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Roadrunner, Slipknot Expected To Go To Island / Def Jam

Jul. 16th, 2001 | 06:29 pm
posted by: witchmooon in loud

Roadrunner Records is reportedly close to finalizing a new distribution deal with Island / Def Jam. A final deal could come down shortly. Island / Def Jam, home of artists that include Saliva, Primer 55 and Relative Ash, also recently nabbed American Recordings (Slayer, American Head Charge) following their departure from Columbia Records. A deal for Roadrunner, which could involve legal complications, would finalize a full release for Slipknot's new album "Iowa". The fate of other Roadrunner releases (Ill Nino, Chimaira, Machinea Head) are currently unknown.

That totally blows.....

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