July 13th, 2001

Twisted Sister Re-Unite!


Ah Fond Memories! These Guys Rocked Back In The Day!

Tie up your children, lock down your pets, hide your silverware and get ready to brace yourself for the return of the big-hair-heavy-metal-glam-rock heroes who brought forth into this world the ultimate teen rebellion anthem: "We're Not Gonna Take It."

That's right. Twisted Sister is back! And they're promoting their own tribute disc to boot.

The album, Twisted Forever, is out August 15 and will also be available as a limited edition, pink (what else?) vinyl release. ChartAttack has already divulged the compilation's track listing, but for those of you with short term memories and who are also too lazy to click on a simple URL link, know this: the disc features Sevendust, Cradle Of Filth, Nashville Pussy, Lit and Chuck D (!). That should be enough to get you salivating.

Anyway, the really big news (even bigger than the upcoming VH1 Behind The Music spotlight on the band) is that, for one night only, Twisted Sister will be back together for the first time in over a decade. Granted, it's not like they're gonna be playing or anything, but seeing Dee Snider, Jay Jay Fremch, Mark Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda and A.J. Pero all in the same room again, hand in hand and signing autographs is pretty major news for diehard TS fans.

The band will be meeting with fans in their native Long Island, NY at Valley Stream's Slipped Disc Records on August 15. This gives Canadian Sister-stalwarts a full month to plan their rock �n� roll road trip south of the border. If you need help finding the place, surf on over to Twistedsister.com for directions.

While you're there, do yourself a favour and check out the sweet Flash face-morph animation of the band members' faces. It's easily the most eerily hypnotic thing ChartAttack has seen in many a day. Watching Snider et al's faces blur right in front of you does something to your inner chakra, making you feel instantly at peace with yourself and at one with the universe.

Tracks On Twisted Forever:

Lit - "I Wanna Rock"
Joan Jett - "We're Not Gonna Take It"
Motorhead - "Shoot 'Em Down"
Nashville Pussy - "The Kids Are Back"
Nine Days - "The Price"
Chuck D - "Wake Up The Sleeping Giant"
Anthrax - "Destroyer"
Overkill - "Under The Blade"
Cradle Of Filth - "The Fire Still Burns"
Vision Of Disorder - "Don�t Let Me Down"
The Step Kings - "Burn In Hell"
Fu Manchu - "Ride To Live (Live To Ride)"
Sebastian Bach - "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll"
Hammerfall - "We're Gonna Make It"
Sevendust - "I Am (I'm Me)"
Twisted Sister - "Sin City"

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