned down. "From the band's perspective, this is something that did not have to happen," Robinson said. "It could have been peaceful."

Some 3,500 fans were allowed into the Schrader Boulevard parking lot where System of Down were to play, while police estimated an additional two to three thousand fans were outside the gated-off area.

Shortly before the band's scheduled 5 p.m. show time, a large group of fans rushed the security staff and broke through the gates into the parking lot. That marked the breaking point for police and fire officials already concerned about crowd control, Humphrey said. "Jointly [they] determined it would have been too dangerous to let it go on."

Robinson said the band's management tried to convince officials to allow System frontman Serj Tankian to announce onstage that the show had been called off, but the request was denied. Instead, fans waited for nearly an hour after show time, with still no formal announcement that there would be no performance.

Humphrey said it was unclear why no announcement was made from the stage, but speculated that onsite officials may have feared it would have caused chaos in dispersing the crowd. Beginning at the back of the lot, police and security worked their way through the crowd, telling fans to go home because the show was off. Still, most concertgoers were unaware that System wasn't going to play until a banner bearing the band's name was pulled down from behind the stage. At that moment, the crowd snapped. Dozens of fans rushed the stage, toppling over stacks of speakers and destroying the band's equipment, including John Dolmayan's new drum set. One group even attempted to make off with a speaker before being stopped by police. A security guard and a fan engaged in an onstage fistfight, and multiple other fights broke out in the crowd. Others knocked over barricades and stormed the streets, knocking over Porta-Potties and destroying seemingly everything in their path.

Humphrey called the melee a "social insurgence," not a riot.

"They were breaking every window in sight, just tearing the place apart," said 16-year-old fan John Greenham. "No one knew [System] weren't coming out until they took the sign down. I totally understand why people freaked out. Some people waited here overnight. You don't just let people wait like that and expect everybody's gonna be cool and just go home."

SWAT teams and police on horseback were called in to help security disperse the crowd, but the chaos continued for about two hours. The six arrests included charges of assault with a deadly weapon as well as vandalism and theft, police said. One of the arrested suspects was caught on local news cameras hurling a traffic barricade at a police car. Police are still looking for other suspects.

Robinson said System of a Down will immediately begin to replace their destroyed gear so they can kick off their tour as scheduled on September 14.

Representatives for the show's sponsor, Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM, were not available at press time.

The melee led Tower Records in neighboring West Hollywood to cancel the band's in-store appearance scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (September 4), according to Jay Smith, the store's general manager. Smith said the in-store would have presented a situation "a little too volatile," given the previous night. "We didn't want to fuel a fire that had already been burning," he said. "It's a safety issue."

For a full interview with System of a Down, check out the feature "System Of A Down: Toxic Avengers."

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