May 27th, 2001

Welcome to LOUD!

Welcome to the Loud Community!
I was watching loud tonight and decided i would create a LiveJournal community for all the Hard rock and Metal fans out there!

Please feel free to tell us where you get your music, watch your music videos, and what bands you are into!



I get MuchMusic here (in California) and I love Loud, it's fucking awesome. MM is SO much better than MTV. I'm sick of rap videos and stupid pop music, with no talent and no soul.

Immorak, you rule, for making a LJ community about the best show on television. Rock the fuck on, man.


Some Loud changes...

This is a list of things i think need to be changed with the Loud show on Much Music!

- It should be on more then just once a week.
- They should not only play the video "One" by Metallica. Metallica has its own video library for crying out LOUD!
- They should have another weekend of "Much Too Loud"! If you do not know what this is its a weekend of Ozzfest, live metal, and loud videos.. Its a little bit like a regular weekend of much only every video is heavy! It rocks! The have "Loud on Demand", "Loud combat zone", etc...
- The should have a LOUD countdown... RAP CITY has one!
- Anything RAP CITY has LOUD should have. Only no crap rap music!
- They need to play more Cradle Of Filth! (that one is for blinded)

What do you guys think?
Got any more ideas?