July 26th, 2001

Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan...

Former Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan has revealed that he is already hard at work on his debut solo album, and is way ahead of schedule.

The singer, who had hinted that he planned to rest during 2001, told US newspaper the 'Chicago Tribune': "I originally thought it would take 'til next year, but I'm now thinking by year's end we'll start recording."

Corgan isn't giving away too much about how his new material will sound at this early early stage as he is "trying to be flexible about all aspects of it, the music and the personnel," he told the paper.

Above: Billy Corgan

Billy has been keeping busy with other projects too, including recording with Marianne Faithfull and he is lined up to play guitar with New Order on their forthcoming tour, which kicks off in San Francisco on July 31st.

The former Pumpkins band leader and sixties songstress Faithfull have covered the classic track 'I'm Into Something Good' by Herman's Hermits for her album, that is due to surface in October.

Corgan explained why they settled on that song: "I asked her what she had been listening to, and she told me somewhat sheepishly that she'd been listening to Herman's Hermit. And we talked about that sunny-ness in music, and how people don't trust that anymore. So why not do the song."

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